Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One Born Every Minute

A sad case of sheer utter gullibility.

A 41-year old woman paid a so-called medium between RM20 to 50 each time he exorcised evil spirits from her body.

The scoundrel, calling himself a living personification of the 9th Emperor of the Kingdom of God had told her that her financial and domestic problems were the result of being possessed by evil spirits.

His Divine Presence claimed he would rid her of the evil spirits by bonking the poor superstitious woman, not once but 51 times over a period. The victim had sex with the 52-year-old medium once a week for the past seven months.

I am not sure of the mathematics here because 4 weeks per month = 28 in 7, say, round up to 30, and there's still an unaccountable 21. And I wonder who had been keeping count?

But when the equally gullible husband found that she was taking contraceptive pills, he woke up to the fact that the 'God' who had even daringly moved in with them was having his evil ways rather than meting out divine treatment for his spouse.

Let me tell you this is a fairly common story and the unfortunate woman is not the only gullible Malaysian around when it comes to such cases. I blogged on this in Charmed or Chong-ed? in April last year over at BolehTalk.

For more details of the 9th Emperor arseh*le, read here and here.

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