Thursday, July 19, 2018

Japan very cool towards Mahathir's wooing

From Another Brick in the Wall blog (extracts):

Is Nikkei hinting Japan's reluctance to Mahathir's request?

The public is excited over the cheap branded-species durians found in abundance by the roadside these days. However, they do not realise it is indicative economic powerhouse China has retaliated economically.

Palm oil prices and latex has fallen below cost and plantation companies are looking at loses. Millions of farmers are facing the prospect of poverty level income. The silent retaliation has impacted on tourism, stock market, bond market, and ringgit.

It is no secret during and after the election that Tun Dr Mahathir is severing the economic ties with China built by Dato Najib on the long friendship established by his father. The storyline Mahathir wish to create for his fellow PH politicians is he is moving back to his old friend, Japan.

But on the same July 10th that Japan Forward wrote, "Malaysia’s Mahathir Says, ‘Look East’ to Japan, Away from China", Nikkei Asian Review published a damaging article, "Mahathir's economic vision a hard sell for investors."

Three days ago, July 16th, Nikkei continued its pessimistic tone in an article, "After the upset: What Mahathir's return means for Malaysia" with the poser on the 93 year old ability to deliver the high hope of youth. Is the mouse fixing the pumpkin?

Nikkei is the world's largest circulation financial newspaper. Its political leaning is described as moderate conservative but its humble beginning as an in-house publication for one of Japan's largest sogososha, Mitsui & Co. maybe reflective of Japan's view of Malaysia.

In the July 10th article, an excerpt reads:

Mahathir has been relentless in holding the previous government accountable for corruption. Najib has been indicted on charges of embezzlement from state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

But the government has offered little of substance in terms of new economic policy. Mahathir has revived policies from his previous stint as prime minister from 1981 to 2003, including looking to establish a new national automaker and learning Japanese quality control practices as part of a renewed "Look East" policy.

But with the global auto industry changing at a dizzying pace, any new venture would face unclear prospects of success. Proton Holdings, the fruit of Mahathir's previous effort to create a national carmaker, is hardly a runaway success, posting sluggish sales in recent years. The company is now 49.9%-owned by China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

Kuala Lumpur will need to get Malaysia on track toward fiscal health to stem the ringgit's decline. This will require a clear growth strategy alongside the belt-tightening measures already underway.

BANZAI! Wakakaka


  1. Silly guy...Economics 101...

    Palm oil is a globally widely traded commodity, with little or no differentiation between Indonesian Palm Oil and Malaysian Palm Oil or any other country's output.

    The drop in Global Palm Oil prices has nothing to do with any retaliation from China...

    Fake News..from a fellow UMNO Bijan operative....of course Ktemoc would quote him..

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  3. Meanwhile.. Bijan is in even deeper Shit.

    He could be charged with conspiring with a foreign power against The Yang DiPertuan Agong..

    The maximum penalty ? The Guillotine on Dataran Merdeka...wakakakmawakakka

  4. Did TDM just announce 20% royalty to all oil producing states?

    Note TDM used the word "profits", not "royalty". I believe royalty is based on revenue, but profits is calculated after deducting all costs and expenses. So 20% of profits will be smaller than 20% of royalty.

    Let's not jump the gun, wait for further clarification.

    KUALA LUMPUR: All states that produce oil will receive 20% of profit from the resource, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaks in parliament.

    * Note: Campaign manifesto includes pledge to give 20% royalty to oil-producing Sabah and Sarawak states

    The Sabah state government welcomes the announcement that the federal government will provide 20% royalty to petroleum-producing states in the country.

    In thanking the prime minister, who gave the assurance today, Chief Minister Shafie Apdal said it was an indication of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s concern for Sabah rights.

    “We thank Dr Mahathir and we are truly grateful. It is wonderful news for us in Sabah.

    “It is a promise fulfilled within 100 days and is a very positive step,” he said in a statement here today.

  5. Poor TDM forgot the Japanese leadership and thinking of 1980s, 1990s have long past by and they now don't trust nor like Moslems anymore. Their banana monies are all useless already. How to forget that after all the bowing to their soldiers, learning Japanese language and songs and eating ubi kayu everyday they still think we are lesser mortals to them in their eyes.

    I am still wondering why he doesn't approach the Arabs and other Moslems countries since they are quite impressed, entralled and hailed him as a good Moslem Ceasar. Surely all Moslems make good brothers and saudara. Why not help Malaysia since he also declared Malaysia to be an Islamic country during his reign?

    Ceasar also cannot approach the Western countries for help since he is a known anti-semite to them and the Jews control all the monies. Soros have still not have his payback for being made the victim of his anti-semite politics.

    I think Ceasar will realise his own folly of antagonising others because of his ego and left with few friends espeicially when he wants to go around borrowing monies.

    Horror of horrors, Malaysia may have to relive the period of the Malaccan Sultanate when she has start paying tributes to the Chinese Emperor to be friends again.

    That is Karma for him for his past ego.

    So, maybe Ceasar should now command LKS to "Balik Tongsan" to negotiate instead of sending his old Bendahara whom no one knows whether he is negotiating for himself, on behalf of others or the country. Why that Robert Kwok was made a member of the CEP and also cannot be trusted to negotiate is still puzzling me.

    If all else fails, then the only choice left are the Indians as saviors. Standby our Indian warriors of P. Ramasamy and Whythamorthy. You both may be made heroes in saving the country and turn it back to the golden years of Sri Vijaya and Majapahit empires.

    That in essence is the new "Mahathir Dilemna".

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  6. Prices of commodities falling affecting ordinary Malaysians....we should ask loud mouth Tony Phua to go ask mother England for financial help.

    Get mother England to buy our durians, palm oil etc. to help out. See how far it gets him. Can or will BBC now give him some free air time?

  7. A good politician always hedges his bets. Japan is still the No.2 economy in the world. Next month TDM and LGE will pay homage to the Middle Kingdom, ask for debt re-negotiation and their cooperation to pursue crooks. Then expect a high level meeting, maybe with President Trump if possible (no choice, he's the Prez), when TDM visits the US in September. Saifuddin already working on this.

  8. We musn't forget Princess Hung Li Po ya..

    1. get another one for mahathir? dia bolih?

  9. The political party KJ espouses UMNO to be already exists. It is PKR. What a coup that would be if PKR can convince him to join. If KJ were to leave UMNO and start a new party it will take 10 years minimum, and a lot of money, to get a brand new party to the level of national prominence.

  10. Japan also has a huge debt burden of its will not be able to play Santa Claus to gain foreign policy leverage, the way it did in the 1990's.

  11. it is not for the want of trying, next stop China, however the Mason likes to spin it, let's just hope that maddy does not look to the Arabs for 'inspirations' , it will take us backwards, the present oppo leader (lks think not) is an Arab wannabe

  12. China retaliation ? Of course it exists.

    Mahathir may not understand just how powerful and capricious China's power is in 2018.

    China is the most opaque of the large economies of the world.
    The Yanks and the Japs all play nasty when they think its in their interest, but China is in a class of its own in wielding government power over what is supposedly commercial decisions.

    How they almost destroyed South Korean businesses in China because of China's displeasure over the US THAAD deployment is a classic example. China was interfering in a blatant and big way in South Korean internal affairs, and got away scot free.

  13. Another brick in the wall is a known jibby/hippo paid cypertrooper. His blog is manufacturing fake news for jibby/hippo, against ANY incidents!

    Tsk… tsk… kt would sink so low to quote this known fake news den. Just like his infamous Manchester sifu. Running out of attacking news to blog against the >100 days old PH govt?

    Someone who knows Jap, should translate the original Nikkei's articles to get the real feel.

    Besides, if one to talk about sopo influence, out of the five leading national daily newspapers in Japan are the Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, the Yomiuri Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun and the Nikkei Shimbun.

    There r:

    Nikkei Kinyu Simbun (Nikkei Financial Daily)
    Nikkei Ryutsu Simbun (Nikkei Marketing Journal)
    Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun
    Nikkei Veritas

    Nikkei Asian Review is a lesser known group within the Nikkei news publication group, with main target of non Japanese readership. Thus its influence within Japan is considered insignificant!