Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bad news on cars

Bad news blokes, Customs Dept [says]: Cars will not be exempted from SST:


  1. LKS is having the time of his life now with Parliament 14 in session. Today he flung another tomahawk to the hapless Najib.

    Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang has demanded former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak explain to Parliament on Monday over the letter that the Research Department in his administration had allegedly sent to US's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

    “Let Najib turn up in Parliament on Monday and justify the despatch of the shocking letter from the Research Division in the Prime Minister’s Department to the CIA five days before the 14th general election."

    How can Najib claim he never gave instruction for that letter.

    Is Malaysia under the protection of the US? And why would such a letter be addressed to the top Spy Agency of the US? Was Najib hoping for another US CIA intervention ala Guatemala 1954?

  2. Really do we need an Education Minister to decide what colour shoes schoolchildren have to wear? This is an administrative decision, heck it should be made by the headmaster of the school. In many rural schools the kids come in slippers or bare feet because they have no money to buy shoes. The good Minister is better off spending his time solving the UEC recognition issue.

    "Students will wear black shoes to school next year, vows Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik. The Education Minister said this was one of the many requests he received from parents."

    1. Until today I still have phobia and dreams of whether my white shoes got wash and kapor or not on Sunday nights?

      No phobia on white uniform because most parents handle that but washing shoes was mostly delegated to children.

      Curse will be on those who step on the white shoes on Monday morning.

      I bet the Minister still reliving those phobias and made it a top priority.


    2. Worry about form over substance!

      Make one wonder about his worthiness in PhD in education!

      To save money, I say less practice the American way of no standard school uniform scheme.

      Standard school uniform is so feudalistic & snobbish!

    3. yeah, very communist, autocratic n dictatorial, remind us of that dynasty under ccp.

    4. Taiwan!

      Wakakakaka…… 小民的智慧!

  3. Aiyoh! One minute story of no SST tax on cars, next minute Customs DG says got SST tax.

    That Customs DG and his men playing politics or what?

    Still cannot forget the picture of the Customs DG campaigning for Ahjib just before the last GE14.

    Who is the asshole who said no SST tax on cars in the first place? What was the basis of such reporting?

    And why Kaytee publish unsubstantiated news so frequently?

    Shiok sekejap only.

    1. Motherfucker cheebye kaytee no need accountability ma like donald trump.

      He can any time make nostros piggy char siew soon....yum yum

    2. aiyah I did NOT fCk your mum lah