Thursday, February 09, 2017

Will Lim Kit Siang be re-elected?

I have not felt comfy with the DAP or rather, Lim Kit Siang working with a man who, among other lamentable acts, incarcerated him under Ops Lalang, who suspended him for demanding a White Paper on Samy Vellu's involvement in the MAIKA shares, who declared Malaysia a fundamentalist Islamic nation, etc.

Lim Kit Siang is already 75 and thus I suspect he is all too desperate to see UMNO toppled in his probably swan song term, but isn't it ironical he has called upon his worst political foe to help topple UMNO?

Surely there must be a line drawn somewhere. After all, Ramkarpal Singh (son of Karpal Singh, the late spiritual guru of the DAP) said the DAP does not share the values of Mahathir. 

In 1999 Kit Siang was unusually abandoned by voters because of his alliance with PAS - yes, he was kicked out of Parliament, yet isn't even more ironical that he has re-invited PAS to team up with DAP for the coming election?

George Santayana told us: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Thus, will Lim be ousted again for allying himself with Mahathir and for calling on PAS to re-Pakatan-ize

And as if the above wasn't enough he has even asked Gerakan and MCA to join him in "saving" Malaysia, meaning to topple Najib.

I am not sure I can support Kit Siang again for his wannabe-sweetheart deal with PAS, or for that matter, Mahathir.

Maybe Kit Siang now shares values with Mahathir, and not with the DAP?


  1. Kit Siang knows that a Chinese or a Thambi can never be a PM or DPM,at least not in our live times.Maybe in the other half of the century,or never ever.But,it gives him the satisfaction,of all his hard work,to see the Umno led coalition come down to defeat.At least,the adage of "The Enemy of my Enemy" thingy is being put to good use.Hehehe.

  2. I think that this coming GE,will be the last time Kit Siang is going to stand as a candidate.Age is catching up.Of course,the people is going to give him a landslide victory,as a send off present.You can bet the ranch on that.

  3. Chinese politics. What do you expect? It is not only a warning but a final signal that LKS political days are numbered. BTW don't forget that next month is his son's trial. I would recommend that his son should read the classics and The Four Books when he is in prison.

  4. Thank goodness we have Lim Kit Siang who has the breadth of vision to see what strategy is needed to give Malaysia its best shot at the future.
    The baleful , knee-jerk mentality of Ramkarpal is not going to get DAP anywhere other than its deep-red seats.