Saturday, February 18, 2017

JAIS like Israel?

MM Online on JAIS land seizure attempt a la Israeli grab of Palestinian land (extracts):

But JAIS didn't have the balls to haul in Raja Bomoh  

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) is appealing a landmark court decision that quashed its compulsory acquisition of 26 acres of land for a purported mega mosque, a lawyer confirmed yesterday. [...]

Those seeking to have their appeal heard by the Federal Court must first obtain leave to do so, and must present questions of law to the apex court.

..... six appellants filed in a total of 29 such questions in three separate leave applications, with Jais, the Selangor Land and Mines Department director, the Kuala Selangor land administrator, and the Selangor government jointly filing six questions.

Ten days ago the Canberra Times reported
Israel passes law to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements (extracts):

Jerusalem: The Israeli Parliament passed a contentious law late on Monday that allows the state to seize land privately owned by Palestinians in the West Bank and grant the properties to Jewish settlements for their exclusive use. [...]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports the legislation and has told his constituents that no government had done more for the settlers.

Israeli legislators in the opposition condemned the bill as reckless and warned that it would turn the world against Israel while goading prosecutors at the International Criminal Court in The Hague to take action against the Jewish state.

Religious extremism (of any variety) breeds arrogance in acts of robbery, persecutions and oppression with disdain and contempt for the just rights of others.

On the above examples of illegal seizure of other people's land, what's the difference between Israel and Malaysia, save that in Malaysia, at least the civil (secular) courts have acted with balanced reason to serve justice.

If Hadi Awang and his religious cohorts were to have their ways, god saves us.

And that's precisely why we must ensure our parliamentary representatives vote against Hadi Awang's private member's bill to amend UDD 355.

Allowing Hadi Awang's Bill to pass will signal the beginning of his successful attempts to pass further legislation to ride roughshod over us, especially Malaysian Muslims (in the initial stages,thereafter ..... who knows???).



  1. mo1 is one that would allow 355 great possibility to pass, not only u support thief, indirectly u oso support the thief that use religion to steal. hadi close both eyes on thief, hadi pas oso close one eye on thief, u dun even want to open yr eye. u accused hadi gang could be thief but u dun wan to see the thief in front of u.

    u r like rpk that pretend to support islamist but dun wan to live in arab, betui hypo.

    1. you have been the one who regularly supported islamist/pas in my blog

      talking about thievery, have you identified the thieves for the last 35 years? let's start with bmf

  2. i support islamist n pas that refuse to support thief, that's the diff.

    almost everyone aware that bn/umno is the worst thives in msia history, u instead writes so much to criticize those that reject / oppose the worst thives, tell us honestly r u on dedak?

    1. and who has been the WORST thief?

    2. On MO1 and Hadi and 1MDB and RUU 355 - 90 percent is gossip but 10 percent is unproven. On Maddy and LKS - 50 percent is true but 50 percent is worst than gossip? Wakakaka..

    3. Stupid... It's rosmanajib lah!!!

      Betul betul tiduk diam diam di bawah tempurung di lantai Oz!!!

    4. distance froom local propaganda reduces inset prejudice, wakakaka

    5. Walau-eh...'distance froom local propaganda reduces inset prejudice'!!!!!

      This MUST be the beef of the day!

      Better than all the superlatives that that show-of Trump could master.

      Well done wordsmith!

      BTW, how about - distance makes impact negligible - thus, can't feel the heat.

      However, I'm more inclined towards the offer of the under-table dedak that's so well managed by yr ahjibgor.

      BTW, zombie-fied input doesn't count, as that brain is wasted.

    6. halo brader, y no investigation on mahathir even after he step down for more than 10 years n now out of umno? 50% truth sound like slander from mo1 cohort wakaka.

      otoh imdb investigation n freeze of asset happen in many countries, show that msia worst thives is as usual rely on not only selective pro(er)secution, n now even worst, make use of religion to stay in power, the 90% gossip is for dedak eater consumption la, include kt of course, n perhaps u wakaka.

      wrt lks i have no disagreement wakaka.

    7. Hi kawanku tersayang.. please quote which civil lawsuits or freezing of assets are in the name of Najib or 1MDB?

      OTOH the forex scandal which spans over a period of five years had resulted in a humongous loss and bankrupted BNM. Soros made USD1.2 billion. Who made and or misappropriated the rest of the billions of dollars?

      The 45 minutes meeting in court is a long time indeed.

      "If Karpal Singh was still alive he would condemn both Mahathir and Anwar and would tell DAP and Pakatan Harapan to not work with these two hypocrites who have done so much damage to the country".

      BTW forex speculation is similar to gambling and is absolutely haram in Islam.

      And makan dedak adalah satu kiasan untuk orang yang sangat miskin. Walauapapun saya tetap terima kutukan saudara HY kerana saya sememangnya seorang miskin, tetapi saya berdoa semoga mudah-mudahan tidaklah sampai ke tahap sehingga terpaksa memakan dedak.

    8. brader, tu yankee lawsuit mentioned mo1 n 1mdb, i never say najib, u did. i guess najib know n shd have full responsibility on what happened in 1mdb, just like u hold mahathir responsible for the forex loss. or u mean 1mdb deed is perfectly halal in islam, n did no wrong?

      n i am very glad to hear that u r not a dedak eaters, i trust u 100%.

  3. A putridified brain!!

    21/3/13 - $620,000,000 is transferred from Tanore to AMPrivate bank account of Malaysian official 1.

    25/3/13 - $61,000,000 also wired from Tanore to the same AMbank account.

    Ini lah bukti-bukti aliran wang tunai 1MDB di dalam perbicaraan kes pengubahan wang haram di mahkamah di Singapura, US dan Swiss.

    Kes tu 90 percent gossip but 10 percent unproven?

    U 'think' these legal hwaks r play play with propaganda mixed with inset prejudice ke?

    Derma Pak Unta entah ke mana, Pak Arab pun tak pernah muncul.

    The concept of letting the intruder to sleep with yr wife & daughter as long as he is from the same bangsa dan ummat MUST have been deeply ingrained into the impulsive response of this putridified brain!

    Perhaps it's a OK for zombie alpha to denounce responsibility when it's herd messes up operation. But in decent human sense, a leader MUST bears ALL responsibility when the subordinates f**k things up kau kau.

    Ain't ahjibgor the proposer, organiser & chief pusher of 1MDB. Rightly, he should bear the slightest guilt when it becomes BDM1(bodek dengan Malaysian 1).

    What a twisted 'sense' - "tetapi saya berdoa semoga mudah-mudahan tidaklah sampai ke tahap sehingga terpaksa memakan dedak."

    Didn't u claim to benefit from NEP??

    NEP tu apa??

    Dedakx2 untuk kaum blur-sotongs dan zombies menguatkan konsep ketuanan supaya kolongan elites terus mengkayakan mereka!

    Yr DOA has long been fulfilled.