Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yogya Death Toll Exceeds 1300 - Thousands Injured

2700 people killed
1700 people suffered serious injuries
872 slightly hurt

Many still under collapsed buildings
The Yogyakarta earthquake death toll has now exceeded 1,325 people. Many thousands more have been

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered the military to help evacuate victims. But the situation has been aggravated by Yogyakarta's airport being forced to close because the runway had cracked. In the terminal building part of a roof had caved in.

The dead and injured have been ferried to hospital in lorries and buses. Some injured went on foot, because of a shortage of ambulances.

Subandi from the Bethesda hospital morgue in Yogyakarta said: "Most of them have wounds on their heads. The flow is not going down. The numbers are going to escalate."

Head injuries suggested that the falling roof must have hit them form above.

He added: "Every time there is a tremor, hospital workers run out of the building."

He said aftershocks had forced them to move injured patients outside, and were disrupting hospital operations. Mosques, churches and hospitals were housing people who had fled their homes.

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