Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nazri to Mahathir: "Time to Shut Up"

Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, undoubtedly set loose by his boss, told Parliament:

“My cabinet colleagues’ and my hope is that Tun [Dr Mahathir] will fulfil his promise to us that he will not intervene in government affairs when he is retired.”

“Advise us but when there are repeated open criticisms made by Tun, this is seen as an attempt to undermine the present government - a government which is a continuity from Tun himself.”

He was telling Mahathir to stop criticising the government’s decision to abandon the controversial half-bridge project.

What has been worrying about PM Abdullah Badawi is that he’s no different from Dr Mahathir – possessing a wafer thin tolerance threshold. If he can tell Mahathir to shut up, what hope is there for us?

Hey folks, I know you guys hate Mahathir, but whatever happened to Voltaire’s famous statement?

Remember PM Abdullah Badawi had shown impatience when there were criticisms of his decision to raise the price of fuel? While I supported his decision I find it appalling an elected representative had behaved like a maharajah in showing signs of an intolerant attitude towards public criticism.

Then there was his annoyed shrug-off of comments about his 9th Malaysia Plan.

Abdullah Badawi has indicated his lack of understanding about democracy. He may be the PM, but he needs to remember he was elected by the Malaysian people.

He also needs to be reminded that even the hereditary king of Nepal has to succumb to the will of the people. Admittedly in Malaysia we are still some way from flexing the public muscle. The ruling party has the police and military behind it to lend it the brute authority to ignore us.

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  1. You must remember that a dog will wag its tail when it see its master. It won't be wagging its tail when someone is no longer its master. Next time please don't talk politics.