Thursday, May 18, 2006

Humpty Dumpty Bit Hands That Fed Him

Amazingly, or on second thoughts, maybe not, Humpty Dumpty has turned on his old master, obviously in a shameless effort to brown-nose his new master.

Today HD – that’s Humpty Dumpty - criticised Dr Mahathir in the Tamil daily Makkal Osai for doing buggerall for the Indian Malaysian community under the previous Eighth Malaysia Plan (8MP). He grumbled that the old man gave a thousand promises but in the end it was still eeleh (zilch!)

Here’s the brown paint job - HD said he was confident that PM Abdullah Badawi would keep his word and deliver the promises made to the community under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).

Remember, HD used to croon praises of Dr Mahathir too? Bet you if Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM tomorrow, he'll be singing his way into the heart of Anwar, and in Hindi instead of Tamil, for Anwar is reputed to love Hindi musical movies.

HD also threatened (who?) that the MIC will make noise and demand for it if the Indian community does not get what has been promised under the 9MP. Well, that’s hardly any comfort to the Indians as the MIC is only good for making noises and fools of themselves.

BTW, what has been promised for the most marginalised community in our society, the poor Indians?

HD claimed he had suggested to the government that a special quarter be set up to monitor what was being received by the community, to which the Prime Minister’s Department had responded by assigning an official to look into the problems faced by the community.

Look into the problems only?

According to HD, Abdullah Badawi has instructed all issues pertaining to the Indian community be discussed with the MIC first. Hahaha!

Here's big-headed Humpty Dumpty all these years as President of the MIC, with the Indian community getting deeper and deeper into the dark depth of destitution, desperation and despair, and he's boasting about the MIC being consulted on issues pertaining to Indians. See my posting
The Toddy Syndrome.

A Malaysiakini reader wrote in the Vox Populi column and asked: "The recent demolition of three Hindu temples in the Klang Valley is a good example. Where was the MIC when these dastardly acts were taking place?"

Indeed - where was the Humpty Dumpty and the MIC?

OK, you choose which of following nursery rhymes you prefer:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty said Mahathir did f**kall.
All Humpty can do as Badawi’s man
Couldn't put the Indians together again.


  1. This is the sad state of affairs in Malaysian politics. This is also the reasons why people generally don't trust politicians.

    You have written on a good example. Another example is the crooked bridge. Essentially same cabinet but vastly different reactions to the scrapping of the bridge. In Sarawak elections, people are now criticising Anwar for things he did not do when he was in power.

    With politicians like that who needs an opposition. No principles at all. Cosy up to whoever will forward your agenda.

    That is why I have much respect for Musa Hitam. When he had a fall out with Mahathir, he gracefully step aside. He never setup another party and criticise UMNO or Mahathir. He may have problems with Mahathir but not with UMNO's principles. This what we want in our leaders - people with principles, now people with own agenda. That is why Semangat 46 doesn't appeal to the people. One day you criticise UMNO the next day you join UMNO. Nampaknya takda semangat langsung!

  2. Aahh... you mean this guy. Yup, the resiliant hair, I mean, man of steel. Or steal, depending on which dictionarary you use.

    I don't mean to sound racist (because I really am not), but Malaysian Indians (especially their politicians) seem to have this knack for bending with the wind very well, accommodating whatever political climate we may be experiencing at a given time. They may feel otherwise in private, but outwardly is another story.

    Our good 'ol Uncle Sam is the epitome of this observation...

  3. I call him HD because all his 'things' like MRR2 and Parliament House and roads have all 'had great falls' and all the king's kudas and men couldn't patch them up, unless the public cough up by the billions.