Sunday, February 19, 2017

Disaster for PAS re Himpunan355

From MM Online:

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 — The smaller than expected crowd size at the “Himpunan 355” rally shows that PAS will have difficulties acting as the third bloc in the next general election, political observers said.

Because only about 20,000 people attended the rally to support a Shariah Bill as opposed to the 300,000 target, analysts said this indicated that PAS lacked supporters at the national level.

“The Bill is a bread and butter issue and if PAS had failed to attract the numbers it predicted, it shows that they lack supporters in the urban areas,” Faisal Hazis, associate professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Institute of Malaysian and International Studies, told Malay Mail Online.

Faizal said although PAS may seem like the “largest Malay influential party”, it did not have a balance in political views as it did before with DAP and PKR under the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat.

Because of this, Faizal predicted that PAS would face massive defeats if it were to face the 14th general election alone.


  1. Well,by now PAS,as a major Malay political party will have awoken up from it's trance.The poor show of support for it's hudud or shariah law,is evidence that Malays overall do not support hudud.Thirty thousand supporters out of three hundred thousand expected,is a big setback or letdown.

    Well,PAS,if you want hudud,please leave Malaysians alone and go to Brunei.Then,what in Brunei?The sultan of Brunei has enacted hudud law in Brunei.But,do the sultan has any respect for the hudud or shariah law he supports?He has a harem of women to fuck around,whites,blacks,brown and even oranges too?So much for hudud.

  2. umno know if pas is allowed to grow n expand, then who n why need umno? the most pas could achieve is become a islamic wing of umno. i supposed the middle income urban group would not support or care very less abt 355, however not many would say so openly. the turnout is much less than expected i guess, especially the youth, thats a good news to umno/najib, pas need umno more, n not necessarily the other way round.

  3. I passed by the are just out of curiosity.

    Regardless of the absolute numbers, the crowd was huge.
    A number of Federal Ministers attended the rally, which shows official Najib Administration support.

    To quote Ktemoc from a different post "no matter that they have said they will be marching in their personal capacity, that's bullshit".

    Ministers "attending in their personal capacity" is bullshit.