Friday, July 13, 2018

Apa lagi DPM merangkap Mentri Wanita mahu?

MM Online - Man submits documents to register marriage to 11-year-old (extracts):

just like looes74's - can't hurt the lil' sweetie lah


KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 — A Kelantanese man who wed an 11-year-old Thai girl said he has submitted marriage documents to the Gua Musang religious office to formalise the nuptials in Malaysia.
Harian Metro reported the 41-year-old rubber tapper as saying that his first and second wives have now accepted his third marriage to the child.

“The religious office will deal with the Narathiwat Islamic Religious Council before my marriage with my third wife, who is also a Thai citizen, can be legally registered,” the man, who is also an imam at a surau in Gua Musang, Kelantan, was quoted as saying.

“Alhamdulillah, all wives can accept our marriage because I am fair to them including giving them each a house and a car.

“This is normal... at the beginning of the marriage, there will be a party (the second wife) who will get angry, but now her anger has subsided and she can accept my marriage to my third wife,” he added.

On July 9, the Kelantanese man was fined RM1,800 by the Shariah Court of Gua Musang for getting married and committing polygamy without permission.

Then, the excuse was the marriage was "legally" done in Thailand, outside the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Syariah authorities.


Apa lagi DPM merangkap Mentri Wanita mahu?

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  1. Wait & see lah!

    Why so eager to force the hands of that miao2 DPM?

    R u looking for a zombies uprising?

  2. I am only interesting what cheebye motherfucker kaytee going to do about it?

    How about sending an official letter with kaytee full name, ic number, address and occupation?

    Got guts or not cheebye motherfucker kaytee?

    1. dei, I did NOT fCk your mum lah, wakakaka

  3. How come the Thai Govt. is not protecting it's children against Paedophiles from Malaysia?

    Are Moslem children exempted in Thailand like in Malaysia?

    That Paedophile sure knows how to act fast to get into the little girl's pants using Money, Religion and his group of supporters.

    That Beast lust in a Paedophile is just not insatiable even though he allready had his lust by marrying 2 woman.

    Why do you think he wants a child's one instead of another matured woman?