Friday, February 10, 2017

Ah Jib Gor Xiānshēng

Many years ago (or Once upon a time, wakakaka) ... well I exaggerate as it was about 5 years ago when RPK wrote (extracts only):

The only thing that can save Umno would be the Malay votes -- that determine roughly two-thirds of the seats in West Malaysia.

And that is why what they are doing/saying is not to win the hearts and mind of the Chinese and Indian voters. It is too late to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese and Indian voters. They need to win the hearts and minds of the Malay voters. And to do that they need to do and say what they are currently doing and saying.

While this may upset the Chinese and Indians, who are not going to vote for Umno anyway, it pacifies the Malays. And it is the Malays they want to pacify, not the Chinese and Indians, who have made it very clear they are not going to vote Barisan Nasional or Umno come hell or high water.

While that might have been so 5 years ago, and may even be true in the coming election, Ah Jib Gor hasn't quite given up on the Chinese votes, at least openly.

Today he faces significant Malay opposition in Mahathir and his Pribumi Party (though one wonders how significant this would be), thus some Chinese support for his BN will be most welcomed. Every little bit helps. As Julia Carney wrote in 1845:

Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the beauteous land.

And the little moments,
humble though they may be,
make the mighty ages
of eternity.

Little deeds of kindness,
little words of love,
make our earth an Eden,
like the heaven above.

... yadda yadda ...

5 years ago too, I wrote, among other things wakakaka, for us not to underestimate sly sneaky scheming Ah Jib Gor (Najib).

The fact that he told Chinese to address him as Ah Jib Gor (Gor meaning elder brother a la Abang, wakakaka) indicates his attempt to court the Chinese or rather their votes.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, meaning a woman who cooks well can win a man's affection, though some of my naughtier mateys argued the stomach is a target way too "high", wakakaka.

Well, the way to a Chinese heart (not a young Chinese heart but a middle-age or elderly Chinese's or parents) is through good standard education.

The Chinese have abandoned national type schooling more because that system ta'ada standard lah, due to it being an UMNO political football* for donkey years, dan bukan kerana mereka mahu belajar dalam Bahasa China.

* in yonder years UMNO aspirants for the PM post must try to be Education Minister so as to able to win UMNO grassroot support as a considerable number of UMNO members were Malay teachers. Those UMNO Education ministers like Mahathir, Anwar, etc would fiddle around with and thus fucked up the education system repetitively to win the hearts of the Heartland and Malay teachers

Well, it started like so (ignoring the low standard national system in preference for the far higher vernacular system) but after 35 years or so, pursuing vernacular education per se has become the new objective because, would you believe it, the Chinese are still chasing after a good standard educational system which coincidentally only Chinese schooling provides in Malaysia today, at least to Chinese perception.

Najib knows this and he has struck mightily (though how mighty remains to be seen) with his new policy statement which must have riled Mahathir, destabilised the DAP and sent Dong Zong into masturbating ecstasy, wakakaka.

Dear Ah Jib Gor pulled a stunner by stating in unequivocal terms that vernacular schools are part of Malaysia's education system and will not be removed.


The MM Online reported in its PM: Chinese education here to stay (in full):

KUCHING, Feb 9 ― Vernacular schools are part of Malaysia's education system and will not be removed, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib said today.

Najib also highlighted that he had taken measures to safeguard the independence of Chinese schools when he had been education minister.

"We have the National Blue Print for education that makes sure that national type schools (Chinese) are enshrined in that document as a commitment of the Barisan Nasional government that Chinese education is here today, and to continue to serve our community and nation," he said at the opening of the new blocks of Chung Hua School No. 4.

"When I was an education minister, I repealed Section 21(2) of the Education Act that empowered the minister to convert Chinese school into national type school," he added.

The prime minister further said he was considering a branch campus of a Chinese university in Kuala Lumpur, which would be a first in Malaysia.

Najib said that, as finance minister, he never failed to provide allocations to Chinese schools, noting that RM50 million was set aside this year.

"I also encouraged my son to learn Mandarin, he is now very proficient in it, and wherever he goes in Beijing, he is very popular with the Chinese there," the prime minister added.

He said the current era has made it more important than before for Malaysians to be connected to the rest of the world.

Learning languages such as Mandarin and English was one way to do so, Najib said.

I fear for the DAP as Najib must and would have apparently warmed the cockles of the men and women from Dong Zong.

Also 5 years ago, Malaysiakini reported that Najib was invited to Dong Zong CNY open house which reported:

This is the first time in the last 50 years that the leader of the country has been officially invited to attend a Dong Zong event. [...

It was reported in a Chinese daily yesterday that in Johor Baru, 85 Chinese-based organisations came forward to express their support for the premier to attend the open house and said they looked forward to meeting him.

At that time, Dong Zong showed to Ah Jib Gor it was independent of opposition politics and only interested in vernacular education.

Thus I am confident of my earlier assertion that Najib must and would have warmed the cockles of the men and women from Dong Zong with his affirmation of vernacular education having a permanent place in Malaysian education.

He demonstrated his skills in truly BBSS-ing (BBSS = bong bong soe soe = caress, fondle, wakakaka) Chinese educationists and parents.

One of the central pillars of Chinese culture has always been ‘education’. Every Chinese, especially those from the disadvantaged social strata, aspires for his or her children to make it good via an education, to become a Mandarin (official in Chinese Kingdoms), to ‘rise above the muddy waters and bloom like a lotus’. That’s why many Chinese named their daughters ‘Lian' or 'Lotus’.

Chinese folklore has many glorious tales of a poor peasant's son becoming the Emperor’s Mandarin, through the young man’s arduous and brilliant studies. Those historical tales have inspired Chinese society to educate their children well.

In Malaya, in the 50's and 60's, legends abound of prominent Chinese surgeons, engineers and other notables of society who were children of poor hawkers or coolies, so poor that they had to study by the street lamps or flickering candles during their school days.

Those young lads, hardly in their teens, were also required to work for the family’s survival that it was a wonder how they managed to combine their studies with their apprenticeships as hawkers and labourers. Some even walked umpteen miles to reach school. But they eventually attained their exalted positions.

That is why education is a very sensitive issue with Chinese Malaysians. That has been why the Chinese in Malaysia have virtually abandoned the national education system which they consider to have dodgy standards.

Chinese parents there have been known to mortgage their houses and worldly possessions to send their children abroad for tertiary education in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, China, India etc. Many have left very comfortable positions and lives to migrate abroad for such educational reasons.

Alas, some have mistakenly believed Chinese preference for vernacular education as racist but as can be seen, the true reason is provided above.

In a sense, Chinese possess absolute confidence in themselves (or in their children) to 'make it' once they have the necessary education. Thus to deny them their desired education would be akin to sending them a signal they would be 'suppressed' culturally, intellectually, socially and economically - hardly a message to warm them towards the signaller.

So, with that educational good news (policy or bribery, depending on your political affiliation), Najib have sensed and sent the right message to/for Chinese (exceptions would be young angry Chinese).

Though he has indirectly boasted of his son's proficiency in Mandarin, he has quite smartly not mentioned his wife can sing in Mandarin too, wakakaka. Chinese are like Malays in that they don't like boastful braggers.

Incidentally, Rosmah's fave mandarin song seems to be 月亮代表我的心 or 'The Moon represents my heart'. I wonder whether it carries a subtle message of UMNO's woo-ing of PAS in a Malay-Muslim Unity gambit, wakakaka.

Enjoy the late Teresa Teng's (not Rosmah's wakakaka) 月亮代表我的心, wakakaka.

Ah Jib Gor has certainly just brandished his pro Chinese credentials with his confirmation of vernacular education in our system.

And for a killer punch, Ah Jib Gor should, apart from 
considering a branch campus of a Chinese university in Kuala Lumpur, approve Han Chiang College as a university college as well as recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) of the Chinese independent high schools.

I bet you that will shake Pakatan to its core, and give MCA, Dong Zong, Chinese elderly and Chinese parents orgasmic delights to no ends.

I am not joking. Ah Jib Gor can win one hell of a back swing to the BN by many Chinese voters.

Why do you think the Chinese have been pissed off with the BN when the UEC-SML is recognized as a qualification for entrance into many tertiary educational institutions around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, Canada and many others except the country of its origin, Malaysia.

You work out the reason why the Malaysian authority choose to be the exception.

patron of perkasa 

Dr Kua Kia Siong also informed us in his book, Protean Saga: The Chinese Schools of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir as Education Minister must have hated the idea and existence of the UEC so much that when he heard about Dong Jiao Zong's plans for it, he summoned the Chinese educationalists to parliament and told the leaders "... that UEC had better not be held or else ... He did not ask for any response and dismissed the Chinese educationalists with a curt ... 'that is all'."

That was in 1975. Obviously Dong Jiao Zong didn't give two hoots to his nonsensical racist warning, and correctly so as the 60 independent Chinese high schools in Malaysia (with 23 in East Malaysia) have been funded privately by the Chinese community and philanthropists like the late Lim Lean Teng, who was Han Chiang's long time benefactor.

So if Ah Jib Gor were to follow up his 'vernacular schools are here to stay' by saying his government will recognize the UEC, I urge the DAP to watch out for some Chinese swing over to the BN.

Yes sir, Ah Jib Gor has not been known as a survivor for nothing.

ni men hao



  1. As they say of a politician, watch what You do, not what You say.

    Ktemoc is easily duped by Najis, largely because of his predisposition to support Najis.

    The Federal Budget has been heavily cut in 2017, no thanks to the previous profligacy of the Najis Administration and the disastrous consequences flowing from 1MDB.

    The cuts have fallen hardest on Chinese Schools, and many schools have sent SOS to the Chinese Business Community for more funds. Otherwise there will only be funds available for the most basic of school activities in Chinese schools - go to school, attend classes, and go home. No extracurricular activities, no awards and promotional activities.

    By contrast, Penang and Selangor state government have kept up their support for schools, including Chinese Schools.
    The school board and PIBG of the Chinese School I have links to recently had a fruitful discussion with Selangor State Government representatives, including DAP , on what help is needed for 2017.

  2. Chinese have long memory, or else there wouldn't be 5000 years of unbroken history.

    Chinese M'sians share similar gene, with the exception of some teloq-less clowns.

    Ahjibgor is clearly preparing to fight for his political ass.

    He has NO choice, as losing would put him & hippo in place they wouldn't be 'comfortable' with.

    Thus, trumpeting the Chinese cards, in & out of the bolihland.

    But, he is NO mamak material. He talks but can't controls the rest of the ketuanan freaks within & without umno.

    Hence, whatsoever 'sayings' he made r only good for the duration to travel from left to right ear.

    CinaBengs know this too well to take him seriously.

    Jibby's right message to/for Chinese M'sians WOULD give MCA, Dong Zong, some Chinese elderly and Chinese parents a quickie orgasmic delights.

    Do remember, a quickie!

    Almost none of the young angry Chinese M'sians would care much about this oft-repeated jerk. For them, jibby & hippo r history!

    (Have u ever heard the version of
    月亮代表我的心 By hippo??? Do take a cut bbefore u destroy the good name of Teresa Teng's 成名曲)

    1. are you one of the a young Chinese hearts, wakakaka

    2. That depends.

      With SYT, I'm a young 18er.

      With others, I'm acting my age in according to situations!


  3. When the PM is doing something good, you have the pakatoons to come out complain.. that's all they good for..complain and hearsays. We will who is the winner at the end of the day..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. one point of error - "that PAS turned 360" means PAS has NOT changed direction, that is, going north and turning 360 degrees means still going north

      what you meant was "that PAS turned 180 degrees", heading north but now heading south, wakakaka

      don't worry, many reporters made your mistake which I delighted in advising their editors (FMT, Malaysiakini, TMI, etc)

      Mathematically challenged? wakakaka

  5. What RPK ignores, or pretends to ignore is a great many UMNO seats with significant Chinese voters (20%-30%). In a situation where up to half the Malay votes have gone against UMNO, Najis needs at least some Chinese votes to back him or MCA up, otherwise UMNO loses the seat, albeit by a small margin.

    Najis' co-opting of PAS should have neutralised this threat, but in comes Pribumi and Amanah.
    Both need time to build up support, but DAP needs to facilitate this process among Chinese voters.

    That is why Old Lim Kit Siang is showing the right vision, and young Ramkarpal is like an Old Vinyl record player repeating the same old song.

    1. you normally dislike DAP and LKS plus son, but in this case, because LKS is allied to Mahathir who is AA's uncle, you support LKS, wakakaka

      I would trust Rampkarpal son of his illustrious father than belakang pusing LKS today

  6. Chinese education in Malaysia has actually been regressive , Conservative and Reactionary in the last 30 years.

    Primary School education in Chinese is fine, but the attempt to defend the "purity" of Chinese High School education has been extremely conservative and reactionary. The UEC system, while being tough and rigorous academically, is rigid and emphasises rote learning.
    In my businesses, after hiring a few university graduates who came through the Chinese Independent Schools, I now deprioritise hiring them unless an outstanding candidate comes along.
    Mostly too rigid, not versatile or adaptable, lacking soft skills or ability to willingness to pick it up...

    The Higher Education Ministry actually already approved Xiamen University's branch campus in Sepang, and it is currently recruiting its 2017 intake. It will not make any impact on Malaysian Chinese politics. Its just a foreign university which happens to be from China, as other foreign university campuses are baased from Australia or UK.

    Guess what....apart from Chinese Studies, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the Xiamen University branch courses are conducted in English (Ang Moh Sai).

    Dong Jiao Zhong's 30-year long campaign to defend the "purity" of Chinese education was in reality an ideological blind alley, even as China itself was attempting to open itself up to the rest of the world and modernize.

  7. Yea.. I am sure that Ah Jib Gor will wear the Chinese down instead of their doing him in.

    Ah Jib Gor must be more and more Chinese-looking in UMNO and perhaps occasionally wear Chinese attire and have an afternoon of mahjong (not playing for money) with some Chinese friends.

    Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance developed by Confucius in about 500 BC.

    1. Confucius or Kung Tze was born in 551 BCE

      Mahjong only appeared in the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912 CE) about 2 thousands later. It has nothing to do with Kung Tze who frowned on gambling

    2. Wow...Mahjong developed by Confucius!!!!

      Fake news created by zombie, who is not realizing that there r knowledgeable mahjong kaki out there, who could EASILY prove it wrong.



      "There is a legend that the famous philosopher Confucius invented the game, but that has not been verified. Part of the reason for this myth is that historians have noted that the three dragon 4 4 exactly with Confucius' mentioning of the three noble virtues. These virtues are sincerity, filial piety, and benevolence. In addition, Confucius liked birds and the name Mah Jong has the word "sparrow" in it. If the myth is true, then the game would have originated in China as far back as 500 B.C.

      Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who lived in China about the same time the Hundred Schools of Thought period began. He is known throughout the world today, for his notoriety and wisdom has spread outside the borders of China. His philosophies are ingrained in the very fabric of Chinese culture, much like Mah Jong. He was the father of many wise sayings that are still sought out and quoted today. It is easy to see how wonderful and appropriate indeed it would be if it were indeed true that Confucius was the original inventor of the game."

    4. Fake legend written by anmoh who knows nut about mahjong vis-a-vis Chinese culture.

      麻将,起源于中国,由中国古人发明的博弈游戏,娱乐用具. 后演变于江苏太仓护粮牌,用来记录粮仓捕雀者的奖励 。但文獻中首則麻雀牌具記錄,要到1875年才出現 。

      The tracible origin of mahjong dated back to the agricultural twilight of Chinese history (way before Chou dynasty or Confucius era) in a form of entertainment & record keeping by the farmers. It has gone through many changes throughout Chinese history to evolve into the current form.

      If u want to research anything Chinese, DO make sure u get the source from authentic Chinese experts.

  8. When the hell are we going to have some peace and quiet?