Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PAS MPs absent from parliamentary policy debates?

MM Online - Has PAS become a single-issue party? Yes, for now (extracts):

bukan pengundi (rakyat) kah?

oh! kt lupa parti pas bukan parti demokratik


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 ― After the clergy class drove the so-called progressives out of PAS in the 2015 party election, the Islamist party’s new leadership has since revived calls for Shariah rule in Malaysia.

For almost three years, Malaysia's oldest opposition party had seemingly made its ambition for the implementation of hudud laws in Kelantan ― which some believe is the reason behind its move to table a private member’s Bill in Parliament aiming at elevating the Shariah Courts' punitive powers ― as its sole preoccupation.

Such perception is strengthened by the leadership's seemingly lackadaisical attitude towards other crucial issues like rising costs of living and corruption.

In Parliament, PAS MPs are almost absent in all key policy debates. Apart from religious issues, observers say the new creed of PAS leaders has yet to make a mark intellectually or economically.

Political observers say these factors have given the view that PAS is a party with no capacity to tackle complex issues some truth.

If you vote for PAS, that's what you get - a party with no concern about important social issues such as rising cost of living, corruption, etc, and worse, with no capacity to tackle complex issues that matter for the socio-economic-security aspects of the rakyat.

Another bedevilment for those who voted for PAS has been the observation that In Parliament, PAS MPs are almost absent in all key policy debates

Raja Tuang eh? ('Tuang' is colloquial for 'playing truant'). Apa ini, makan gaji buta kah?

But more importantly, how are those who voted for PAS represented in parliament on policy debates that could affect their lives, children and livelihood?

Kaki makan gaji buta - No wonder PAS exco members in Selangor has shamelessly put on their thick skin to say they refuse to vacate their Pakatan-appointments.

Their argument has been that they were elected by the rakyat to do their duty, but they conveniently forget that their appointments and associated duties were as Pakatan appointed excos, and since they have disavowed their membership in Pakatan, then by the grace of Allah swt, they should be honourable and leave the Pakatan exco positions.

Malu lah, 'ni ahli2 PAS; aisehman, mereka langsung ta'ada maruah.

Their shameless exhibitions have been exactly like what occurred in Penang when those PAS members, appointed to various state positions prior to the breakup between PAS and DAP occurred, had to be dragged away crying, wailing and screaming.

There was also Hadi Awang who threatened another May 13 if Penang were to hold local elections, and that was probably because he feared PAS members won't be elected whereas without state elections they would be appointed (via Pakatan sharing formula).

From FMT (extracts):

Abdul Hadi Awang ... claimed that there would be a repeat May 13 if the DAP kept pushing for local government elections. [...]

Hadi accused the DAP of unilaterally pushing for local elections to pander to its votebank in urban and semi-urban areas.

“We cannot be thinking of politics and economic domination in a mixed society,” said Hadi while taking a swipe at DAP, in vague and couched terms without explaining how not holding local elections will strengthen democracy in the country.
and that's why kt has described PAS as an undemocratic party (see above)


  1. Aiyaaa.. I'm waiting to read your special write on PAS/Hadi that they are like the Taliban and IS or the KKK. Wakakaka..

    1. aisehman, what more do I need to write about a person who wants to increase 6 strokes of Islamic "light" caning to 100 lashes? wakakaka

    2. Oh dear I forgot to add, and that just for reliigous moral offences rather than criminal offences

    3. I mean PAS/Hadi will engage in killing, bombing and civil war etc etc to get rid of the Nons.. for example like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria today? Wakakaka

    4. religous moral offences as you termed it are sinful acts against allah swt to whom belongs the authority to punish or to forgive except the sin of syirik.

    5. Re your "... sinful acts against allah swt to whom belongs the authority to punish or to forgive ..." I agree, but I'm sure not in the mortal world where ulama claim to speak on his behalf, like JAWI persecuting Nik Raina and the recent case of a married couple where JAWI violated the privacy of the wife

    6. obviously they are not allah's viceroys. and where do you think they get the power to behave as such? simple, it is derived from the perlembagaan which empowers them to create syariah criminal offences and punishments.

      if you care to peep at lebai google concerning types of offences mentioned in the list II of the state list of
      the 9th schedule to the constitution, you will notice that many are not even sinful acts against allah swt let alone criminal. they vary from state to state & this also applies to family law. i rest my case.

    7. ".. religous moral offences as you termed it are sinful acts against allah swt .." - kampong lad

      Then let Allah(pbuh) do His job. Each sinner will have to face ALLah (pbuh) in his own time. How can man-made organisations proclaim to do Allah's work? Do these organisation not have faith in Allah's ability to act accordingly?

    8. ht low, your 2nd para comprises a recommendation & a question, best is they are addressed to the syariah lawmakers & trust that you know who those parties are. surely they are not from jawi, jais & all other j's & not even jakim.

      fyi, the salutations for allah is 'subhanahu wa taala' or swt (abbreviated) translated from arabic to mean 'the most glorified and the most high' whilst the shortened 'pbuh' which is commonly understood as 'peace be upon him' is for the prophet & in arabic it is 'sallallahu alaihi wa sallam' or 'saw' which means 'peace and blessings of allah be upon him'. however, whether you wish to invoke salutations or not will be your call.

    9. I am just curious, if the last prophet was Jesus instead of Muhammad, what will be your take on orthodox non secular Christians? Another crusade?

    10. Dear Bro Hasan

      Jesus as the last prophet is a Muslim hypothesis, because to a Christian he is the son of God, not a prophet

    11. jews have been waiting for their promised messiah, christians with the second coming of jesus & muslims with the return of imam mahadi....same difference.

    12. Whatever it is, I try to 'follow' the holy book and then I would come up with this understanding, if I am wrong, my apology to the believers and I pray God please forgive me for my mistake. This is what I understand :

      1. God did not appoint those 'Father', pastor, iman, mufti and whatever as His representatives here on earth. So in as far as their honorifics are concerned, it is just other earthlings' respect for their so called, unconfirmed true or not 'better' knowledge in that field for which they can only advise, admonish and condemn (only verbally at best because their mouths on their heads others cannot control!) but never authorised to carry out physical enforcement!

      2. By 'forcefully' administrating 100 lashes (for that matter even 1 lash) these enforcers are usurping God's prerogative because how the hell do they know that's what God want?

      3. Please don't try to claim these people's lives prove anything. At least Jesus multiplied the fish, made wine healed the sick. Did God demonstrate his power through these people? If not why not? Is it because God did not mean for them to 'act' for Him?

      3. So by administrating even 1 lash on other, I would think these people have 'sinned' against God. If there is no God as like KT, then they have sinned against the 'enforced victim'


    13. All u bleeding hearts SHOULD read & understand "UNDERTONES OF THE RUU355 DEBATE" written by Datuk Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa of the Islamic Renaissance Front.

      There is still sensible Muslim out there.

      Hope ONLY arises when this small group of people can overcome the tidal ignorance of the zombies & blur-sotongs.

  2. MPs should attend Parliament , just as anyone else needs to attend to their job.
    Strictly speaking, the MPs represent their constituency. If the Hudud Bill is what their constituencies care most about, so be it.

    Obama once lamented that he faced Red-Neck Republican voters who, regardless of whatever other good he did, only cared about 3 issues - the 3Gs - God, Guns and Gays.

    PAS voters are the Malaysian equivalent of those Red Neck Yanks.

  3. Very well written. PAS cannot rule Malaysia. See how poor Kelantan is. They do not know how to bring in jobs. Kelantanese had to leave the states to work in Penang or K.L. They can't even manage the flood. They continue to get revenue from logging even though it encroach upon the homes of the orang asli. Yet they had espoused welfare state before. All these are fake. They are only interested in one thing. Harsh punishment for offenders. Know nothing about economic, or how to bring in investment and managing a state. Previously, you can see how poorly they ruled Kedah. Just one term, they lose it again.

    1. A Quranic Islam can never be reduced to what the non muslims say about Islam.

    2. This is yr version of the 'Quranic Islam':


      Just listen to yr zombie folk talking about 'Islam' to understand who has done the fine job of Islam reduction!

      Point yr bloody finger at the right target lah.