Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cayman-ising Penang Island

FMT on Tengku Adnan wants to turn Penang Island into Cayman Islands (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: The idea to make Penang a Federal Territory (FT) was to turn it into a tax haven, claims state Federal Action Council chairman Zainal Abidin Osman. [...]

... Zainal said the minister’s intentions were misconceived.

... Adnan had only “hoped, dreamt and visioned” Penang Island as an FT, not the entire state as reported.

“Tengku Adnan had meant well with his idea, it was just his hope. But despite it being highly unlikely, the topic has spiralled into one of paranoia by the Penang government.

“I would like to tell the state government that this FT is never likely to happen. It ends here. We hope this issue can be put to rest,” ...

What bullshit. Looks like a Ku-Nan salvage ops left to poor Zainal Abidin Osman.

Malaysia already has Labuan island gnam gnam for that so-called 'tax haven', so why Penang Island?

Labuan qualifies as a tax haven by being financially 18th least transparent, wakakaka 

Let me answer my own (rhetorical) question, wakakaka - that's because Penang Island (not so much the mainland) is where those bloody DAP supporters are, and making the island a federal territory will shave off those pesky Chinapeks and Kelings from state citizens deserving of ADUNs into FT citizens without a single ADUN to represent them.

Instead, they will be represented in parliament by none other than Tengku Adnan himself, wakakaka.

Then that will allow UMNO-dominated mainland Penang to win majority rule in a diminish-sized state elections, perhaps with the help of PAS and PKR.

But Zainal Abidin signals UMNO go-starn (belakang pusing) in his salvage ops for Tengku Adnan, saying “I would like to tell the state government that this FT is never likely to happen. It ends here. We hope this issue can be put to rest.” 

I wouldn't be surprised if Tengku Adnan had a big bloody bullocking from his Boss for showing sheer stupidity, and perhaps that's why Zainal Abidin Osman had been roped in to carry out Ops Potong Lalang, wakakaka.

Tengku Adnan has finally been told that the Malaysian Constitution rules against federalising the state of Penang (unless the Penang State Assembly and rulers agree and approve, which vis-a-vis approval by the Penang Assembly will be like a snowflake's chance in hell, wakakaka).

Maybe RPK has been right in that Tengku Adnan, as a possible Mahathir loyalist/sleeper in UMNO, had raised the issue of federalising Penang to distract the public from revisiting the BMF/FOREX scandals associated with Mahathir.

federalize Penang
that'll distract the f**kers from bmf/forex

ampun tun(ku), tun(ku) titah, patik will do


  1. The Star - 2050 - The glitzy International Financial Center of Penang prepares to honour the retirement of its most illustrious son.

    Tan Sri Datuk Ramkarpal Singh, the visionary who took DAP into the Alliance with UMNO in 2017, just as the then UMNO President Najib was facing implosion from its dispute with powerful former President Mahathir.

    Ramkarpal made his move to save the country from what he saw was its biggest danger - an effective coup de tat from the former PM.

    Penang was rewarded with International Financial Centre status, and in the last 30 years, it has become on of the world's premier International financial centres, overtaking Singapore.

    It has been confirmed that Tan Sri Datuk Ramkarpal Singh will be conferred the "Tun" title at the next Birthday of the YDP Agong.

    1. His father is turning in his grave laughing out loud wakakaka..

    2. The Star - 2050 - PM Tan Sri Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud wishes Malaysians a Happy New Year. She brims with confidence in the knowledge that Malaysia under DAP majority rule with a competent multiracial cabinet has prospered and will continue to prosper exceedingly well.

      But she reflected on the past couple of decades of strife as the DAP bravely withstood the Machiavellian trio of UMNO, PAS and PKR, a coalition led by politicians consumed with shameless gross self-interests.

      She quietly whispers to her DPM, Datuk Seri Kashturi Patto, about her reflections and how sad she has felt in seeing her dear friend Nurul Izzah betrayed (politically) fatally by unscrupulous PKR politicians and supporters.

      Madame Patto nods in silent sad agreement

    3. The Star - 2050 - Well known brilliant and quick witted blogger Ktemoc becomes deeply religious, has found faith in living and solace in life, and now prays regularly to God to help the solution of the rakyat's misery and sufferings under DAP majority rule.

  2. There is heated argument in the 2050 budget planning committee.

    Chief money source: there is a huge shortfalls between incomes & expenditure for the coming budget. I'm running out of sources for more money.

    We can't raise anymore taxes, directly or indirectly. That end is closed due to over-squeezed.

    Budget committee chair: Didn't we just conclude that there is a 10% increase on the foreign exchange from the remittances from Indonesia & Philippines by our exported labour kindred?

    Chief money source: Included. Plus the auction of that Argentina ranch compounded & successful claimed back by our judicial from the heir of that mamak.

    Budget committee chair: What about those collection of Hermès Birkin bags of the hippo?

    Chief money source: Can't move anything yet as the Kazakhstan govt is claiming ownership.

    BTW, the Abu Dhabi govt has successfully lobbyied all the gulf states for a OIC forceful injunction for the refund of that IPIC loan.

    Budget committee chair: Bloody hell, that would be another US10B hole that we can't fill!

    The inflation is running at 200% & counting!

    I'm tearing my hair off while that kleptomaniac jibgor is sitting pretty in SB counting his gaol time!

    1. You forget to mention one important point.. DAP is supplying free sampan trips and food supplies to the Chinese who want to go back to their mainland.

    2. in 2050 Rosmah Mansoh, if miraculously still alive, will be 150 (one hundred & fifty) years old, wakakaka, so you can find her probably by-then recycled Hermès Birkin bags in the dump.

      Maddy, LKS, LGE, AI, Najib, Pak Haji etc will all be gone. If still alive, AA will be about 86 years old, Tian Chua 87 and Nurul Izzah sweet 70, wakakakaka

    3. Bro Hasan, those Chinese going back to China by sampan, if females, will be known as the Row-ing-nyonyas. wakakaka

      The males will be known as Row-ing-pria, wakakaka again

    4. U, too, forget that the Melayu palsu r enacting boat-people trick to Oz again by the boats load.

      While the Oz is forcing them back, by hook or by crook, the nearby Indo is not buying anything on ummat islam ground for fear on the repetition of the historical mamak back-stabbing.

      BTW, what's the numerical population of the CinaBeng M'sian in 2050?

      If those r still staying, despite all the bulls of the sopo-economic & religious happenstances in bolihland, they WOULD either have be en already 'domesticated' nicely or taken a leave from legendary Chin Peng to fight for their last fort!

      Slow boat to motherland, sponsored by DAP? Where??

      Unlike the Melayu palsu!


    5. 'in 2050 Rosmah Mansoh, if miraculously still alive, will be 150 (one hundred & fifty) years old, wakakaka'

      KT, where u learnt yr arithmetic???


      Hippo is 66+33=99 yr old!

      She is probably chewing betelnut in Kazakhstan with her in-laws!

      Live long to face her torments due to her legacies!

      Well learnt, indeed, from that mamak!


    6. correct, I screwed up in my arithmetic - my bad, wakakaka