Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brazil's 'Night of Baghdad'

Brazil’s Sao Paulo, the world's third largest city, is famous for its coffee. But it’s also home to about 130,000 of the country's 360,000 prisoners. It is also the control centre for drug trafficking and a transit point for cocaine destined for Africa and Europe as well as the domestic market.

Anarchy has reigned over this city as drug traffickers launched 100 separate but co-ordinated attacks on police, leaving at least 50 people dead, of which 35 had been policemen.

Bands of criminals brandishing hand grenades and automatic weapons swept across the city, shooting members of the security forces. At least two bystanders died in the crossfire. Simultaneously rebellions broke out in 51 of the state's jails, where more than 240 guards were being held hostage on Sunday.

The violence was so furious that government officials described the attacks as a night of Baghdad. It is sad to see the tragic violence faced by the Iraqi people entering American lexicon in such a terrible example, thanks to George Bush and his neo-cons.

The Governor of Sao Paulo, Claudio Lembo, blamed the attacks on a drug faction known as the First Command of the Capital.

The city's First Command? Bloody cheeky!

Founded in 1993 by prisoners at the Taubate Penitentiary in Sao Paulo, it is one of the country's most powerful gangs. I propose they be sent to Washington to support President Bush who runs US Middle East policies with an equal gang of hoodlums.

Now the people of Sao Paulo await another wave of violence as they expect security forces to launch revenge attacks.

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