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'The Holocaust Industry' - a tale of sinister ethnic supremacy & evil hypocrisy

A Jewish historian, Professor Norman Finkelstein of the University of New York, himself the son of Nazi concentration camp survivors, believes that the Holocaust tragedy has been exploitatively overdone and unscrupulously manufactured into an industry to exploit Western guilt.

He has written a book The Holocaust Industry which showed that the current interpretation of the Holocaust has been deliberately devised by American Jewish groups for purposes of ethnic supremacy, political advantage and financial gain. He said:

"Since the late 1960s, there has developed a kind of Holocaust industry which has made a cult of the Nazi Holocaust. And the purpose of this industry is, in my view, ethnic aggrandisement - in particular, to deflect criticism of the State of Israel and to deflect criticism of Jews generally."

KTemoc comment: Professor, we all knew that, except coming from you, a son of Holocaust parents, it won’t sound anti-Semitic. In fact, one Jew who read your book has this to say:

"I am an American Jew, and no, I don't "hate myself" or hate my ethnic heritage. I am proud of my Jewish heritage. I feel all Jews should read this book and give serious thought to it. ........ many Jews unfortunately feel that this tremendous suffering [Holocaust] confers upon them some kind of moral blank cheque for whatever political or financial purposes they see fit - kicking Palestinians out of their homes, for example ..."

The professor continued: “In more recent years, the Holocaust industry has effectively turned into a shake-down racket in which more and more countries throughout Europe are being bludgeoned into coughing up compensation.”

KTemoc comment: Not just mere financial compensation, Prof, the Israelis and their lobbies in the USA and Europe use Western guilt over the Holocaust to keep the Western nations' mouths shut as Israel persecutes, oppresses and steals from the Palestinians. That’s why today the rightful owner of the land are being treated in the same way as the Nazis had treated Polish Jews and the neo-Nazi white supremacist South Africans had treated the black Africans.

Even Palestinian statehood is dependent on the say so of the intruder of Palestinian land. The West in general [with some brave exceptions] has remain shamefully silent over the Israeli neo-colonial subjugation of Palestinians.

In this regard, another reader of the Holocaust Industry said: "I recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Finkelstein give a lecture regarding Israel's brutal policy towards the Palestinians. What impressed me the most about this inspiring Jewish professor was his willingness, indeed his sense of duty, to challenge the dishonest and racist attitudes of his Zionist counterparts, by speaking the truth about Israel."

"... Why does Israel downplay the large numbers of gypsies that were killed in the Holocaust alongside the Jews? Why did many Zionists actually praise the fascist campaigns of racial segregation during Hitler's rise to power? [See Israel Shahak's book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion for irrefutable documentation of this fact]. Why did Israel support the apartheid of South Africa? Why is it that Israel holds the entire world guilty for turning the other cheek Holocaust, when Israel itself turns its back on the genocides of today? ... Is this not a case of the most deplorable form of hypocrisy?"

Prof Finkelstein continued: “There is something slightly absurd - if not laughable - about the fact that the United States should erect a museum to the Nazi Holocaust, but not, for example, erect a museum to commemorate the African-American slavery or the extermination of the native population.”

KTemoc comment: Hmmm, what does America has to say about this? Mind you, the Holocaust had been principally a European fault while the genocide of American natives and the evil slavery of Africans have been white American doings.

Besides, we all know how the American fundamentalist Christians are so enamoured of the Israelis because of the importance of the Holy Land in their beliefs. Some of their crackpots even attribued the devastation of Hurricane Katrina as God's punishment of America for the sins of President Bush in not doing anything about Ariel Sharon's decision to get out of a difficult Gaza. See my previous postings:

(1) US Christians believe God Kills Americans for Israel.

(2) Israeli Rabbi Casts Racist Slur on Katrina's Black Victims.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

"It was God's retribution. God does not shortchange anyone. He (Bush) perpetrated the expulsion (of Jews from Gaza). Now everyone is mad at him. This is his punishment for what he did to Gush Katif, and everyone else who did as he told them, their time will come, too."
"The Goyim* were only created to serve us. If that wasn't the case they [Goyim] would have no place in the world."

"... Jews earn eternal life in the days of the messiah. Goyim don’t. Like all people, they must die. But they earn long life. Why? Think about someone’s donkey. If it dies, he loses it, the money. The same with a servant [or "the one who serves you"]. You also lose money [when he dies]. That’s why Goyim are given long life so they may work well for the Jews."

"... Why do Goyim exist? So that they work [for Jews]. They thresh, they plant, they harvest, while we [Jews] sit like effendi and eat [our fill]. That’s why Goyim were created."

* the free dictionary tells us that goyim is 'used as a disparaging term for one who is not a Jew.'

In his book Professor Finkelstein warned that 'The Holocaust Industry' will be a greater threat than Holocaust deniers to the memory of the Holocaust tragedy. In this warning please read my posting on 01 August last year, tiltled Nathan a.k.a Pope Benedict blasted King David a.k.a Israel.

The professor accused the Holocaust exploiters of telling lies and of naked greed. He advised that the ruthless exploitation of the Jewish tragedy may have a backlash and revive anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States.

Finkelstein said: "I do care about the memory of my family's persecution. The current campaign of the Holocaust industry to extort money from Europe in the name of 'needy Holocaust victims' has shrunk the moral stature of their martyrdom to that of a Monte Carlo casino."

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