Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Former director of racist BTN appointed Speaker

Malaysiakini - G25 'deeply concerned' by Harapan's choice for speaker (extracts):

G25 said today it was deeply concerned by Pakatan Harapan's choice for Dewan Rakyat speaker, which PKR sources have confirmed as Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul.

The group of ex-civil servants said the choice was “worrying” given Johari’s previous roles as director of the National Civics Bureau (BTN) and PKR parliamentary whip.

"Johari is a former BTN director, a government agency which has been heavily criticised in the past.

"More worryingly, Johari was the former PKR whip in Parliament – a role of such express partisanship certainly does not sit well with the post of Dewan Rakyat speaker which must be neutral above all else," it said in a statement.

Everything has gone to the dogs under Mahathir's so-called New-Malaysia government. Think of it, a ex director of the vile racist BTN is now the Speaker of the House. Reforms my fCking foot.

And Wan Azizah in nominating him must not be allowed off from the vile association.

BTN may be removed but it has moved into Dewan Rakyat.


  1. Hahaha.. Looks like all the MPs have been enrolled in BTN 2.0. Venue? Well the parliment of Malaysia of course.

  2. Johari Abdul's track record as MP for Sungei Petani for the last 10 years has been impeccable.
    SP is a mixed constituency, with a heavily Chinese town. You can ask the Chinese community in SP. He's no racist.
    Also, his knowledge of Parliamentary rules is 1st class.

    G25 doesn't get to veto this.

  3. The BTN time was 30 years ago.
    In the years since then Johari Abdul has been committed to the reform agenda, often at great personal cost.
    He has also been an exemplary MP for Sungai Petani for the last 10 years. I have no issues with Johari Abdul.


    Pandikar Amin Tak Mulia was the worst Speaker of the Parliament in Malaysian history. A Bijan poodle.
    Where was G25 on this issues ? Silent
    Where was Ktemoc on this issues ? Silent

    Now want to be hero. I question whether they have a hidden Agenda..

    1. What about najib calling for chinamen blood at kampung baru during operation lalang?

      What motherfucker cheebye kaytee going to say? Anwar fault? Madahater fault? Lks fault? Najib went on to be pm for 9 years....cakap tak serupa bikin

      Cheebye kaytee....talk cock sing song lanpa song.....because short duck right?

    2. aiyoh, I keep telling you I did NOT fCk your mother yet you continue to say I did. Probably someone else did, thus you are NOT my son but someone's - juts look at your ugly self, how could you ever be my progeny

  4. The worries of G25 are understandable because of his past actions and posts. It's like whether you would put a suspected molester in charge of a Nursery full of children.

    It would be better to put him back as Director of a Reformed BTN and after undoing his previous wrongs and showing tangible results, then only be considered as a Speaker of a much more august institution.

    If an MP's impeccable job to his/her constituency is used as a yardstick for the post of Speaker, then how about other MPs whether from BN or PH or other parties who are even better than him in performance.

    A Speaker should preferably be one who has an unblemished record, knows the laws very well, has been seen dispensing justice in a fair manner whether to friend or foe alike, untainted character etc so as to ensure finally the people's representatives are able to exercise their duties to their electorate's wishes without fear of being unheard, blocked, sent out and subjected to intimidations, humiliations and cowed.

    Is there no other MPs among the 222 MPs of this calibre?

  5. If u guys can accept the former dictator Mahathir, u should have no problem with JOHARI Abdul.

    1. correct (for those who accepted and voted for mahathir)