Friday, May 19, 2006

Malaysian Ladies for Mt Everest

Couple of days ago PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced Project Everest 2007 which will see Malaysian women climb the world’s highest mountain. He announced a RM 1.4 million funding for the project - probably money saved from the fuel subsidy and cancellation of the scenic bridge.

25-year old Marina Ahmad and 5 other ladies will attempt the climb in March next year in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th anniversary.

And going with the ladies will be PKN boss Khalid Yunus, hero of Negara Everest 2004 Ahmad Reduan Rozali, Head of Everest Climb 2004 Muhammad Fauzan Hasan, Ahmad Fakhri Abu Samah and Idris Said.

PM with Project Everest 2007 members - (L to R) Marina Ahmad, Muhammad Fauzan Hasan, Khalid Yunus, Idris Said, Ahmad Reduan Rozali & Ahmad Fakhri Abu Samah - photo by Halim Khalid of Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia which reported the launch of the project has been appointed as the official media for the project. The PM provided some pep talk blah blah blah and finally said:

“Bangsa kita hendak menjadi bangsa besar memerlukan kekuatan yang besar dan keupayaan yang tiada tandingannya.''

Very very loose translation: “Our race shall be a race which requires challenging activities that call on our incomparable ability”.

The problem with the Malay word ‘bangsa’ (race) is that we Malaysians sometimes aren’t too sure whether it means the Malaysian or Malay race?

But I wish the hikers a safe journey and all the success, and am especially glad no one had suggested any silly idea like tasking the climbers to drape the mountain with a gigantic Malaysian flag a la the pyramid fiasco.

(1) Tottering Malaysians?
(2) No Pyramid for Tottering Malaysians


  1. Bangsa? Normally it means the latter one.

    Others? They are not 'bangsa'. Maybe the 'p' or 'a' world, if yo know what I mean.

  2. Error: 'p' or 'a' WORD, not 'world'. :)

  3. In this case, the tudungs and burqas are just the most appropriate attire.

    ...the only thing is, how do you know if all the women are indeed 'women' inside all those air-tight shells?

    Might be Malaysia's secretly trained monkeys which has years of experience plucking coconuts.

    and another thing, make sure the Sherpas which will be assisting them are mountain goats. We can't risk male sherpa guides peeking at our Malaysia Puteris.

  4. Do you have a production team documenting this on film?
    This might be your answer