Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lim KS crazy-obsessed with Najib (2)

MM Online - Kit Siang insists Najib is de facto Umno leader (extracts):

I know everything - btw, do you know my son is the finance minister (in charge of Tabung Harapan piggy-bank)? What about your son?

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 — Umno’s offer for Tan Sri Apandi Ali and Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia to be supreme council members show that Datuk Seri Najib Razak remained firmly in control of the party, claimed DAP’s Lim Kit Siang.

The Iskandar Puteri MP insisted that only Najib would want either the former attorney-general (AG) or the ex-Speaker of Parliament within the ranks of the party’s leadership.

“I believe that if the Umno president, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, had a choice, he would have kept a great distance from both Apandi and Pandikar.

“But Najib is the de facto Umno president, and Zahid, although the Umno president, has to do Najib’s bidding,” Lim purported in a statement today

With Mahathir firmly ensconced on his imperial throne in his 7th Reich - Sieg Heil - this Maddy-balls-carrier has nothing else to do but to worry about Najib (chiefly because of the duration of his son's FM position).

Previously, prior to the beginning of the 14th Parliamentary session, he accused Najib of being up to something no-good, then he fretted unnecessarily and kaypohchee-ly about Najib's sitting position on the opposition bench, and now he has to once again accused Najib, this time of being in control of UMNO.

Are those his fCk-ing business?

As if being obsessed about Najib and his dandruff and colour of his cawat weren't enough, the pompous (son being FM of Malaysia) treacherous Mr Sellout is also a seer (bomoh) as he is able to know how Zahid Hamidi, if having a choice, would have kept a great distance from both Apandi and Pandikar.

What a disgusting mafulat. He should stick to what he knows best, for which he was raving, ranting and raging over for 30 years, but now is amazingly silent as a mute due most likely to an absence of his once big balls:

tetapi ... nanti towkay marah? 


  1. Then, what do u know about Mamak 2.0?

    Past grandmother stories!

    Anything better than lks's political conjecture?

    Wakakakaka, yr cracked mirror shows distorted images lah.

    1. It seems the story of one joker itching to death dies scare kaytee lei....ck....can tell kaytee the full story

    2. Mamak 2.0 is merely Mamak 1.0 under stealth form to gain your unsuspecting support (you bunch of gullible guppies) so as to build his ketuanan powers until he can break out into the open to reclaim his supremacist powers

    3. looes I am waiting for your diseased tongue to drop off - sorry you have to suffer such an ailment but that's the price for pleasuring Pauline to get what you want, a PR in Oz?

    4. Mamak is 93! How long for him to build his ketuanan powers until he can break out into the open to reclaim his supremacist powers?

      Maybe u SHOULD work on the hypothesis that azmin is his final chess piece lah. That would have a little bit more imagination than yr current mom-copycat rant!

      BTW - a bunch of gullible guppies?

      U DO mean yr inner circle of PH bashers!

    5. Ohhh...the utter mindless loathing of Ktemoc for LKS....dripping with such venomous hatred in every sentence...would he be even able to digest his food every time he thinks of poor LKS ?

  2. Lim Kit Siang is right - the objective remains Hancurkan UMNO.
    The Race-Religion mob is daily still trying Shit Stirring. From the UEC protest to today's attempted march on Parliament.


    Jawa-man is just a front. The real controller is still Bijan.

    So an important part to hold UMNO to account is to continuously hold Bijan to account.

  3. Nothing wrong speculating, lah.

    Just like Ahjib n his goons speculating PH controlled by DAP, DAP anti Malay, anti Royalty, anti Islam, anti Bahasa Melayu etc.

    Which speculations are more corrosive and outright lies?

    Why so upset?


    1. Ktemoc is still mired in bitterness over Bijan's sudden fall from grace.