Sunday, May 14, 2006

Israel 12-letter magic mantra!

Why does USA consider Iran as its Enemy No 1? Why does it want to threaten Iran with attacks and war when its own Intelligence apparatus tells its top officials that Iran is, like Iraq was, still 10 years away from achieving its nuclear bomb? Indeed why did the US attack, invade and occupy a WMD-less Iraq when most of Saddam Hussein's oil was flowing to the US?

Why has the USA stupidly imperilled its interest in the Gulf by bully boy tactics that have even revolted its allies and Gulf States clients? Why has the Americans punished in the most disgraceful and sinful manner the ONLY Arab entity capable of democratically holding a free election and voting in a government of the people’s choice, without outside interference or involvement?

The answer to all the above questions is in one word of two syllables – ISRAEL!

You guys think it’s the usual KTemoc rant? Well, two American political scientists, John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government conducted an academic study on the powerful ‘Israel lobby’ and its influence in American Middle East policies.

Their study showed that the US has been even willing to set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of a foreign state, namely Israel, indicating that the Israel lobby has managed to convince or, as KTemoc would put it, con Americans into believing that US interests and those of Israel are essentially identical, when they are not.

I feel vindicated by my analyses of blatantly stupid US policies and actions in the Middle East including the current persecution of a democratically elected Hamas-led Palestinian Authority. Those policies and actions look stupid because they don't serve US interests. Now, we have confirmation from two top notch US academicians that they served instead Israeli interests.

Mearsheimer and Walt argued that the Israel lobby has every right to pursue its interests in the political arena and through the media. However, they also note that one of the most powerful weapons against honest debate is the perennial accusation of anti-Semitism.

This has been exactly what KTemoc had commented about the Israelis and Zionists always using their 12-letter magic formula whenever anyone criticises them – “anti-Semitism”.

The West is so sh*t scared of being termed anti-Semitic that they keep their mouths shut tight even when Israeli military or extremist settlers blatantly run amok in their brutalisation and victimisation of Palestinians. Palestine today is the
Bantustan of Israeli creation, thus making Israel akin to the former white supremacist Soth Africans, whom incidentally Israel had very close ties – yes, the so-call Children of the Holocaust had close ties and dealings with white Aryan supremacists.

Mearsheimer and Walt’s very carefully reasoned study concluded that the USA, by blindly supporting Israel's agenda, in its brutal occupation of and desire for war against Iraq and Iran, has aided an aggressor state, namely Israel, in the heart of the Middle East.

The US policy, very much against US interest, has been underpinned by a loose affiliation of journalists, politicians and lobbyists (guess who). And has it been any wonder when you consider the number of Zionists in the Bush Administration.

The stark and tragic truth for the American people is that more than 2400 young Americans had died in Iraq for another nation's interests, because of US' blind support of Israeli strategic agenda, to enervate or colonise its two greatest threats, Iraq and Iran.

As an example of the US Administration being staffed by Zionists, Donald Rumsfeld’s deputy Donald Feith is a 100% proof ardent Zionist. His mentor was professor Richard Pipes, a European Jew migrant and the father of Daniel Pipes, also an academician known as his rabidly anti-Arab attitude.

According to the Washington newsletter, The Nelson Report, Feith was standing in for Rumsfeld at a 2003 interagency 'Principals' Meeting' debating the Middle East, and ended his remarks on behalf of the Pentagon. Condoleeza Rice, then-National Security Advisor said: "Thanks Doug, but when we want the Israeli position we'll invite the ambassador."

That’s how deep, right throughout the top strata of Bush Administration the Zionists have penetrated the US policy making apparatus. Just google to see how many Jews are there in the Bush Administration and you’ll be shocked when you consider the Jews are only less than 2% of the American population. But just bear in mind and be fair, not all Jews are Zionists – in fact many are true blue Americans.

Well, needless to say, such frank talk by Mearsheimer and Walt has not been welcomed by the pro-Israeli and Zionist lobbies. In fact it has created a political storm in the US, such is the power of the Zionists.

For a start, their article which had already been accepted was subsequently rejected by The Atlantic Monthly – the publishers ran out of ‘balls’. The two had to take it across the Atlantic (ocean, not the monthly journal) for their study to be published in the
London Review of Books.

The extraordinary reaction to the Mearsheimer-Walt article suggests that anything about Israel will face a howl of anti-Semitism. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has labelled the authors bigots, and very disappointly for a professor, had resorted to the grubby by comparing their serious study with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The irony is Dershowitz was well known in the US as a fighter for human rights, but he’s that no more. His revealed his true colours and abandoned his so-called reputation as a free-speech advocate or human rights.

Needless to say, the right wing American Enterprise Institute's resident scholar Michael Ledeen cried the same ‘anti-Semitic’ mantra, and called for donors to cease granting funds to the two professors' university departments. Harvard University has removed its logo from the web version of the study. Overwhelmingly hostile commentary has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The New York Sun, Los Angeles Times and The Boston Globe. Hail USA, bastion of free speech. Same bully boy approach as the current punishment of the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, over in Britain, the Financial Times in Britain has described the debate on US-Israel relations as overdue and defended the academic thesis. LRB editor Mary-Kay Wilmers told Britain's The Observer that, being Jewish, she is very alert to anti-Semitism,
"and I do not think criticising US foreign policy, or Israel's way of going about influencing it, is anti-Semitic".

And then ironically in Israel, Daniel Levy, a former prime ministerial adviser in Israel, writes in (left wing) Haaretz that
"defending the occupation has done to the American pro-Israel community what living as an occupier has done to Israel - muddied both its moral compass and its rational self-interest".

As the author of this news article Antony Loewenstein said:
“Public debate on the subject is routinely curtailed by intimidation and slander initiated by the Zionist lobby. In a healthy democracy, Israel's policies should not be immune to criticism. However, this seems to be the status quo: Israel remains a blind spot of the US administration.”

“Take the example of US Jewish historian Norman Finkelstein. His recent book, Beyond Chutzpah, alleges that Dershowitz [yes, that so-called human right rights law professor from Havard] lifted some passages in his work The Case for Israel from another book, From Time Immemorial, and challenges the Harvard professor's claims about Israel's outstanding human rights record."

"Dershowitz, well known in the US as a fighter for human rights, attempted to prevent publication of the book, even urging California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to intervene and demand that Finkelstein's publisher, the University of California Press, abandon the project. This supposed free-speech advocate appears to believe some subjects are beyond debate.”

"Mearsheimer and Walt are merely calling for an appraisal of a key US relationship that has remained a no-go zone for too long.”


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  1. Hi thanks for an interesting post (amongst others on your blog), though I do think you overstate the case somewhat. There are clear American interests inherent in controlling their oil supply, containing Iran, etc.
    You didn't mention one way in which the interests of the American 'Religious right' (a important constituency for Bush) and the Zionists come together. Christians who follow the creed of dispensationalism believe that Biblical Israel needs to be occupied by Jews to enable the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (some of them are known as 'Christian Zionists').
    I blogged a bit on it here
    (dunno if my attempt at html will work...

  2. One can never overstate a case about the US fighting a proxy war for another nation, while killing innocents.

    As for the Christian Right being the principal backer of Israel because of religious reasons I have blogged extensively on that, scattered in the two blogsites I write for.

    A couple of light samples that I could recall for your perusal: