Monday, February 06, 2017

Ku Nan, a mouse romancing elephant

This is a man who obtained only 9,943 votes out of 15,791 votes in 2013 to become a bullshitting federal minister who is always bodek-ing Najib for his own political survival, even within UMNO, wakakaka.

I only wanted to bring development to Penang
No no I only wanted help the marginalised Malays
No no I only wanted to bodek my UMNO boss
No no I only wanted to ensure my place in GE-14
Yes yes I am an idiot

In 2013 his constituency of Putrajaya had a total votes, as just mentioned, of 15,791 of which 94% were Malays, 0 (zero) % Chinese, 3% Indians and 2% others. He wouldn't have survived otherwise.

His federal constituency size is only one-tenth of Kapar and, get this, has less voters than 35 of the 40 Penang state constituencies, more or less equal to 3 of them and only in two (Air Putih and Teluk Bahang, both at 13,000 plus) did Putrajaya have more voters.

But we need to remember we are comparing his so-called federal constituency with the state constituencies of Air Putih and Teluk Bahang in Penang.

Based on representation, he is not even fit to lick the boots of the 40 Penang Aduns. Paya Terubong state constituency by itself has 39,649 voters. That's two and one half Putrajaya.

Yet he wants to politically obliterate them - what an impertinent dwarf.

It reminds me of a story from India in which an elephant was grazing beneath a coconut tree and an impertinent rat attempted to screw the cow elephant. When a coconut fell on the head of the elephant below, the cow-pachyderm moaned 'Ouch'. The rat thought his wee 'lil johnny caused the pain to the cow elephant he was trying to bonk, so he said 'Sorry darling', wakakaka.

Now, that's impertinence!

But today, FMT reported constitutional law experts saying that to make Penang a FT is just impossible when Article 1(2)of the federal constitution states Penang is one of the 13 states in the federation, while Article 2 states that even merely altering the boundaries of any state requires consent of that particular state and the Conference of Rulers.

So while it's possible for the federal government to demand a part of a state to make that part into a FT, as in the case of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, which were part of Selangor, those were only with the permission and agreement of (the former late) HRH Selangor, it cannot take an entire state.

Constitution expert Gurdial Singh Nijar said: “You cannot just take over a state. There is no provision for that.”

FMT also reported:

Ilham Centre executive director Mohamad Hisommudin Bakar said although it was true that federal territories did have some economic and social advantages, Tengku Adnan’s argument that the Malays in Penang were sidelined by the administration was “shallow”.

“If Malay development and success are the yardsticks for making an Unfederated Malay State (Negeri Tidak Bersekutu) a federal territory, surely these will be measured in the existing federal territories. Are Malays completely taken care of in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya?

“Isn’t a proposal to protect a certain race a statement with racist elements? Surely it is not good to have a minister, who should represent all races, say such things,” he told FMT.

Hisommudin said Tengku Adnan’s proposal was entirely a political statement meant to serve Umno and BN’s interests, and could be seen an a “last attempt” to neutralise the influence and dominance of DAP’s politics in Penang.

“When there is no state legislative assembly, they can wipe out DAP from the state. They can stop DAP from advancing and prevent the opposition from spreading its influence.

“They may be thinking they can curb the political and economic strength the DAP has obtained through the administration of Penang. Under federal rule, projects and tenders will be controlled by the federal territories minister,”

Ku Nan has in making an ass of himself (which we all know already, that is, him being an ass, wakakaka) has also implicated his boss Najib kau kau.

UMNO should sack him for his shallow superficial stupid gambit because FMT reported on an analysis by Universiti Malaya political analyst Awang Azman Pawi as follows:

If Penang, Langkawi and parts of Malacca were made federal territories, the Barisan Nasional may lose the upcoming general election, says Universiti Malaya political analyst Awang Azman Pawi.

Awang pointed to what happened in Sabah when Labuan was turned into into a federal territory in 1984.

“When Labuan became a federal territory, it caused public uproar,” he told FMT when contacted.

As a result, the BN state government led by the then Sabah chief minister Harris Salleh, suffered a surprising defeat in the 1985 state election.

“Converting an area as a federal territory isn’t as simple as it seems. Harris lost in the elections despite being popular among the people.

On the above, wakakaka, please do read my post Sabahan politics.


  1. I thought that Donald Trump was unworthy to be the POTUS,because of the meddling of his master,Vladimir Putin.Donald Trump will always be a puppet to Putin,but Ku Nan is even worse.He has to suck up to every Umnoputra,in order to get another chance to stand in an under 17k constituency.Hehehe,a mouse can only grow up to be a rat>

  2. Since that it is getting so real that Zaid Ibrahim,is joining DAP,Ku Nan should stand against Zaid in a more neutral and level playing field constituency.How about one with 65% Malays and 35% others.And Ku Nan can choose which constituency he favors most.That is,if he got real balls.

  3. I think it is legally and technically possible to turn FT into a State and a State into a FT by amending the Articles of the Federal Constitution, as well as other relevant legislations.

    For example constitutional amendment No.2 Act 1984 or Act A585 was passed to provide the establishment of the FT of Labuan.

    Of course the Nons would have no objection if all the Sultanate States are to be turned into FTs. Wakakaka..  But first you need to get the consent of the HRH Sultans lah!

    Pray tell me who owns Penang Island and Seberang Perai eh? The record says Kedah.  Even Tun Dr Mahathir said.. "He had studied the old agreement made by the British and Kedah in 1800 and that the state had the right to ask for a revision of the agreement to reflect current times."

    Lets us remember that the Francis Light had never fulfilled one of the conditions set in the treaty which was to protect Kedah against the Saimese! Didn't that not make the aforesaid treaty null and void? Of course we mustn't forget the British gunboat diplomacy then! Wakakaka..

    Later, when we gained our independence shouldn't Penang and Seberang Perai be reverted to Kedah automatically? No? Today, is Kedah not providing free water to Penang? Has Penang ceased to pay its yearly honorarium to Kedah?

    Dindings and Pangkor Island were given back to Perak; Hong Kong and Macau were given back to China after155 years and 442 years of British and Portugese rule, so, IMHO, it is still constitutionally and politically possible to give Seberang Prai back to the Sultan of Kedah, and in return to request the Sultan  to  turn Penang Island into a FT.

    And now, behold, I suppose that ye ponder somewhat in your hearts, if that fateful day comes, guess who is going to get/feel legally and constitutionally suckered? Wakakaka...

    I guess.. Ku Nan's opinion is not at all preposterous?

    1. Penang was CEDED to the Poms in 1786, no doubt under dodgy circumstances and terms, but when HRH Sultan Kedah attempted to take it he was defeated by the Poms. Later he even ceded Province Wellesley (now Bagan) to the Poms for an honorarium of about 20K ringgit per annum.

      Maddy talked cock when Penang fell to Pakatan, but never uttered a word when it was under BN.

      Hong Kong was given back though it needn't, but the Poms saw an island without Kowloon (leased not ceded like the island) was pretty useless, apart from the reality the Brits did NOT want their Chinese HK citizens rushing into teh UK, wakakaka

      That was why HK's last governor Patterson had a job to convince HK people they could be independent of China, be Hongkies themselves and NOT be British. He convinced the gullible Hongkies (much to the annoyance of China0 and saved Britain from hordes of Chinamen storming into Britain and from the criticisms of other European nations and the world.

    2. missing one word in "but when HRH Sultan Kedah attempted to take it", add at end "back"

    3. All the cockagroo just to syoik sensitive!!!

      Let me add one, to stir yr fantasy - ketuanan ke, feudalistic ke, or republican ke.

      “还权与民” is the wheel of history that propels a nation to a higher level of development.

      Whatsoever 'deals', treaties in the past, r past legacies that depended on a set of parameters that r no longer relevant.

      So, why keep digging the historical evidences, that u can ONLY conjecture, to satisfy yr egoistic rants?

      If u r insisting on this track, then the best possible solution is to let the Penangites decide.

      Secession COULD be the ONLY outcome, I'm surely bet!

      But, by then all u ketuanan freaks would be crying father mother about non-alienized 'native' rights, which r not yrs in the 1st place!

    4. if i am not incorrect, the fed gomen has been paying the rm20m per annum until today to the kedah sultan if not the state. what does that meen?

    5. not sure but I wonder why, if you are right, it's 20 million when it should only be thousands

      btw, Wiki says: An honorarium is an ex gratia payment (i.e., a payment made without the giver recognizing himself as having any liability or legal obligation made to a person for his or her services in a volunteer capacity or for services for which fees are not traditionally required).

      In other words, HRH is being paid without payer recognizing any obligation towards HRH Kedah as a leaser etc

    6. ck, just curious, whats yr stance on hk, taiwan, tibet n xinjiang?

    7. yes it's 20k, typo error.

      btw, wonder why tengku fraud did not include pangkor island as well.

    8. he was tembak-ing here and there - probably didn't think of it, wakakaka, it's a wonder he didn't mention pulau perak - not many people know where pulau perak is

    9. U people r REALLY losing the plot as that megalomaniac had conjecturalized about his haters.

      There is NO infamy here, for any other M'SIANS, except the zombies & the feudalistic ketuanan freaks here.

      For those bird-brains that argue for Penang and Seberang Perai to be reverted to Kedah & using HongKong/Macau as examples, they probably still thinking that Penang and Seberang Perai r under foreign controls!

      Hello, wake-up lah! Penang and Seberang Perai r governed by M'sian entity, who is ONLY opposing to the federal government.

      HongKong & Macau were under Pommie & Portuguese administrations under an unjust & strong-arm tactic before they were 'returned' to China.

      See the differences???

      Unless, these tempurung ketuanan freaks r treating fellow Nons as non M'sians, who r still paying homage to their ancestors' countries.

      Thinking about it, perhaps that's that Freudian knot that forever twisted around that anak-kecil-main-api type of siege mentality of these weaklings!

    10. ck, apple to apple pls, u talk secession. since u think penang can do this, do u agree taiwan hk tibet n xinjiang also can? if yr reply is yes, then u r consistent, no right or wrong.

    11. I think KT has binned my response in Mandarin about yr query wrt the taiwan hk tibet n xinjiang.

      That write-up is the best I can muscle out of my thought.

      Too bad!!!!!

    12. Well, let me try again.

      As I expected, HY's udang is exactly revealed in his postulatef secession for taiwan hk tibet n xinjiang based on my takes of “还权与民”!

      However, there is more than just “还权与民” as interpreted by his act of 断章取意.

      Here is my expansion of “还权与民”.
















































      So, who r the people that 'ask' for the secession of taiwan hk tibet n xinjiang?

      Really the people at large?

      Or the elites, the nose-led blur-sotongs (yes, they r not limited only in bolihland), or the puppeteers?

      Next, if they achieved the secession, could they govern the claimed territories with peace & order? Giving basic decent living standard to the people of that land?

      All, within the confinement of the complex geopolitic interplays!

      Many a time, situation turns urgly, due to power corruption, human nature, & incompetency, a opportunity, like Arab Spring, is lost.

      If all the elements fall into places like clockwork, then yr apple-to-apple argument works. Otherwise, it's just cockagroo!

      The question u'd asked is actually the oft-display of the dilemma of inconsistency, misguided by the popularism of political-correctness!

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    14. did you post it in the first place? I didn't delete any of your comments though you have been naughtily vile at times, wakakaka

    15. found in auto spam. restored

    16. CK.. 我的婆婆有时会问,为什么中国人正在和一个正在走向坟墓的马来人合作? Wakakaka!

    17. 老兄,俺从未质疑西方民主不含虚伪本质,你如何就断定俺断章取意?再说,你写的再多也不能证明中国共产党那一套符合民主和民意,还权与民更说不上,讲来讲去,不就是人民愚钝,所以需要独裁精英来领导,他奶奶的,上台前这些精英可不是这样说的,ccp 如此,pap/umno 也是如此。



    18. 中国人民对国家的政策真的没有什么可说的。 13亿人依靠一个绅士

      孔子是对中国政治模式的最大影响,中国的政治模式是家庭观念,而不是社会观念 - 从家庭到基于祖先崇拜和孝道的国家的直接过渡。



    19. Kung Tze (Confucius) preached the order of things in society, of a son respecting and obeying the father, of juniors respecting seniors, of subject respecting and obeying a ruler, etc

      Confucian-indoctrinated Chinese make the best monarchists

    20. I'll be brief.

      If u think that I've proposed secession of Pinang, then yr comprehension skill is, indeed, in big question!

      Do read my take AGAIN.


      Ditto above.


      This is almost a recurring golden rule of the human history on earth. Can u show some other credible exceptions?


      U still DONT understand my approach to 还权与民, even after my expansive detailing using current China as an example. So, I'm right in 断定你断章取意!


      I can ONLY repeat;

      圣贤大儒高言动人, 社会治理一塌糊涂???

      老祖宗的道理, 要活学活用! 要不然就学有所憾. 对不起老祖宗!!!

    21. '我的婆婆有时会问,为什么中国人正在和一个正在走向坟墓的马来人合作'


      你婆婆吃古不化, 小心卡在喉咙, 那就手尾长了!

      Ahjibgor is taking a page out from his father's China gimmicky play to save his political ass.

      If u meant the cooperation of LKS & mamak, then do continue to sleep on yr ketuanan dream.

      Yr nenek would be ashamed to have an decedent like u!

    22. It's no surprise that Confucius' feudalistic concepts can rhymed with the ketuanan freaks' wet dream.

      Even 孔夫子 is NOT infallible!!!

      But 孔夫子 has more than feudalistic ideas. Those ideas r more relevant today than his decayed feudalism concept.

    23. "Do read my take AGAIN." - u can rebut hasan without mention secession, n i am glad u didn't propose such absurdity, u should have said this when i seek first clarification from u

      "Can u show some other credible exceptions?" - taiwan n most scandinavian country did quite well.

      "还权与民" - mao cultural revolution is to me a product of 还权与民, when the peoples is not given a platform to change govt, riot n war could be the only option left.

      ”活学活用“ - 己所不欲,勿施于人真有那样复杂吗?

  4. If Penang were to revert back to Kedah, then LGE would be the MB and not Ahmad Bashah. Taking the original result (not accounting for all those froggging since then) BN was 10(P)+21(K)=31adun PR was 30(P)+15(K)=45adun. Should have been reverted even before the GE13. Wakakakaka.............

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  6. Lim Guan Eng has been known to quote from the Quran...which pushed the few Malay DAP Fanboys and Amanah supporters into bouts of ecstasy.