Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mr Tantawi tok-kok

MM Online - ‘Legal welfare’ of Muslims under threat with non-Muslims in charge, PAS claims (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 — The legal rights of Muslims are now under threat following the appointments of non-Muslims into top legal positions in the country, PAS has said.

PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan questioned the Pakatan Harapan government’s rationale in appointing non-Muslims for the posts of the Attorney General, Chief Justice, and Minister in the Prime Minister’s office in charge of legal affairs

And we can see that loss of legal welfare in a lil' 11-year old Muslim sweetie being married to a middle-age man where even the Muslim Minister for Women, Family & Community Development dares not lift a single finger to protect her.

that man can't hurt her 

Also, in Hulu Kelang, a young 14-year old Muslim boy was allegedly sexually abused by his tahfiz school teacher in Hulu Kelang several times such as performing oral sex on the very young teenager.

Mr Tantawi should look inwards into his own Muslim community, and really start protecting vulnerable young Muslims instead of just tokking-kok.


  1. Let's face it... There are a he'll of a lot of conservative Muslims-Malays in the country.

    And they feel threatened, that the New Regime will not protect Islam and the Malays. I'm not defending them , but it is a fact.

    Pakatan needs to thread with care , even as it seeks to fulfil its Manifesto.

    UEC is a major emotive issue if not properly handled.

    1. No offence please, this is not a rebuttal. I think they might not be feeling threatened but more of "cemburu lah" ...... wakakakaka

  2. MY UMNO contacts are really on a warpath.

    A Christian Aneh as Attorney General, a Chinapek as Law Minister and now a Kadazan Christian as Chief Justice is too much to stomach.

    How is the position of Islam be preserved under this new Ali Baba Regime , he asked ?

    The Malays may end up cursing Mahathir's name..

    1. Madhater is an aneh. Cheebye kaytee may be an aneh

  3. People who grew up being fed daily does of ketuanan propaganda will behave this way. They are addicted to it. I think some cold turkey treatment will do them good.

  4. Why bother with such political Tok Kok when the Constitution did not say non-Malays are not allowed to hold such posts?

    What happens when he next use besides Legal Welfare to include:

    1. Medical welfare
    2. Social welfare
    3 Security welfare
    4. Environment welfare
    5. Religious welfare
    6. Economic welfare
    7. Jobs welfare
    8. Housing welfare
    9. Food welfare and

    Blah, blah, blah, blah.

    When religion is used as a basis for politicians to express their own agenda , you just know they will come out with some shameless bigoted statements.

    Why are they always living in fear of this and that from other Malaysians who are not Moslems?

    And such Tok Kok happens to come around now after how many years of BN rule?

    1. You are talking about that cheebye motherfucker kaytee hah? Why kaytee never make char siew of nostro piggy?

      I want my pork meat now.......hahahahaha

    2. whatever lah, BUT you are definitely NOT my bastard son because I did NOT fCk your mother

  5. is he not acting biadap and disrespectful to the agong and the rulers for questioning his majesty's integrity and sound judgement in granting these appointments, is he implying that the agong is incapable and incapacitated to defend Islam, sad part is there are people who believe this crap

  6. Replies
    1. must understand from where he is coming from; about 98% in the east coast are muslims. Of course you want a secular country, no hudud, intolerence to underage marriage, etc.. I can understand your point of view.

    2. i understand, but would tis not mean law n justice depend on race n religion of judge, ag, cj etc, is this not an insult to msia legal system?

      moreover i find it a bit odd, if both pas n umno move to the right, are they not fighting each other?

    3. So, u think those 98% in the east coast r ALL zombies!

      GE14 proves that by letting a deviant Islamic party, aka zombie hive of pedophiles & munafiks, to 'manage' them.

      Perhaps, there is where this saying comes true!

      "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad"