Sunday, July 22, 2018

Who provoked Malay uni students to hate UEC?

A week ago I posted UEC recognition in perhaps 59 years time? in which I reminded everyone that:

Mahathir was the man who first threatened the Chinese Independent Schools (MICSS) in 1975 on the UEC and warned them not start this private line of educational accreditation.

Now we hear from Pribumi new fairy tales of PH only including recognition of the UEC among the 60 pledges which needn't be fulfilled immediately - perhaps in 59 years time?

above may explain his choice of ministers

Even his PERKASA (Ibrahim Ali) had threatened civil war if the government recognises the UEC. Civil war just because of a school exam certificate?

Now we have Malaysiakini reporting that University students stage protest against UEC.

University students are supposedly our nation's hope for the future, our intellectuals and eventual leaders, yet we now have these so-called future intellectuals saying: "We are here today, not because we are racist, but because we want to uphold our national education system."

That's the biggest crock of shit to say they are not racist, wakakaka.

Utusan Malaysia reported that most of the participants were students from Universiti Malaya, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Why are these so-called future intellectuals so afraid of the UEC when the rest of the world have accepted it as entrant qualifications for their universities?

Have they been motivated, inspired and stirred by Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA and Mahathir Mahafiraun, both of whom hate the UEC and most things Chinese (except their tax money)?

honoured adviser to ultra right-wing (anti Chinese) Perkqasa


  1. Not surprised to see those University students dressed up not as students but more like samsang protesting about the UEC.

    This is because they are probably the ones who managed to gain entry to Universities not via meritocracy but via the backdoor system of Ketuanan Melayu, cables, pakat-pakat, leftovers of the Govt. education system.

    With UEC recognition, they fear their places via this backdoor system would be reduced for them after living a live of Ketuanan Melayus entitlements.

    Spouting and Yelling, protecting the National Education System like the past due date Historian Prof Khoo is just so laughable and unjustifiable.

    Can someone explain why are the local public Universities also accepting thousands of overseas students with their own country qualifications instead of accepting these UEC students who by the way are also called Malaysians and whose qualifications are definitely of a higher standard than what the Malaysian Education System has produced?

    1. I am even surprised why these cheebyes never tore kaytee into pieces. If only they can put their hatred into gpod use

  2. Rais Yatim provoked the uni students. He scared them by saying recognition of UEC will destroy Malay civilisation, Islam and the Malay Sultanate. So powerful is this UEC. The stupid students believed him. However, TDM supports UEC, that was why he didn’t appoint Rais as Speaker.

  3. This bunch of morons gives m'sia uni student a BAD name!

    1) masuk uni via dubious mean!

    2) graduate bcoz of occupying the jamban far too long w/o shiting!

    3) come to market expecting free handouts just bcos of that jamban paper cert.

  4. NO surprise. This particular type of malay has been anti everything 'non malay' for as long as i can remember. Supporting any non malay endeavour is equivalent to sabotaging malay interest. Its a zero sum game as always and no logic is required.

  5. who? umno, pas, rais, khoo, raja liar, n many those that against ph.

  6. The real reason is recent Shit-Stirring by Ktemoc's Bijan buddies, but Ktemoc just want to cop-out by telling 30 -years old old-wives tales.

  7. 15 years is a long time....have you ever taken a look at a photo of how you looked like 15 years ago ?

    That is how long ago Mahathir left the building previously.

    If a problem , any problem , has festered over the subsequent years, then those leaders who came later must shoulder a major part of the blame.

    Pakatan says the UEC pledge will take longer than the 100 days... and Ktemoc jumps straight away to the conclusion it will take 59 years under Pakatan.

    What kind of logic was taught to Ktemoc ?

    I'm getting very, very doubtful about University of New South Wales standards, if it produced this kind of idiot.

    1. He's shooting himself in the foot ever since 10th May, wakakakka. We all know about the five stages of grief.. denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. No prizes for guessing which stage our dear Ktemoc is now at, hehehe.

  8. In the Balakong by-election MCA will use the MCA symbol (does anyone know what it is?), an in the Sg Kandis by-election UMNO will use its keris symbol.

    BN is Dead, Dacing is Dead, Long Live Harapan....


    Et Tu PAS ? PAS a friend or foe ? Frenemy as they say....

    PAS betrayed the former Pakatan far as I'm concerned the current PAS top leaders are treacherous Bast*rds.

    But UMNO can't help clutching at PAS for help...drowning man and all that...

  10. Meanwhile, It has been remarked that MCA has been invisible in Sungai Kandis..... the electorate has only a small Chinese population, nevertheless should not be ignored.

    I guess MCA is still comatose after GE14, with a few individuals like Wee Ka Siong making public statements, but the party's grass roots are still in a state of catatonic shock.

  11. QUOTE:
    Rosmah Mansor will try to strike out a RM60 million suit against her by Lebanese jeweller Global Royalty Trading SAL. Her lawyers say Rosmah cannot be held responsible as the legal titles of the jewellery in question have never been passed to her.

    Rosmah's lawyers just blundered big time with this line of defence. What they are saying is Rosmah had in her Chubb safe, in her house, under her lock and key, from February to May, RM60 million worth of jewellery which belonged to someone else. That means she just admitted to stealing the jewellery. Much worse than not being able to pay for it.

    1. She and her wife Pink-Lips ( now turning purple due to extreme stress ) reportedly have RM 100 billion stashed away. She will kow-tim this sup sup soey RM60 million la. Maybe even as we are talking about this, this kicifart amount would have been paid. The MO1 King of Curi Couple are well known for putting up a fake as cucumber as they plunder the country by the billions...even celebrating birthday in Parliament ! hehehe

  12. Tokoh sejarah, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim berkata, jika mereka memahami tentang Perlembagaan Malaysia sudah tentu usaha untuk mengiktiraf UEC tidak dilakukan.

    Katanya, mana-mana pihak tidak perlu menggunakan alasan pengiktrafan UEC oleh negara-negara luar untuk ‘membawa’ ia dalam sistem Malaysia kerana ia amat bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan.

    Apabila disebut bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan membawa maksud mana-mana undang-undang yang bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan adalah tidak sah.

    “Kenalah menghormati Perlembagaan negara. Itu wajib. Kalau pemimpin tidak menghormati Perlembagaan mereka telah memberi isyarat yang salah kepada generasi muda. Jangan kita mengajar generasi muda, generasi masa depan tidak menghormati undang-undang negara.

    “Fahami Perlembagaan, hayati Rukun Negara. Rukun Negara bukan sekadar jadi sebutan tetapi perlu disematkan di hati, di jiwa. Bila kita menghayati semua ini, jati diri, semangat cintakan Malaysia kuat dan tanggungjawab terhadap negara bangsa teguh.

    “Bila semuanya kuat, tidak akan melakukan sesuatu yang merepek, yang boleh meruntuhkan apa yang dipertahankan selama ini. Kalau pemimpin tidak tahu menghormati undang-undang negara, memang susahlah,” katanya kepada MalaysiaGazette.

    Khoo berkata, kerajaan jangan melihat penentangan pengiktirafan UEC sebagai satu bentuk prejudis kepada mana-mana kaum tetapi lihat ia sebagai satu penghormatan dalam mempertahankan sistem sebuah negara.

    1. hairan saya bagaimana iktiraf UEC amat bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan???

    2. Kalau tak jilat ponggong, mana datang title Tokoh Sejarah Professor Emeritus ? Tan Sri pula lagi ! Mesti jilat kuat kuat kalau yang orang kafir ingin dapat gelaran setinggi ini, hehehehe.

    3. I just hope Michael Chick can refute this tan silly of pommie/ketuanan fart!

      History has been disgraced for his 'title'.