Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yogya - Over 3000 dead

The death toll from Yogya's earthquake continues to rise, and will further when bodies have been recovered from behind collapsed buildings and other rubble. The latest official figure at midnight Malaysian time was 3002.

The worst hit area has been Bantul town and the surrounding area, about 25 kilometres from Yogyakarta city. The Bantul region accounts for more than 2,000 of the people who have died.

The following describes the horrors, fears and heartbreaks of the residents:

"It's pitch dark. We have to use candles and we are sitting outside now. We are too scared to sleep inside. The radio keeps saying there will be more quakes. We still feel the tremors."

"Everything is destroyed here. My house is in ruins, all houses are ruined … I have a neighbour whose 11 family members were killed instantly."

"I lost my father, aunt and niece, but I can't confirm the rest because I can't get hold of them."

"Oh my God, where is the doctor, where is the doctor?"

"My daughter here was buried under the rubble. We got her out, but we could not save my other daughter ... it was just horrible."

photo credits - Sydney Morning Herald, & al Jazeera

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