Thursday, February 09, 2017

Confused Muslims again?

Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) chairman Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa has been pissed off with Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia (PPIM) chief activist Datuk Nadzim Johan’s call for a logo to inform some Muslims who are “not that smart” in differentiating an item with pig-derived parts.

do not eat, do not touch
I am NOT halal

Nadzim Johan was referring to paint brushes made with pig bristles. His comment and the associated seizure of such brushes by officers from the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry’s (KPDNKK) caused traders to label everything as non-halal just to be on the safe side.

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa said that calling for a pig logo is an insult to the intelligence of the Muslims

The Malay Mail Online reported:

Quoting a citation by scholar Ibnu Taimiyyah, Farouk said the most accurate view on the matter was that all kinds of hair are pure, including the hair of dogs and the bristles of pigs.

He also pointed that religious author A. Hassan Bandung had written that the only thing that is forbidden in the Quran was consuming the flesh of swine, and not the skin or bristles.

“It is really a sorry state of Malay Muslims that they became obsessed with such trivial issues but neglected some grand corruption scandal in front of their own eyes.”

His sarcastic comment on the obsession of some KPDNKK officers drew the ministry's minister to step in and order a 'cease & desist' instruction to those cari-makan, cari-peranan & cari-kepentingan KPDNKK officers.

Maybe commonsense has finally stepped in to curb those over enthusiastic importance-seeking officers.

OK, you Muslims can now wear pigskin shoes, but don't eat them, wakakaka.


  1. Alahai kau ni.. yang kuas bulu babi tu minta tolonglah Cina kedai labelkan sikit.. Apalah salahnya sebagai menghormati pelanggan. Biarlah pelanggan membuat pilihan nak pakai kuas bulu babi ke atau kuas nilon atau sintetik atau bulu kuda atau bulu kambing atau bulu tupai atau lain-lain lagi?

  2. Most Malaysians are aware that Muslims are forbidden to eat pork or touch the carcass of a pig.

    Paintbrush bristles are not a "carcass" nor have I ever seen anyone eat the bristles.

    Maybe some Muslims lick the paintbrush bristles , and accidentally ingest some pig hair particles ?

    Perhaps there are Malaysian Muslims engaged in perverted acts with paint brushes.

    You cannot hold the Hardware shop owners accountable just because of such acts.

    This is not just a trivial matter, because professional painters will tell you that for Oil Emulsion-based paints (which are the most commonly used paint) , paint brushes made from pig-bristle are superior to synthetic nylon bristles. This is because the natural hair absorbs the oil emulsion, pulling in the paint and helping with laying a smooth and consistent paint layer.
    Where with nylon and other synthetics, the paint just sits on the surface of the brush.

    Horsehair is also good, but a lot more expensive.