Friday, May 19, 2006

Anwar Ibrahim - More Baggage!

The Star Online reported that 10 years ago, when Anwar Ibrahim was at the height of his power as UMNO and the nation’s No 2 bloke, he chewed up the opposition candidates for 'wasting their time' contesting in Sarawak.

Unfortunately for him, that statement has come back to haunt him as one more of his baggage with the UMNO tag, because he is now in the opposition. But I doubt he would take his own advice ;-)

But Anwar being Anwar, as in Pengkalan Pasir he has once again become a magnet for drawing in the crowd. His greatest gift has been and still is his oratory skill, with which he campaigned with eloquent and sarcastic speeches.

Naturally, quite the reverse of his 1996 actions, he now criticises instead the BN for alleged excessive spending and corruption. He announced with a straight face, against his own former ministerial decision: “Higher oil royalty should be given to Sarawak.”

Oops, another piece of his embarrassing UMNO-Finance Minister baggage has tumbled down with a thud! One thing's for sure, a politician has to have thick skin, and Anwar certainly has that, deodorant-ise with the promising fragrance of reformasi.

I wonder whether the crowds would vote differently when they go to the polling booths, as they had in Pengkalan Pasir. That would make CM Taib's assessment of Anwar Ibrahim as mere entertainment for Sarawakians come true. And we mustn't forget the hantus could be worse in Sarawak.

Despite my lack of fondness or respect for Anwar Ibrahim, I do hope PKR wins the 5 seats they are aiming for. It’ll give the BN a good shake up for their complacency. But more importantly it’ll keep the party alive, because if PKR doesn’t win anything it’s as good as finished.

But I wonder why the affable Dr Syed Husin isn’t campaigning. I would like to see more of this gentleman.

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