Saturday, February 18, 2017

The bigger imbecile

MM Online on the old saying that "It takes a bigger imbecile to call others imbeciles" (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 ― Non-Muslim MPs who oppose PAS’s bid to increase the powers of the Shariah Courts are violating the federal constitution, an activist said today during his speech at the Himpunan 355 rally here.

Dr Abdul Kadir Warsi, from Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Ayahanda Malaysia, also questioned why non-Muslims especially are meddling with Islamic affairs.

“We did not affect, we did not disturb anyone, but why are you being imbecilic towards us?

[kt note: 'imbecilic' means 'contemptibly stupid']

“Because all these while, we were soft. So I ask of all, all Yang Berhormat (MPs) today, in the Dewan Rakyat and the Dewan Negara, to not hesitate in ensuring support and passing the Act 355, disregarding their race and religion,” he said referring to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 or Act 355.

“Why ladies and gentlemen? I would like to say here, that any parliamentarians, and I remind the parliamentarians. Anyone who opposes matters linked to Islam, as stipulated under the Federal Constitution, then they have committed a big mistake in Malaysia. That is, they did not respect the Constitution and can be charged,” he added.

[kt note: under hudud they can be executed, not merely 'charged']

Abdul Kadir however did not elaborate how not supporting the amendments to Act 355 would violate the federal constitution.

That's because he is an imbecile.

[kt note: 'imbecile' means 'a stupid person']

I wonder how he obtained his title of 'Dr'?

And obviously as an uber Islamist he does not understand the parliamentary procedure of passing a Bill.

Or, alternatively he is scared of MPs voting against the Bill?


  1. Wakakakaka.. Discussing imbecile dengan taraf!!!

    Imbecile minion = blur-sotongs

    Imbecile = zombies

    Big imbecile = dedak takers that manipulate blur-sotongs & zombies

    Bigger imbecile = puppeteers that distribute dedak

    Imbecile supremo = ahjibgor, the front man

    Imbecile extraordinary = hippo play play (the smart one - that's why while every others would end up in SB, she would be enjoying/tormenting in Kazakhstan in year 2050)

    1. It is nothing imbecilic, deceitful or mendacious. More a conviction of the truth of what Allah postulates.

      But may be imbecile in regard to your point of view which can be attributed to disjunctive reasoning of your warped mind as you don't want to understand RUU for reasons best known to you.

      I read all your comments and I consider them as nothing more than malicious gossip from an old-fashioned Chinese warlord. Wakakaka...

    2. Walau-eh... using bombastic terms pula!!!!

      So now I share with KT & many others for a disjunctive reasoning of our warped mind as we don't want to understand RUU for reasons best known to us!

      I DONT preach to the converted &/or zombie-fied. Effort downs the drain.

      Thus, ALL imbecilic, deceitful or mendacious comments r under my attack!

      Especially so those by the bleeding hearts induced via a misguided political-correctness popularism.

      But, I take strong issue with this statement:

      'truth of what Allah postulates'

      Isn't Quran the truth of what Allah postulates?

      Isn't READ the first word of Quran?

      So what the f**k have u read that u CAN'T understand?

      Adapt to the time - that's the truth of what Allah postulates!

      Discard the rigidity of the decaying old - that's the truth of what Allah postulates!

      R these 'Nothing' more than malicious gossip?

      Still think u r a Muslim who submits to the will of Allah?

      Ooop.. I forget zombie IS no Muslim.

      BTW, I'm no old-fashioned Chinese warlord. But a forward looking Malaysian torch bearer. TQ.

    3. 可惜忠言逆耳,懒思考,懒工作,不上进,只想不劳而获,简直对牛弹琴.浪费了.