Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mahathir weird preference

Everyone, well virtually everyone knows Mahathi's pet project has been the Proton car, just as his aspiration for Malaysia to produce steel saw the creation of Perwaja, and just his aspiration for Malaysia to control or dominate the world's tin market (considering at one time Malaysia was the world's biggest tin producing country) saw teh sorry saga of Maminco, etc etc etc ... and I haven't even come to FOREX yet.

At one time I dare say there was no doubt he loved Proton.

But now, after reading an article by Lim Sian See, I wonder whether we might have been mistaken, that was, in his supposed love for Proton.

According to (pro BN, wakakaka) blogger Lim Sian See, in a posting today, Mahathir’s remarks implied he was, in Lim's words, unwilling to give the national carmaker a chance to expand.

That would be like saying he loves Anwar Ibrahim, Najib and the Chinese, wakakaka.

But alas, unexpected as it has been, it seems startling true.

Lim continued: Dr Mahathir had previously been quoted as saying that should an FSP (foreign strategic partner) be brought in, it would cause vendors and component suppliers to cease operations, resulting in “lots of workers losing their jobs.”

Thus Lim accused Mahathir for being more concerned about the survival of vendors and suppliers to Proton rather than the survival of Proton per se.

Lim wondered why Mahathir had been so unwilling to give Proton a chance for survival but rather wanted to maintain the status quo where only vendors and suppliers to Proton seem to be the ones who will benefit.

Lim said: “It appears that the suppliers and vendors to Proton continues to be Mahathir’s main concern."

Lim had in a previous post in October mentioned about Mahathir complaining that his businessmen acquaintances were not given supplier contracts by Proton.

And Mahathir has also made calls for Malaysia to re-impose heavy protection to Proton.

Lim said: “It appears that more than three decades of forcing Malaysians to purchase over-priced and low specifications cars while driving up the loan burden of millions of Malaysians is not enough.”

Aiyoyo Mahathir, make up your mind lah - should Proton be saved or should your businessmen acquaintances be?


  1. Lim Sian See is a master in economic numerical acrobat.

    His talent falls within the realm of smart with evil intention - the top of the 4 levels of role playing.

    For those who DOESN'T under the definition of role playing, Google it!

    It will enhance yr further understanding of human psychology.

    After saying that, I'm wholeheartedly agreed in his take about mamak's intention wrt Proton.

    But, I stand poles apart with this manipulative divertion of the Joe M'sians from the current sopo, religio-econ mayhem of bolihland.

    Talent for hire, just like the wordsmith....Sigh...

  2. Lim Sian See is really the bottom of the Najis Sewage Tank.
    His writings are little more than toilet paper.

    Another Chinaman willing to sell his soul for a bit of Najis dedak.