Monday, July 02, 2018

Just in 53 days!!!

MM Online - Malaysia remains a success story, says World Bank (extracts):

World Bank Group's country director for Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, Mara Warwick, speaks during the launch of World Bank’s latest edition of the Malaysia Economic Monitor at Sasana Kijang in Kuala Lumpur July 2 2018. — Picture by Mukhriz Hazim

KUALA LUMPUR, July 2 — The World Bank Group still views Malaysia as a “success story”, despite the national debt having reached RM1 trillion, said its country director for Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, Mara Warwick.

“We see Malaysia having a very strong economy and moving towards high-income.

“What we have emphasised in this report (Malaysia Economic Report) is really the importance of looking at the quality of growth, inclusiveness of this growth going forward and how every Malaysian can benefit from the economic success the country has achieved,” she told reporters after the launch of the report here today.

This is staggeringly amazing. In a mere 53 days, the Finance Minister of Malaysia has made Malaysian financial-economic performance a 'success' story.

Thus, the nation's formula of keeping its FM occupied with piggy bank Tabung Harapan and revealing information from 'red files', whilst its PM plus his henchman from the Council of Eminent Persons, signalled changes to Malaysian currencies and cancellation and un-cancellation of projects and subsidization and non-subsidization of this and that, must be working bloody well.

Nowhere in the world has such 'success' story ever been achieved in a mere 53 days of government rule. Malaysia BOLEH.


  1. Kaytee wanna say that becuase his cheebye master najib razak, lge haa achieved the fucking feat in 53 days

    So fucking bruno not kenna eaten by bear......there you have it....your cheebye kaytee mock who bluff u....廢人 for 20 years

    Bruno....why dont u just die in alaska?

    1. looes has finally felt the jab up his 6 O'clock, wakakaka

    2. Yeah.....and i am waiting for a chance to ask pauline hanson to sodomise u in australia

  2. Sarcasm posting now by Kaytee? World Bank must have finally seen the reality and judged it based on credibility of current PH Govt. efforts going forward.

    Just last 2 months Kaytee was bootliking how good Ahjib and BN on managing the economy from various World financial analysts, credit rating agencies etc etc.

    And today his sarcasm starts after PH takes over the Govt. with still the dubious attempt to sully any PH leaders.

    What a sore ass some people are?

    1. Wow.. a hundred trillion ringgit debt contributing to a success story of quality growth - thank you YB LGE for digging out. Please korek more.

    2. Unknown takea care the blur blur sotong hadi awang la. Unknown must siam hisham rais. Else, hisham rais will eat unknown alive

    3. Where the Fuck did you get the "Hundred Truly in Ringgit" Number ?
      THAT is more than the entire Global GDP.

      It's either FITNAH or Syabu talking.

  3. Ktemoc is going insane in his desperation.

    Fact is , the solid experts who deal in national Economic fundamentals , including important considerations of Rule of Law , Transparency and Governance understand that Malaysia is in good hands under the Pakatan Government.

    It is only the Headless Chooks Hot Money operatives who loved Najibnomics and got spooked by the sudden loss of their preferred administration.

    And Ktemoc ...

    1. Monsterball tries and tries and tries so desperately to justify his makan-ing of Maddy's dedak - what a miserable bloke

  4. Still not quite sure what exactly is pissing off KT here...
    Is it because:
    1) Malaysia is a success story?
    2) Malaysia is NOT a success story?
    3) Mara Warwick talks too much?
    3) Somehow the article stinks of LGE although it didn't mention him at all?
    4) Mahathir must have bribed Mara?
    5) LKS must be involved somehow but KT failed to see how, which just irritates him all the more?
    6) Did I mention LGE? :)

    1. Kaytee is pissed because najib shall be decapiated soon

      And i am 爽