Monday, July 16, 2018

Religion or man advocating killings?

Malaysiakini - Posters ‘legitimising' Syerleena’s murder appear on Facebook (extracts):

Seri Delima assemblyperson Syerleena Abdul Rashid is up in arms over malicious Facebook posters “legalising” (menghalalkan) her murder for allegedly betraying Islam and attacking its religious institutions.

One poster, which has gone viral on social media, bears the calls to violence: “Her blood is halal, and it is not a sin to kill her."

Another poster states: "She betrayed Islam. She ought to be killed, because as a Muslim she is colluding with Chinese infidels (Cina kafir harbi) to attack Muslim institutions.”

Accompanying the poster is an image of her giving a speech, superimposed with the caption "I vow to attack Islamic institutions, especially Jakim (Islamic Development Department), for the sake of DAP."

Syerleena had previously denied the claims which first surfaced last year, and re-emergedas she went on the 14th general election campaign trail.

According to the DAP lawmaker, the posters containing the threats appeared on the Facebook pages of users Yanz AB Rahman and Fitri AMRR.

A similar poster by a user named Khairul Anwar Ismail said: “I am on standby and I am just waiting for the siren to sound.”

"This is a clear death threat and a threat to my safety,” Syerleena said.

“The worst comment is on a Facebook post by one Ja Gmum, who uploaded the post on July 13, which has been shared more than 379 times.

"I urged the police and the Communications and Multimedia Commission to act swiftly. The situation is serious, I'm afraid if this does not stop soon, my life will be in grave danger," she added

Despite ultra religious fanatics' professed devoted obedience to God or Allah swt or this Deity or that Deity, etc, they want to usurp their Almighty's prerogative over life & death.

I wonder whether those fanatics know the meaning of the word 'usurp'? For our discussion, the dictionary defines 'usurp' as 'take the place of (someone in a position of power) illegally; supplant.'

That (someone in a position of power) is God or Allah swt.

Thus, our religious fanatics here (in the case of Syerleena Abdul Rashid) want to illegally take over the place of Allah swt, obviously to pass 'final judgement' on Syerleena.

Most religious fanatics, whether orthodox Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus or in the very unusual case of Myanmar, (normally peace-loving compassionate) Buddhists, love to kill (excuse my oxymoron) or at least pronounce the death sentence on innocent people whom they dislike or hate, by usurping their Almighty's prerogative.

Take for example the religious demagogue, Zakir Naik - see his death sentence for some ex Muslims below:

As I had frequently mentioned, modern civilisation promotes humanity, love, compassion, social welfare and tolerance, all of which do away with the barbaric practices of slavery, torture and capital punishment.

On the last, the death sentence, there is much missing in the moral standards and humanity of nations like the USA, Singapore, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, Iran, Japan, all Arab nations because they have in their respective legislation capital punishments for crimes which were determined by mortal beings, not the Almighty. It's just legalised state murder of human beings. 

Iran and Saudi Arabia even execute minors (below 18 years old at time of their so-called crimes).

Most ironically, the death sentence in the West hailed from religious teachings in the Bible, though I have to say the Holy Book were written by mortal beings.

Western (especially American) religious attitudes toward the death penalty are largely formed by the Judeo-Christian ethic and based on the so-called lex talionis (the law of retaliation, whereby a punishment resembles the offence committed in kind and degree), in other words, the “eye for an eye” law of ancient Judaism.

The above is further aggravated by Genesis 9:6 (KJV), in which God instructed Noah:

Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.
If a nation or an individual professes to follow Christian, Islamic, Hindu, or Judaist values, be respectful of your respective God (not what mortal man wrote in the Bible), as Europe, Australia, NZ, Canada have shown, and refrain from usurping the Almighty's divine ultimate prerogative on lives and deaths.

It is indeed sad, disappointing and disrespectful to Allah swt that some Malaysian ulamak have failed to moderate the hotheads from their vile and blasphemous usurping of the prerogative of the Almighty, to pronounce death on a fellow human being.

Some ulamak had even provoked such disrespect to Allah swt by talking about kafir harbi (infidels against whom Muslims may wage war against, in short, may justifiably kill).

Algeria is thus far the only Arab nation to have abolished capital punishment, in fact as a moratorium in 1993 and officially in 2012.



In Tunisia - According to Human Rights Watch, which based its estimate on an interview with an official from the Ministry of Justice, there were around 140 prisoners sentenced to death in Tunisia as of February 2011. [3] Courts infrequently impose death sentences. [4] 

It is said that former President Ben Ali almost systematically commuted death sentences. [5] 

During Tunisia’s 2008 review by the U.N. Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Tunisia declared that “the files of those sentenced to death are periodically submitted to the procedure of death penalty commutation.”

Thus there is hope that Tunisia may follow the humane example of Algeria.

Malaysia? Makes you wonder how Malaysia will ever abolish the barbaric evil capital punishment, when some of our conservative clerics even advocated the slaying of kafir harbi?

in 2016 Abdul Rahman Osman, the mufti of Pahang, stated that those who oppose Islam are deserving of the title ‘kafir harbi’

Ustaz Engku Ahmad Fadzil’s (of the Malaysian Institute for Islamic Strategic Research, or Iksim) ... argued that the default stance for Muslims to take against non-Muslims is one of vigilance, discretion, and restrained animosity.

To build his case, he extracted from the Qur’an evidences such as verse 191 of Chapter 2, which explicitly orders Muslims to slay their non-Muslim foes


  1. Death threats and criminal intimidations are clearly against the Laws in Malaysia.

    No two ways about that.

    If the laws are not upheld by those appointed to arrests and charged them, then it is only right those who intimidate others are also subjected to such threats and intimidations.

    Expose who they really are behind those threats on social media and let the Laws of the Jungle or "An eye for an Eye" take over.

    Death threats whatever the excuses are damn serious matters even for ordinary citizens. It's worst than slander.

  2. Don't conflate a criminal death threat with a Legal penalty that has gone through a long due process, with guilt established beyond reasonable doubt.

    One is chalk, the other is cheese.

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    We should not do dirty work for cheebye kaytee

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  4. Wakakakaka……

    "Most religious fanatics, whether orthodox Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus or in the very unusual case of Myanmar, (normally peace-loving compassionate) Buddhists, love to kill (excuse my oxymoron) or at least pronounce the death sentence on innocent people whom they dislike or hate, by usurping their Almighty's prerogative."

    These zombies just carry out the laws as dictated by their Almighty. They didn't usurp the prerogative of their Almighty. They JUST do his work!

    There r human laws to determine life/death of a horrendous crime. Bleeding hearts would want to commute the capital punishment to long term imprisonment!


    To the victims?

    To the perpetrators?

    At the current stage of human evolution, death sentence is the only deterrent that can propel humanistic evolution to the next stage - where horrendous crime doesn't happen within human race, thus no need of death sentence.

    A kind of chicken or egg dilemma!

    Until then, cry yr bleeding heart out for the perpetrators while shaking yr crocodile tears for the victims.