Saturday, February 11, 2017

Barrage of attacks on DAP Penang

The DAP must be doing fine in Penang, but no thanks to Lim Kit Siang who has other far hi-faluting things on his mind. It's doing fine because it has been under incessant attacks from UMNO.

including political attacks from within & without 

Normally UMNO leaves such anti-DAP harassment to MCA and Gerakan but those two parties have been utterly hopeless. Thus UMNO has taken up the anti-DAP cudgel.

First (maybe not the first's first, wakakaka), Tengku Adnan wanted to federalise the state, and by doing so, discard 40 Aduns from representing Penangites. Coincidentally most of the Aduns are DAP people. Jealous lah.

But the point has been he wanted to deprive Penangites of representations, placing himself as a substitute as minister of federal territories, but he couldn't even look after Labuan and Kuala Lumpur.

Harris Salleh appeals to Putrajaya to save Labuan

February 2, 2017

Former Sabah chief minister believes federal government has no funds to develop Labuan although the island was totally dependent on it.

Then they want to seize Penang for Kedah. Podah. This was after a former MB wanted to charge Penang for water. I heard it was on the unholy advice of the former MB's father, wakakaka.

The Sun Daily reported:

A 1985 law allows Penang to draw water from its side of the Sungai Muda without having to pay Kedah, where the river passes through first.

Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) CEO Datuk Jaseni Maidinsa said the Kedah and Penang (Alteration of Boundary) Act 1985 was passed after both state governments signed a 1982 agreement to place the boundary of the two states in the middle of the river.

He said Penang and Kedah subsequently promulgated state enactments which placed the boundary at the centre line of the river.

“It is illogical for anyone in Kedah to suggest that Penang should pay for raw water drawn from a river that is partly located on its own (Penang) soil,” he said in a statement today.

Jaseni was responding to Kedah Legislature opposition leader Datuk Amirruddin Hamzah who reportedly said Kedah had the right to impose charges on Penang for drawing water.

charge Penang 

Besides, international law prohibits the charging of free flowing water. Prior to the UMNO MB's reign, the PAS state government of Kedah had wanted to charge Penang government for the same water.

Today, UMNO through Tengku Adnan has even claimed the Penang government has been marginalizing/oppressing Malays. Maybe it's time we talk about which government has been marginalizing who?

The claim was followed by MCA and Gerakan's claim Penang government has neglected Chinese, wakakaka, which Tengku Adnan has put forward as an afterthought to his justifications for federalising Penang, to wit, to help Chinese.

They also have Lim Guan Eng under investigation for so-called corruption which may see him in court when the election is on.

The son of Lim Guan Eng is still under investigation for alleged sexual harassment of a woman (Chinese Briton) whom he has never met, and who had years ago dismissed the UMNO Gelugor-initiated lie. I wonder whether she had ever come to Penang.

But now UMNO has come out with another spin that Miss Anya Sun Corke was only referred to earlier in order to hide and protect the real identity of the so-called imagery 'victim'.

What that means is UMNO believes Anya Sun Corke of Britain did not and does not require any protection from such a sexual abusive related allegation and her name could be used/misused as they like. Maybe Miss Anya Sun Corke ought to sue the bastards.

And the police are dragging their heels on father and son cases.

Much much earlier, Hadi Awang threatened May-13 if Penang were to hold 3rd level (local) elections.

And some PKR Aduns rebelled not only against a policy by a supposedly unified Pakatan state government but their very own party whip. Story was that they had instructions from above (one fraction).

Even some of my visitors hate Lim Guan Eng and the DAP. They're much accommodating with father Kit Siang since he teams up with their idol Mahathir.

who's sleeping with the enemy? 

But the sons and daughter of the late DAP leader, Karpal Singh, who warned us repetitively against consorting with a man like Mahathir have been abused.

And don't we know Mahathir all too well for 22 years of his dictatorial despotic destructive ways (Judiciary, Senate, Civil Service, Constitutional amendments, BTN, BMF, Maminco, Forex, Perwaja, etc etc etc) plus 15 more years thereafter.

Cina mudah lupa? 


  1. Mahathir has said this for many,many,long and longer years.Malays (meaning all Malaysians)have very very poor memories.But,maybe "Bais" are an exception.

  2. LKS/TDM - two ideologues from incompatible ideologies expected to work together to change the government for a perfect Malaysia. Wakakaka..

    How could they when their natural basic compounds are acidic to each other?  Wakakaka..

    1. not really incompatible, both r father to a pretty useless son, do u really believe both have ideology kah?

  3. Real DAP Myrmidon here.
    Criticising DAP Penang's environmental lapses is taken as "hate Lim Guan End and DAP"
    Holding Lim Guan Eng accountable for the questionable transaction surrounding his bungalow purchase vis. the owner is taken as who applied for, "hate Lim Guan End and DAP".

    It is on public record that the bungalow owner applied for, and initially received approval for planning conversion of her piece of Agricultural land to Residential. The approval committee was chaired by Lim Guan Eng.
    That, together with Lim Guan Eng purchasing the bungalow below market price screams of "conflict of interest".

    The approval was later overturned by MBPP, but that was a separate incident.

    1. hah, you have all the FACTS, wakakaka

      besides, the word 'myrmidon' (mindless troopers) is only applicable to pkr blokes like you, wakakaka

    2. DAP Myrmidons can't accept the truth ?