Monday, February 06, 2017

Penang is 'Carthage' to UMNO

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

(Carthage must be destroyed)

From Wikipedia: [above] in popular use in the Roman Republic in the 2nd Century BCE during the latter years of the Punic Wars against Carthage, by the party urging a foreign policy which sought to eliminate any further threat to the Roman Republic from its ancient rival Carthage

MM Online on Penang Umno eager to know more of the ketuanan syiok-ness Ku Nan is currently doling out, probably in his personal preparation for UMNO's pre-election nomination a la 'jaga sendiri dulu', wakakaka.

But then, why target the entire Penang State for conversion into a FT?

  • Pakatan-led state government is setting a good example to Malaysian public and thus showing the bad example in BN type state governments.
  • Above good-bad examples could possibly influence voters in other states.
  • UMNO has given up on Gerakan and/or MCA winning Penang state back for BN.

A la the Kuala Lumpur federal territory in 1974, the ungrateful 'non' voters can be denied having state representations.

Yih Feng & Priya - both Malaysians 'nons'

Only difference is KL is 243 sq km (currently with 11 MPs) while Penang State is over 4 times bigger at 1,031 sq km (currently with 13 MPs and 40 ADUNs).

Conversion of Penang state into a federal territory will straightaway eliminate 40 state constituencies and best of all for UMNO, the disappearance of a Pakatan-led state government a la Carthage. 

Those Pakatan-led bastards will be prevented from showing good example (bloody showoffs) in government and indirectly how BN state governments in the main are hopeless (bloody shit-oafs).

In the 1974 model, galvanised by the 1969 election results for Selangor when the 'nons' won majority votes, UMNO successfully denied the majority 'non' voters in KL from state representations and in turn saved Selangor from non-ketuanan rule.

UMNO can do it again with Penang.

It's not so much Pakatan rule per se there but it's the consequential good-bad examples that bloody state government have been demonstrating and giving bad (to BN) influence to young voters elsewhere.

Nothing personal, but survival of numero uno (namely UMNO) is necessary.

But what about Selangor? There's also a Pakatan-led state government.

Following points persuade UMNO to leave status quo as it is:

  • Selangor had already suffered the loss of two pieces of real estate, the first being the KL region in 1974 as discussed above, and the second in 2001 for far more vital reason, namely, to allow Mahathir to fulfil his Arabian Nights pomposity, wakakaka
  • Selangor in the end is a sultanate state - there is a limit to keep on seizing real estates from HRH's rule before that riles him into losing his patience
  • BN will win back Selangor in GE-14 with help from many quarters by virtue of its current 'centrifugal' composition of the state government (which doings do/will not involve the DAP outsider, wakakaka)

  • Selangor may be richer than Penang but its current state government has not been all that exemplary (as Penang's) as an influential factor to turn voters (gasp, Malay voters?) away from BN

So, could it be because Penang (unlike Selangor) is a non-Sultanate state that it has been targeted?

Think Melaka! Why not target the entire non-sultanate state of Melaka?

Because Melaka is and will still be under UMNO rule "so why break it if it ain't broke?".

And why not also FT-rises Sabah and Sarawak, both being British crown colonies before and now non-sultanate states, though one could argue about the 'de facto' (wakakaka) status of the latter?

Same answer of "... why break it if it ain't broke?" applies. 

Langkawi and Tioman? 

Red Herrings lah! Besides, someone considers Langkawi as his personal project - kowtim him at the same time, wakakaka.


  1. Ku Nan and his lackeys do not have the balls to take the DAP on a level playing field.So,as all cowards do,they are trying to move the goalposts.He should have been born wearing gowns instead of pants.

    1. War has no rules...remember that.

    2. A just war MUST be fought with ethic.

      Otherwise it's no different from massacre!

  2. Why not make all state capital in Peninsula Malaysia FT's?

    In one fell stroke, remove all the nons and opposition MPs and some DUNs from Ipoh, JB, Seremban, etc.

    Anyway for Penang, they must know something that we don't to be able to suggest such a diaboloical plan.

    LGE to be removed as CM at the corruption trial soon? AG has kautim the judges! Without a CM they can FTrise Penang? Maybe FTrise Penang Island only, mainland no problem mah!

    Then UMNO can ride into the sunset and rule forever and ever more!

  3. Hmmm...I'm somewhat agnostic on this Penang FT proposal...

    I don't support it, but I can't say it is totally without merits...
    If its thrown in with Free Port and Off-Shore International Financial Centre status ...who knows ?...

    My view is DAP's record in Penang, especially Lim Guan Eng's is mixed, even after giving due account for BN/UMNO interference and neglect. My key concerns are related environmental degradation and the leadership's hostility towards criticism or any input other than adulation.

    1. I know you and HY hate LGE and the DAP, so anything against them in Penang would be a joy to you both.

      But please tell me, how has Labuan benefited from being a FT? And how is Labuan faring NOW?

    2. is our criticism really that different between bn n dap?

  4. To reiterate what I said "I don't support it, but I can't say it is totally without merits..."

    Typical fanboy response - hostile to any input other than adulation.

    Labuan hasn't done badly.
    In 1970, it was the very definition of a backwater - it was said you could lie down on the main road out of Victoria at noon for 1 minute, and you wouldn't be obstructing any traffic.
    The only public transport to get to Labuan from the mainland Sabah was via an ex-ship's Lifeboat.

    Today Labuan is a multi-billion ringgit hub for Oil and Gas, and the International Financial Centre.
    The place still has its relaxed Tropical Island atmosphere, due to its low population density, but there is serious money flowing through this place.

    The Free Port has made it a desirable international logistics and repair hub for the O&G business without the complication of import/export restrictions and duties.

    The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Labuan was estimated at MYR3.63 billion in 2012. Not bad for a tiny little red dot 1/3 the size of Penang Island, population 97,000.

    Badly affected by the slowdown in the global O&G industry, like every where else, but that is cyclical.

    You should come and smell the air in Malaysia instead of just keyboard punching in Sydney Australia.

    1. and that's why Harris Salleh is currently appealing to Putrajaya to help save Labuan, wakakaka - you just want to kowtim DAP

    2. As I mentioned, Labuan has been badly affected by the Global slowdown in the Oil and Gas Industry.

      However, that is a cyclical economic factor, and does negate the tremendous fundamental benefits Labuan has reaped from being a Federal Territory, Free Port and Offshore Financial Centre.

      Don't write the oil industry will be back strongly sooner than you think.

  5. Rather unfortunate analogy to Carthage, don't you think ?

    The Romans ultimately completely destroyed Carthage, and rendered the once fertile land of Carthage into barren desert, which it remains to this day.

  6. Taking back Penang should not be out of politics. That is Mala fide. But sorting things back to previous status quo as part of Kedah due to nullification of lease terms because the Britishs were all dead here that is Bona Fide.