Monday, February 13, 2017

Lim Kit Siang in wrong company

MM Online - Umno putting crown on DAP to thwart Malay support for opposition (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 — Umno's efforts to portray DAP as the true power of Pakatan Harapan is to dissuade Malay voters from backing the federal opposition, according to political observers.

Academic Ooi Kee Beng said the strategy was a continuation of Malaysia’s decades-old communal politics, adding that it could still be effective despite changes that have made Malaysian society “very complex.”

He added it could also drive the Malay community to overlook current shortcomings of the ruling administration that they might otherwise not have, in a desire to stem the supposed rise of a communal bogeyman.

"The attempt to make the opposition look like a Chinese-run enemy of Malays in general is aimed at pressuring Malays — who wish for politics to be more reflective of their new realities — to stay in line...

"The game is about suppressing dissenting Malay voices, not about the DAP or anything else," the deputy director of Singapore's Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute told Malay Mail Online in an email yesterday.

Lim Kit Siang in his nyanyok obduracy has f**k-ed up DAP kau kau for the coming election vis-a-vis Malay voters.

If he had stay aloof from his old arch-foe Maddy whom he is now 'sleeping' with, UMNO would have a far more difficult chore with Pribumi and PKR on one side and DAP on the other.

Then Najib will probably have to focus on Pribumi-PKR and leave DAP to the attention of MCA and Gerakan, which will then be a breeze for DAP.

But no, Lim Kit Siang shows himself now to be a political slut and worse, drags the DAP into his salacious affairs, probably much to the chagrin of the 'true believers' in the party, people like the sons and daughter and allies of the late Karpal Singh.

I know Uncle Lim KS is 75 now and thus is desperate for a brilliant end to his career, namely, his demolishing of UMNO. I once admired him as much as I admire Karpal Singh.

I still admire the memory of Karpal Singh but alas, I am now more disappointed with Lim Kit Siang who, in the words of my late mum, 'just mixes around with bad bad, real bad company, with only a bad end to such undesirable hanging around'.

Yes, it may be a terrific swansong to LKS' half century of dedicated political life, but alas, one marked in its final phase by an unrealistic obsession, of just destroying an UMNO, by even allying himself with the very man who headed and made the UMNO that LKS considers as evil.

As he is a Christian, let me provide an analogy more recognized by Christians. One cannot destroy Hell by recruiting as an ally in that task, Satan himself. 

LKS talks about 'saving Malaysia' when he means 'destroying UMNO'.

How can one destroy UMNO by recruiting Mahathir?

In the event Pribumi-Pakatan wins GE-14, Mahathir will, as sure as the sun rises in the east, discard DAP as an ally and re-adjust the coalition into Pribumi-PKR-UMNO (with Pribumi dissolved into UMNO Baru Baru).

He has NOT changed, but only camouflaged himself temporarily to get Chinese votes

As Tawfik Ismail (son of the late Tun Dr Ismail and of G25) said of him:

Racial issues only started with Mahathir.

Mahathir used the other races as a scapegoat to unite the Malays.

Malaysia’s increasing “Islamisation” could also be traced back to Dr Mahathir.

Mahathir will never relinquish or destroy, discard, disregard UMNO in the strategic sense. Remember how he behaved during and after the AAB era?

He just wants to destroy Najib for his personal agenda (and thus momentarily UMNO), following which it'll be back to UMNO and UMNO business as usual.

In LKS' unrealistic obsession, he has been selfish, indeed very very selfish (in his over-eagerness to settle political scores for his syiok-ness in his political last inning), ignoring the words, wisdom and wishes of other DAP leaders.

Even his son, Guan Eng, though filial to his father as a Chinese son should, has from time to time showed restraint, reservation and reluctance in his attitude towards Mahathir and his Pribumi.

Thus what more with other DAP leaders like Ramkarpal, Gobind, Sangeet, etc, (though I admit I do not know what has been the principal cause of a rather embarrassing mass exit of Malacca DAP pollies from the party, on the eve of GE-14).

Lim Kit Siang should NOT forget 1999. He gave the excuse he lost in 1999 because he moved to a new constituency, which was bullshit, because then Karpal Singh lost too in his Jelutong seat which Bhai held for 21 years. 

His and Karpal' losses were due to what my late mum said about 'ch'am kar boe ee-ar boe chi chea ay lang' (mixing with bad company).

As Holly Reeves wrote in Asean Today's 
Mahathir hits new low: blaming the Chinese for poor politics is a coward’s way:

But the colour of these statements is clearly yellow 
[meaning anti-Chinese].

They are the position of a coward, hiding his self-interest behind that of the country.

“Here, we have Dr Mahathir creating fear, using race, just to fulfil his political motives. He is not stupid, he is just selfish and opportunistic,” says Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar.

You see, yet again, this is Mahathir twisting facts to try and win points against Prime Minister Najib.

His recent blog posts are rewriting history to say money from overseas which he took was to the country’s benefit, but the new Chinese investment deals his successor has signed are underhand and inappropriate.

“I find that Mahathir and his allies are only talking negative things, most of which are a figment of his imagination and evil thoughts,” adds the Johor region’s monarch bites back in an interview with The Star. 

“I feel sad for him because he had to lower himself to this point. It is okay to disagree but please do not concoct things,” the Sultan added.


  1. UMNO has been trying to paint DAP as the real power in the Opposition since 2008.
    DAP's aggressive tactics in GE13 during 2013 did much to reinforce that perception among Malays, and hurt PKR and PAS electorally.
    No doubt played a role in the PAS decision to totally separate from DAP.

    However, there is totally no logical link between that and Lim Kit Siang's attempt to build bridges with Malay-based parties which are opposed to UMNO.
    The fact is a united opposition makes UMNO's task far more difficult.

    It is the sons of Karpal Singh, with their narrow, ossified, knee jerk mentality against cooperation with Malay-based parties, who are doing much damage to any attempt to build bridges and mitigate the perception that DAP is "Anti-Malay".

    1. contradicted yourself in two paragraphs, wakakaka, you're a real tongue twister

  2. Mixing with bad company is exactly what Ktemoc is doing now with his support for Najib by attacking any and all Najib critics.

    Alas, Ktemoc has forgotten the advice not to sup with the Devil.

    1. and you with maddy, wakakaka

    2. did umno really practising decades old communal politics or did umno merely simply pointing malays to the right stuff brought to u by dap buffoons? I meant even u also posted (scroll up dear) back madey speech up there kan...are u too practicing the old communal politicking?

  3. Sleeping with the enemy and producing lots of frogs,makes frog leg soup very delicious.Way to go,screwing around and one day that tiny prick will produced more frogs then can be consumed.

  4. DAP landed a big frog,but lost four smaller frogs.If those four frogs from Malacca wants to leave,by all means leave.Just do not badmouth the party,or bite the hands that fed you frogs all these years,after leaving.Leave with some dignity left and show some class.

  5. KT, why don't you just write to LKS direct as well as to the party DAP and ask LKS to just shut the f#@* off immediately. I fear what you fear wakakakaka................

    1. even his party members couldn't do anything

  6. I support DS Najib for a better Malaysia. He is not a racist and never used rude words towards other people or races unlike Tun M.

    1. I call out DS Najis as a Racist , because he enable, facilitates and protects racists such as Jamal Ikan Bakar, Ali Tinju and Ismail Sabri.

      To get the true measure of a politician, watch what he Does, Not what he Says.

  7. Just mention LKS name could turn a kenduri into a swearing match. Wakakaka..

  8. UTun's reputation is earned not given. What if after GE14, this is a decoy? The hunter set his trap and the prey is the one next to him like 98Anwar.
    UTun u-turn and declare !!!
    Singlehanded,he saved UMMO BN and destroyed Pakatan. Just recall his moments throughout his tenure in that structure and his reaction May 2013.
    UTun particularly dislike yellow.
    Yet he immerse himself in yellow in recent times just to find a cure for yellow fever.
    GE14 proceed as scheduled.
    BN march into Putrajaya; no further action with mission accomplished.
    If Pakatan gets a shot, then LKS gets screwed. All UTun wanted was to hitch a ride on the yellow cab and he reached his destination.
    How low can he go? To hell and back again into the UMNO he built,on his terms as the power behind the throne.
    No more MDB,RCI and welcome to more investments from the Great Wall.
    Like opium, he crave power.
    LKS and son can have a good rest.
    My imaginations running wild.
    Think about it.

    1. UTun could be the legendary Yellow Emperor, which explains his imperious ways. Perhaps like RTA he disowns his yellow (kinda brown) heritage and yellow love-hate admiration. Lacking confidence in his self, he acts aggressively, deceptively and sneakily. Wakakaka. He will disown the Southern Minnan native because he needs to promote his own dynasty

  9. Why I still respect Mahathir, though I dislike him.

    Dr. Mahathir is a man of many faults, but the fact is Mahathir did a tremendous amount of good for the country.

    Many of those demonising Mahathir now are just defending their source of Dedak from Najis - essentially for their personal benefit.

    I am old enough to have been an adult during the B.M. (before Mahathir era).

    I DON'T see the era Before Mahathir with rose-tinted glasses.

    Malaysia was a backward 3rd World Country, with 3rd World infrastructure and a low level of Capital investment.

    It took 7 hours to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, on a narrow, winding , crowded, often dangerous single-carriageway road that had been built, little changed, since 1915.

    The only way to get to Penang Island was using the ferry. The ferry could only take at most 2 20-footer containers, and No 40-footer containers allowed. That was a major impediment to Penang Island's industrial development , and integration with the mainland.

    Subang airport was a shameful national international airport, bursting at the seams, electrical wiring falling apart.

    Telekom was a government department with Zero concept of customer service. If your phone line broke down...bad luck...

    In small towns, schools were so crowded they resorted to Floating Classes. These were classes which existed on paper, but had no assigned Class Room. School was an unpleasant experience if you were assigned to one of these Floating classes.

    Any businessman from that era will tell you the Malaysian government administration was largely anti-business, laden down with slow-moving regulations. It took 1 month to make an international passport, and you had to queue up at 6.00 am in the morning.

    Foreign investors were largely unwelcome. Except for a few small Free Trade Zones in Klang Valley and Penang, foreign direct investors must have local Bumi partners.

    Eventually solutions were found for most of those problems - and the single most significant person who pushed those solutions was Mahathir.

  10. Every Premier in their tenure will attempt to facelift infrastructure sore to their sight. Later Premiers tried to undo his done.
    Must have been embarassing for him to visit schools as Education Minister, so start pasting schools with concrete paint.
    Perhaps, the only memorable legacy is to replace the trunk road with a central concrete canal from South to North.
    So much funds from Petron and Looking East,nothing spectacular about those concrete towers which might have been his palace in the sky.
    All the grandeur tumbled when a Soros sting burst the bubble. The citizens suddenly, unrealised paupers.
    On hindsight, we are living in the creator's mould.The rich trade exchange of online garbage is a direct reflection of the dismantled status.
    Neither here nor there, our tinted Yellow Emperor is better remembered if he tends to his stable of horses.