Sunday, May 28, 2006

Royal Malaysian Police Warns UMNO!

In one of the most amazing and unprecedented episode of our nation’s history the Royal Malaysian Police is OPENLY threatening the government, or UMNO (these two terms are synonymnous anyway).

In a special edition of an internal bulletin Berita Bukit Aman, the police [or, to be more precise, its top level management] attacked the IPCMC as ‘unconstitutional, prejudicial to national security and public order, can cause a state of anarchy and undermines the ruling coalition’s power’.

Did you get the last bit?

Yes, that bit when the police warned (UMNO) that the IPCMC will undermine the ruling coalition’s power.

In fact, it presented 9 points why the IPCMC must be opposed, with its 3rd point as:

Undermines the ruling coalition’s power.

The Royal Malaysian Police has come out openly to tell everyone, and be damn with the rest, that it is a police force for UMNO, to ensure UMNO stays in power.

And in case UMNO politicians are still hesitant, the Berita Bukit Aman warns that if the IPCMC is established, the police force will vote for the opposition in the next general election, and turn to the opposition (meaning either PKR or PAS, because it won’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting that from the DAP) to ask them to fight for police rights.

But more worrying and threatening, Association of Gazetted Senior Police’s head ACP Jamaludin Khalid Jamaludin said in the bulletin that police top brass will resign en bloc, policemen will refuse to work overtime and demand for an eight-hour five-day working week, should the IPCMC be established.

The police is an ‘essential service’ and under legislative arrangements, like all ‘essential services’, cannot go on strike or work to rule.

What the Royal Malaysian Police has now say is as good as “We are a mercenary force employed by UMNO to do its bidding. If UMNO doesn’t look after us, just like dissatisfied mercenary forces in history we can turn on our employers.”

If the PM, also in his capacity as Internal Security Minister, doesn’t sack the IGP and the top layer of two of senior police officers within the next 3 days, our worst nightmare will begin (if it has not already). If the police gets away with such an open threat to a legitimately elected government, soon we will be like what our neighbours were once, ruled by the Police (or Armed Forces).

PM Abdullah Badawi and his own descendants, and those of other UMNO politicians, will be under the future rule of the Police.


  1. well, many people already believe bolehland is a police state, so what else is new.

    if such a warning was given to UMNO from the police, then habislah the IPCMC. we won't ever see the daylight of IPCMC.

  2. Lucia, the police is running scared of the IPCMC because of too many skeletons in its cupboard. It has now even dropped all pretence of being an impartial public security apparatus, in its warning to UMNO that it, the Royal Malaysian Police, will be so hamstrung by the IPCMC to the extent it cannot help BN retain power.

    What an amazing yet disgraceful relevation that it's OPENLY admitting to what everyone already knows, the RMP is there to ensure UMNO remains in power, with a very blatant "you scratch my police back, and we, the police, will scratch your UMNO back".

    Then it bares its fangs and threatens to vote for PKR or PAS if UMNO still doesn't want to play ball. I'll blog further on my thoughts on this unmitigated police behaviour.

  3. This is indeed shocking (in the social responsibility sense), although personally not surprising.

    This is also an opportune time for the PM to establish who's the boss, as you've rightly pointed out.

    The outcome of this latest development will answer, once and for all (at least in my mind), whose interest the Government is really out to uphold - the peoples' or their own hides.

    Always the optimist, I am praying for the former. The cynical and more down-to-earth side, sadly, says otherwise.

    This is a time for prayer (through whichever path to God you happen to choose) that the righteous decision is made, and not the self-righteous one.