Thursday, February 16, 2017

Low Yat 2, Taylor College 2, so why not Ismail Sabri 2?

In MM Online Syukir Tahir writes on how MARA is repressing Malays (shortened slightly by kaytee but with commentaries, wakakaka):

which rakyat? Malaysian 1 or Malaysian 2? 

FEBRUARY 16 — ..... Since its formation in 1966, it [MARA] has helped countless thousands of Bumiputera succeed in business and industry. But has MARA adapted enough to remain relevant and effective today? Sadly, I don’t think so.

I say this because MARA seems more interested in protecting Bumiputera from the world than letting them compete in it. ..... Take the MARA Digital Mall, for example — it was set up as a Bumiputera alternative to Low Yat Plaza. What exactly has it achieved?

I brilliantly started Law Yat 2

I also brilliantly proposed to start Taylor College 2

Why? Read on:
Star Online reported: On Sept 18, Taylor’s University terminated the services of the bus operator which used vehicles bearing the university logo to ferry passengers to the recent Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu rally.

4 days later Star Online also reported:

Mara will terminate sponsorship for the next intake of students to Taylor’s University, said Rural and Regional Develop­ment Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

He, however, did not state the reasons for the revocation.“There are many reasons,” he said when asked whether this was following the private college’s move to terminate the services of its transport operator, whose buses were used to ferry passengers to the red-shirt rally in Kuala Lumpur last week.
Incidentally, has anyone any knowledge about Taylor College 2? Please share. Thanks

Because it was created and promoted as a platform for Bumiputera IT traders, non-Bumiputera customers have largely stayed away, choosing to shop at Low Yat instead. How are Bumiputera traders supposed to survive — let alone thrive — when their customers are only limited to one race?

I recently paid a visit to the MARA Digital Mall in Kuala Lumpur and found the traders to be demoralised. Many shops had stock shortages, confirming what traders told online news portal Free Malaysia Today last December. If you want to buy anything, you will have to pre-order in advance. Rather serve as a vehicle for Bumiputera empowerment, the mall may well turn out to be an embarrassment to Bumiputera entrepreneurs.

Minister Sabri should buy his mobile phone from Low Yat 2, but he has to note that pre-order is essential 

MARA's shortsightedness also extends to education. Recently, now suspended MARA chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa said that UniKL, which is wholly-owned by MARA, recognises the Chinese-education-based Unified Examinations Certificate (UEC) as an entry qualification.

He correctly bases this on long-standing government policy. Because UniKL is a private institution of higher learning rather than a public one, it is allowed to recognise the UEC.


In recognising the UEC, Annuar saw an excellent opportunity to grow UniKL, expand the diversity of its students, and give it an international outlook. Sadly, the rest of MARA disagreed with him, including the minister who oversees the institution — Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. .....

[kt comment: maybe Minister Sabri wants to brilliantly start UEC 2?]

Bravo 2?

How can MARA advance the cause of bumiputeras if MARA leadership can't even see or comprehend the bigger picture? [...]

It would not make sense to reject the UEC when prestigious universities around the world — from Australia to the UK to the United States — recognise it. The UEC is accepted at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge.

If these are considered role models in education, then why shouldn't UniKL follow in their example?

Furthermore, UEC students will expand the revenue base of UniKL and MARA. After all, MARA only sponsors Bumiputera students — non-Bumiputeras will have to pay, enhancing MARA’s ability to sponsor even more Bumiputera students. In the end, it is Bumiputera who benefit the most from UEC recognition.

note word 'Wisdom'

wakakaka 2 (wakakaka again)

But as you can see, there is something wrong with MARA. From business to education, it seems to be making all the wrong moves. [...]

Maybe Najib should sack the minister in charge, and brilliantly appoint a Minister-in-charge-of-MARA 2, wakakaka.

After-note, still on MARA's brilliance:

bloke is convicted kiddie pornographer Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin serving a jail sentence in Britain

MARA wants to give him a second chance [Chance 2?] as he's brilliant (like Minister Sabri? wakakaka)

From FMN:

Many Malaysians would be okay with that if MARA council members were OK with him babysitting their own children


  1. MARA is repressing Malays!!!

    ONLY now u r realizing???

    Since its formation in 1966, it [MARA] has helped countless thousands of Bumiputera succeed in business and industry by robbing the Nons' opportunity via various dubious means.

    Along the way, a tongkat dependency via forced ketuanan mentality is been deeply cultivated within the minds of many of a weakling from this group.

    To provide opportunity and a level playing field in business by setting up MARA Digital Mall, as a Bumiputera alternative to Low Yat Plaza. What exactly has it achieved?

    It achieves a syiok-sendiri ego treat of the might of ketuanan.

    It implants the decaying seed of tongkat dependency!

    It removes that key ingredient of business survival instinct via intense competitions.

    'Opportunities to link up with Customers and Suppliers were hard to pursue.

    It was very difficult for Malays to obtain Financing and even Credit Terms for any Foreign or Chinese company you tried to deal with.'

    This oxymoronic rant is frequently used to justify govt interventions to give special preferences to these weaklings.

    U complaint about non level playing field in business opportunity, which is a NORM all over the world.

    Then, u ask for an artificially created non level playing field to yr favour via govt policies!

    u expect to be on par w/o decent inputs by 'positive affirmative action program'. Otherwise known as NEP, or more closely, improved Apartheid for the majority (the extreme right-winged Afrikaners will be pleased)!

    Don't u know in business101, a new comer has to fight for his/her chance for a piece of action in business in a non level playing field?

    This is the price of been late in a crowded estsblished business.

    Otherwise, creat yr own business lah by been the first in a field that no one has thought of.

    The MatSalleh does it. The Chinese does it. So r the Indian, Jews & any other entrepreneurs worthing their socks for venturing into business.

    Minister Sabri wants to brilliantly start UEC 2?

    Walau-eh....there r already long existing disguised UEC2 in the form of government sponsored matriculation exams to FasTrack those GiatMara to university?

    Markah buta to reach the top of the Dean's list. Lower exam standards &/or radiculously low passing marks by the public examination board. Pressuring lecturers to give preference passes to undeserved GiatMara in resident colleges/universities.

    U name it, they r already long in practicing!!!

    Thus, any wonder u get jagung kampong (like Ismail Sabri) to be in position of power. Docs who r poorly 'trained'. Engineers who design on paper w/o knowing about in-situ parameters. Administrators who r good at jom minum & pushing papers.

    In short, lost generations of unemployable incompetents & weaklings, crying father mother for daily hangouts.

    Whose fault???

    BTW, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin is NO math genius as claimed by mara. His uni scores CAN only qualify him as a borderline, closing in on drop-out! A typical example of the manufacturing-line GiatMara!

    Think lah, while there is still time for a quick slumber under the tempurung.

    Soon, many of u would be maids/construction workers doing manual hard works in Indonesia & Philippines!

    1. tsk tsk CK you forgot to mention in your rant wakakaka the 6 months free rental at Low Yat 2

    2. Rant???

      How about facts of life in bolihland that people like u won't talk CLEARLY simply bcoz of yr induced political-correctness???