Friday, February 10, 2017

Some in DAP don't like Mahathir

MM Online on disagreement between Zaid Ibrahim and his new party:

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 ― There has been no “silent agreement” among the Opposition that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is their de facto leader, DAP's Gobind Singh Deo today.

In dismissing the claim made by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who just joined DAP earlier this week, Gobind said that such a matter was never discussed in the DAP leadership previously.

“I find it strange that Zaid has chosen to make such an announcement as a DAP member without first consulting the party leadership. He should know better,” Gobind, who is a DAP central executive committee member, said in a statement to Malay Mail Online.

Zaid, a former de facto law minister, made the claim in an interview with Malay Mail Online a day after announcing that he was joining the DAP.

Zaid has an independent way of saying what strikes him as appropriate. Sometimes he has been right, but sometimes he has been wrong. But I believe he's always sincere.

If it were Lim Kit Siang he might have allowed Zaid to get away with his claim that Mahathir is the de facto leader of the opposition, but not so with the sons of Karpal Singh.

Gobind's brother Ramkarpal has often expressed his concerns about DAP flirting with a man the party once detested.

Ramkarpal and his sister Sangeet Kaur have pointed out that the DAP does NOT share the values of Mahathir which seems to be more about cronyism, elitism and a humongous grudge (a chip on his shoulders) against the Chinese and nons.

Good on you Gobind. Better luck next time Zaid, wakakaka.


  1. Zaid is a loose cannon.He says whatever he wants to say.But,DAP landed a big fish,this nobody can deny,and Umno and PKR are still reeling and blushing for losing him to DAP.Hehehe.

  2. if ah singh dun agree with dad n son approach on mahathir, he can always quit, lge said one.

    1. wakakaka, HY now supporting father & son because of the unholy ghost (Maddy)

    2. i am trying to demonstrate dap version of democratic, it seem their approach on freedom of speech is pretty unique. zaid oso claim he wan to tackle chinese racism within the dap, imply that dap multi racial model is oso the extraordinary type. i start to like zaid, n i hope u would continue to like him as well.

    3. democracy is one thing but party official stand (policy) is another - your pkr doesn't have such where everyone is sabotaging or stabbing someone in the back, wakakaka

  3. A tale of a successful politician ? From UMNO to PKR to KITA to DAP..wakakaka! My advise to Zaid is be a man, not a Randian hero. Carpe diem!

    1. yr successful party oso work with 46 to pkr/dap to now umno, wakakaka my bro, suma sama la.

    2. HY.. i m not talking about the party.. mana ada sama bro.. wakakaka

  4. He is testing the waters. Wonder who supported his entry into DAP. That will give a clue & extent of his support? KTemoc?

    I agree that Mr. M is the de-facto Opposition head, now.

    The invisible Wan Azizah cannot fill those shoes, although she wins by default. Would voters care "by default" but no action?

    Azmin plays the underdog game, as always. Support the "boss" until someone proffers him. Then, he grabs it, "God willing". Hahaha

  5. I have been very disappointed with Gobind in recent years.
    He started off very promisingly as MP of Puchong, and was even being dubbed The Lion of Puchong.

    His 1-year suspension without pay from Parliament seems to have castrated and defanged him.

    Lately, like the other offspring of Karpal Singh, he seems to be more interested in playing the Anti-Mahathir Opposition leader instead of being an effective opposition to the BN/UMNO Federal Ruling Party.

    I haven't read or heard a single effective critique of the Najis Administraton from him.

    The Lion of Puchong is now more like the Pussycat of Puchong.

    Ramkarpal I won't bother much about him, he is just naive and wet behind the ears.

    The sons of Karpal Singh have been shown to b Bloody useless as an effective Opposition Lawmakers.

    1. so say you, an anti DAP person. The only DAP people you would praise would be those who support Mahathir who is allied to Azmin Ali. It's people like you who will perpetuate the Mahathir type of regime

    2. the one that perpetuate mahathirism is umno, u as a najib supporter play a quite major role.

      i live in puchong constituency, funny thing is we still look for mca if got any issue, bec no l know where the hell is gobind. that said, i will give my vote to dap, pkr, amanah, bersatu, or even pas (hmmm...tis a tricky one) if the other side is umno/bn. lion ke cat ke nvm.