Friday, February 24, 2017

Negara Gila

Kang Chol, North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia accused Malaysia of being in cahoots with South Korea in the murder of Kim Jong-nam, elder half-brother of Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea.

(left) President Kim Jong-un, (right) murdered victim Kim Jong-nam 

Najib believes the North Korean ambassador has been rude, and dear Hisham thinks the bloke from Pyongyang has crossed the line, wakakaka. Our ministers might not know what North Koreans, ambassadors or not, could be capable of, that is, if they (the North Korean embassy staff) value their own lives from their own country.

On 9 October 1983, North Korean agents bombed Rangoon (now Yangoon) in an attempt to murder visiting South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan, the 5th President of South Korea - read this for more details.

From Wikipedia: Chun was sentenced to death in 1996 for his role in the Gwangju Massacre, but later pardoned by President Kim Young-sam with the advice of then President-elect Kim Dae-jung, whom Chun's administration had sentenced to death some 20 years earlier.

In November 2009, Swedish police arrested two North Korean embassy staff for smuggling 230,000 Russian cigarettes into Sweden.

Much earlier, in 1978, North Korean agents kidnapped a top actress from South Korea (Choi Eun-hee, Korea’s most famous actress) and subsequently, also kidnapped her husband, famed Korean film director Shin Sang-ok. The former (late) President Kim Jong-il wanted them to make propaganda films for him.

the kidnapped couple subsequently escaped in Vienna in 1986

North Koreans had also kidnapped others, mainly Japanese, to train North Koreans as spies and also to provide Japanese identities for North Korean spies.

Kaoru Hasuike and girlfriend Yukiko Okudo kidnapped in 1978 and forced to marry in North Korea (even though they had planned to marry prior to their kidnapping), had two kids who were brought up believing they were North Koreans.

They returned to Japan (initially without the kids) after 24 years, following an agreement between the two nations after their diplomatic establishment. Their children joined them subsequently when North Korea was satisfied tht parents did not bad-mouthed the kidnapping nation.

I hope North Korea is not looking for bloggers gulp gawd omigosh but I'll recommend to President Kim Jong-un one sweetie and one bloke (though not me, wakakaka).



  1. In 2013 Paul Chan gave an honorary doctorate in economics to Kim Jong-un. Wakakaka

    1. wakakaka, Chan said he took that action as a way of “building a bridge to reach the people” of North Korea

    2. Now kbab1 is being fed Intels by The National Intelligence Service (NIS) ( 대한민국국가정보원, 국정원) & CIA wrt the murder of Kim Jong-nam!

      What's the paybacks???

  2. Until this week, most Malaysians did not realise Malaysia had diplomatic relations, in fact apparently quite friendly relations, with one of the most malodorous regimes in the world.

  3. Milligram to Milligram, VX is one of the most poisonous substances on this planet.

  4. Another intriguing anomaly:

    Could the kbab1 has been conned kaux2 by the 'agents' vua his impulsive fame seeking?

    Incompetent always jumps on offer without doing in-depth double check. A common feature of the power wannabes of bolihland.

    Thus, has to do a quick repent (umrah) in the Holi land!!!

    Wakakakaka....malu lah!