Sunday, February 12, 2017

Unexpectedly halal, but maybe not

Pig bristle paintbrush - haram

Non-halal certified birthday cake - haram

Auntie Annie pretzel dog - haram

S-adbury (wakakaka) - haram

Root beer - haram

Toblerone - haram

Non-Muslim organs - halal

See MM Online - Health Ministry: No halal or non-halal organ donors (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 12 — Organ donors are not segregated by religion or other social criteria, the Health Ministry said today in response to a local entertainer who asked if they should be indicated as Muslims or non-Muslims.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah explained that organs harvested from donors were distributed solely on clinical criteria, such as waiting times and suitability between donors and recipients.

“Organ allocations are not based on race, religion, background, social standing and others,” Dr Noor Hisham said in a statement.

“This means that there is a possibility that organs donated by non-Muslims will be given to Muslims and vice-versa. The same goes for blood donations and transfusions.

He also attached two edicts from the Muzakarah National Fatwa Committee Council in Islamic Affairs, one which said heart and eye donations were “harus” (encouraged) while the other said there was no need to differentiate between Muslim and non-Muslim blood.

Dr Noor Hisham was referring to a video by controversial entertainer Wee Meng Chee or Namewee, in which the latter questioned if his donor card should carry an indication that he was not a Muslim.

In the video apparently mocking the recent enforcement against pig-bristle brushes, Wee said he wanted to avoid situations where he could be posthumously prosecuted in the event his “non-halal” organs are given to Muslims.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we live our multiracial lives like above, where it doesn't matter whether we are Muslim Malaysians or non-Muslim Malaysians.

But wait.

From Quora: The subject of organ donation is one of the more controversial topics in modern fiqh. There are multiple opinions on it (and there are nuances and special cases that also come up). The two main schools are: 

  • Generally the mutilation of a dead body is prohibited, but based on the legal maxim that necessity dictates exceptions some scholars have ruled - in cases where it is life or death - that organ donation is permissible to save another life. They frequently quote: "And whoever saves one life it is as if he had saved mankind entirely" [Surat Al-Ma'idah 5:32]
  • Another opinion is that the sacredness of the body after death is resolute and can not be violated since transplants may not work and thus it is not clear it will necessarily save a life.

Whatever it may be I personally know that more Malays (Muslims) donate blood than Chinese, and I don't mean by default of Malaysia's population.


  1. Blood transfusion and organ donation from ALL and to ALL meets one of the doctrines of Islam - the preserving of life.

    “There is nothing which does not glorify Him with praise but you do not understand their glorification.”~ Al Qur'an 17:44

    There is nothing means ALL and it means each and everyone of us.

    Thus, there  isn't an atom in our body that does not praise Allah... but we, you and me, cannot hear nor understand it.

  2. Halal or non halal?Gomen officials,from ministers to low level officers,especially those that have traveled overseas,at one time or another,never tasted liquor,gambled in casinos or go looking for pussies?Corruption is halal?Having mistresses younger than their grand daughters is halal?If so,then go screw the Arabian camels.Arabian camels are certified halal.

  3. this is about the consumption of crocodile meat. terdapat dua fatwa, satu kata halal & satu lagi kata haram. yg kata haram tu kenapa tidak haramkan juga kulit buaya yg dijadikan beg, kasut, talipinggang dll. ini baru lah konsisten dgn pengharaman kulit & bulu babi.

  4. This year is 2017,the year of the "Rooster".People in this world are civilized.Muslims including other religions are no longer backwards and looking forward to the reality of the new world.

    If Muslims,Jews and other religious groups are worried about the organs used in transplants,food,drinks or pussies they consumed,then,they better bring along their kitchen cabinets,washer dryers and sex dolls when they travel.

    Or better,stop complaining,shut the fuck up and stay home.If Muslims go to Europe,especially the rich Arabs,they want to stay in five star hotels,or their luxurious homes there.They want to party and enjoy hard liquor,white pussies and gamble in casinos.Why nobody go bother them over there.

    Our neighbor,Indonesia,the largest Muslim country on this planet,do not go raiding nightclubs,massage parlors and hen-houses.If they do,they will have to build tens of dozens of football size detention centers to house these potential inmates.

    1. in indonesia except the aceh province, there's only a family law.


  5. Whatever it may be I personally know that more Nons (the non halal CinaBengs) donate organs than Melayu, and I don't mean by default of Malaysia's population.


    1. it's true. non-Muslims are more willing to donate organs (when one is dead, f**k it baby, but most Muslims do not want to "desecrate" their bodies) while Muslims are more willing to do so with blood (Chinese can be educated to do more in this area)

    2. Like some zombie mentioned in another blog:

      Walaupun Melayu miskin di dunia ini , mereka akan kaya di akhirat kelak . Org kapir kaya di dunia tapi masuk neraka jahanam di akhirat . Tuhan Arab maha adil.

      These zombies r more interested about the conditions of 'life' after the real life annoted by Tuhan Arab!

      & They want to 'enjoy' that hereafter 'promise' with a wholesome body, without any possible onsetting of decaying. Thus the early buried by avoiding the "desecration" of the body!

      Other's bolih ambil if it saves their life. To give to save others is desecration!

      The most superficial part is touch not bcoz of haram. But when self life is involved, every other ambiguous phrases in the Book r encored to justify the takes!

      What a munafik. The Allah will be peace on His judgement for these zombies.

      Wakakakaka....Talk about putridity of the brain!

    3. CK, each day you get more vile, wakakaka

    4. No....I just DONT buy all yr political-correctness for whatsoever logic, udang or dedak!!!

  6. I used to have a Malay friend,who always like to joined us out for late supper.At hawker stalls,when it is time to order,he always asked me to order 'char kueh teow' for him,with extra 'bak iu phok'.Even my Malay friend,whom I have lost touch for the last two decades,knows how to appreciate Chinese food.Go figure.

    1. bruno matey, don't you know that bah eu p'oh is the essence of life? nons' lives anyway, wakakaka

  7. You are what you eat, and What you Eat, you Are, as dieticians say.

    Some traditional Chinese eat pork all day, for Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks, Dinner and Supper.

    You could smell the pork in their breath from a mile away.....

    Frankly, I can understand some Muslims being leery about organ transplants from such individuals.........wakakakkaaa...

    1. germans eat pork all day, so do Aussies and yanks - while muslims eat lembu, kambing and camels

  8. From my visits to Australia, I see them eat more beef and lamb than they do pork.
    In fact, some of the Australians I met hardly eat any pork at all.

    Germans historically have the highest level of pork consumption in Europe, but this may soon be falling as Germany has the fastest growing Muslim population in Europe, and a fundamentalist, conservative population at that.

  9. On the question of organ transplant, replacement of heart valves from pig's has been tried and are reasonably successful. (Apparently, pig's DNA is quite close to human's.) I wonder how halal/haram that is for the Muslim patient.

    1. If the experts have issued a statement that no other material other than a pig heart valve as the best alternative to replace human heart valves, based on the views of Islamic scholars, it is fair and should to be used.

    2. The expert said teach them to fish not give them the fish but what you people demand? So much rhetoric, the bottom line principle is still what it suit you!

    3. An actual case which related to me by a government hospital pharmacist.

      A patient was suffering from a relatively rare illness, just about a few hundred recorded patients in the whole of Malaysia, some tens of thousands in the entire world.
      There are medicine available for treatment, but the only available sources contain porcine (pig) protein.
      The Ministry of Health simply avoided the Halal issue by not carrying the medicine.

      The patient was given a prescription and told to buy it from commercial pharmacists. Due to it being a relatively rare illness, the medicine is costly, some RM 700 for 1 month supply.
      The patient is a Malay. I believe the pain and suffering from his illness overrides any concerns on Halal / Haram from the porcine protein the medicine contains.

      What about for non-Muslim patients ? Doesn't the government's blanket refusal to carry the medicine amount to discrimination against them ?

    4. No need experts,!!

      Revert back to the very 1st word of Quran - READ.

      Read, understand & adapt for change.

      Keep looking back to the past for solutions rigidly in that book IS a sure dead end!!!