Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pakatan Youth worried Mahathir perpetuating BN mentality

Malaysiakini - Harapan Youth leader worried Dr M's remarks will lead to more U-turns:

Pakatan Harapan Youth strategic director Shukri Razab has expressed concern over Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's remarks concerning the coalition's manifesto.

“I am worried that answers like this would open the space for more 'U-turns' with regard to the manifesto.“Furthermore, it is worrying because the 'U-turn symptom' is already happening,” he added in a statement, citing the coalition's stand on the National Civics Bureau (BTN).

Since BTN has not been abolished, he asked if there was a possibility that the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) would suffer a similar fate as well.

The Harapan Youth leader was responding to Mahathir describing the manifesto as more of a “guide than a bible”.

"Sometimes we can do things, but sometimes we find that we cannot, so we have to be practical-minded," he told a press conference yesterday.

Mahathir mentioned this when commenting on the appointment of former judge Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof's as the Dewan Rakyat speaker.

The Harapan manifesto stipulated that the speaker should be appointed from among MPs.

Discard BN attitude

Shukri said Mahathir's response gave the impression that the manifesto for the 14th general election was not crafted on solid grounds.

apanya manifesto? 

“We all know that the manifesto is the compilation of people's voices stemming from decades of the opposition coalition's struggle.

“I believe that while the manifesto is not a holy book, it is, however, a document which must be honoured since the promises allowed Harapan to achieve victory (in the election).

“Therefore, Harapan leaders must be committed to realising the (promises) in the manifesto,” he added.

Shukri said if there was a need to amend a particular promise, this must be done by giving prominence to the people by collecting feedback or holding a referendum before doing so.

“The Harapan government must initiate this new precedent to create a new era of governance.

“This is important in order for the people to understand that the current government does not change its stand on promises at its whim and fancy.

“There must be an end to the BN attitude of belittling promises and turning their back on the people,” he added.

Following Mahathir's remarks, former premier Najib Abdul Razak also urged Harapan to deliver the promises in its manifesto and not to shortchange the people.


  1. Can't blame the youths for not understanding what old and wise men think and do in order to carry out the reforms as required in the PH Manifestos.

    There will of course be suspicions among allies made worse by opponents of reforms in casting doubts and creating illusions of bad intents but that surely does not make everyone to believe it.

    The questions so far should be

    "With time as we go along, have the reforms promised totally being abandoned yet or moving and progressing along the way albeit at a slower pace than anticipated?

    Are the reforms done so far just Hot Air or are tangibles results?

    So far, Ceasar has not reneged on his pledge towards reforms and the only people saying so are surprisingly the opponents.

    When did the the opponents suddenly become champions of Reformasi? Why only after losing Power, they become champions of Reforms?

    Isn't it clear when you see Hypocrisy in politicians?

  2. Wakakaka...this just goes to show Pakatan Harapan is not a dictatorship, and a junior office-bearer can openly criticise the leadership without fear.
    Just keep the criticisms objective and factual, not Ad Hominem like Ktemoc Konsiders.

    On to the subject of the Manifesto.
    I have decades of experience dealing with the equivalent in a commercial business - the Annual Budget and annual Objectives.
    It is important that Budgets and Objectives are treated seriously, and every effort taken to meet them. And deviations need to be taken seriously and explained properly.

    However, slavishly trying to meet Budgets and Objectives even when fresh situations or previously unavailable information suggest a different approach is better, can be a self-destructive exercise.

    Of course, we know Ktemoc has mala fide intent towards Pakatan Harapan.

  3. new msia new democratic.