Saturday, July 21, 2018

Janji melulu

MM Online - Dr Wan Azizah vows to stop infant deaths (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail promised to put a stop to cases of infants dying under the care of babysitters.

Very very reckless promise - but then Pakatan manifesto promises have been reckless, that some were made even when there would be no chance of achieving them. Those promises were made to win votes and to fCks with the voters.

Look at this DPM merangkap Mentri Wanita.

She could not even stop child marriages and she dares to promise she can stop or prevent infant deaths?


  1. Pakatan Harapan is working on the rule of law.

    The necessary laws relating to legal marriage age are being amended.

    Ktemoc is a desperado trying to Hentam Kak Wan and Pakatan whichever way..

  2. Don't you think it also involves the Police, Welfare and Education departments and their enforcers who are slacking in their duties?

    Why only pick on the Iron Fan Ministry? And why was she so quick to assume responsibility? Let the Police/Home Minister answer first.

    1. it annoys me greatly that she (1) can't do anything about the child marriage and (2) has the brazen bullshit nerve to promise she can stop or prevent infant deaths

    2. It annoys me even greatly that you have never defended your fucking statement publicly just like P Gunasegaran.....Names, Photo, IC, your credentials

      FUCK U LA! Cheebye motherfucker kaytee

    3. It pisses u MORE bcoz, she is from PH lah!

      Why so many words?

      One liner explanation here, is precise & to the point le.

      Didn't yr sifu teach u that?

    4. tired of telling you I did NOT fCk yr mum

  3. penang lang calls ah tee chnye kong lan, already doing a humping motion before ah girl is undressed and he'll be expecting a baby by next week

    1. 'chnye' doesn't sound right - perhaps 'chnair', wakakaka

  4. KTemoc,

    A Pakatan government has recently been elected and is trying to resolve improper matters and deficiencies left over by the previous BN governments over the past 61 years, through rule of law, which takes time and which will require the cooperation of the various enforcement agencies.

    So you cannot expect radical measures from an elected Pakatan government working according to rule of law inherited from the past, as you could from a revolutionary government which as replaced laws from the past with new laws and is backed by its own revolutionary armed forces which has vanquished the former regime's armed forces.

    As an elected government operating according to rule of laws inherited from the past, Malaysia cannot do like this:-

    Or like this in Yemen.

    1. OK but don't forget who was Emperor in one-third of that 61 years and the damage he left behind

    2. promise is kinda commitment,

      mahathir immediate act to elevate the malay result in may ill today, mao great leap forward cause chinese waste almost the best time of his generation.

      think b4 do, pls.

  5. When Kak Wan is slow to speak out and take swift action against child marriages we (rightfully) condemn her ineffectiveness as Minister. Even statistics showing declining numbers of child marriages is not good enough, we DEMAND laws to ensure ZERO child marriages. We want her to ensure ZERO child marriages. Immediately.

    Now on the subject of infant deaths she chooses to quickly speak out and promise to take swift action to stop it. She wants ZERO infant deaths, but again we condemn her. Apa lagi kita mahu? We are OK with slow declining number of infant deaths?

  6. Oh dunia (PH) ini penuh kepalsuan, Oh mungkinkah tiada keikhlasan.. ~ Janji Manis Mu

    "Did Wan Saiful Wan Jan just blame UMNO for Pakatan’s failure to fulfil its manifesto?

    What next, Wan, are you going to blame UMNO for that hole in your underwear??
    Did it not occur to you, that by not declaring the manifesto was aspirational, Pakatan misled the people into thinking that the manifesto was a pledge?

    Are you even aware that you just called Pakatan a liar??" ~ TTF