Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Who is the terrorist? (2)

Israeli soldiers (in uniform of course) claimed they went to Tulkarm in the West Bank to arrest a leader of the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad. They surrounded a building they believed he was in. They CLAIMED they called for people to leave the apartment building. No one did. The soldiers saw a "suspicious movement" (whatever that means) at a window. Those brave warriors thought they would be fired at, so they sprayed fire on the house.

Those magnificent uniformed warriors killed a Palestinian woman, Mrs Eitas Zalat, and wounded her two young daughters.

Ooops, sorry, the Israel army said it made a mistake. It has apologised.

Zalat was a mother of five. She was killed while sitting in her living room. Those who survived the Israeli unmitigated UNANNOUNCED gunfire said:

"We were sitting next to each other and the Jews shot her while we were speaking together. There were no weapons, there were no bombs. Why they do this? Why?"

The Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem condemned the cruel killing and said the circumstances under which Zalat was killed raised the grave suspicion that Israeli security forces acted as if they were conducting an assassination rather than an arrest operation.

B'Tselem says that between January 2004 and 1 May 2006, 157 Palestinians were killed in what Israeli forces term arrest operations in the West Bank. Of these, at least 35 were civilians, whom the military admits were mere bystanders to the operation.

B'Tselem accuses the Israeli army of demonstrating a pattern of indifference to the safety of Palestinian civilians. F**k it man, get real, those were just bloody Arabs to be smote as the Hebrew warriors wish.

The Hebrews were in uniform, not like those Palestinian terrorists. So of course it's a legitimate operations with some f**king collateral damage - tough sh*t - unlike those condemnable Palestinian terrorism.

Besides, they are the sacred Hebrews, the chosen people, beloved of God and America. The Lord our God, the Lord is One.

Who is the terrorist?


  1. Dear KT,

    I agree with almost 100% of what you have to say on your blog.

    I only take issue with your cookie cutter stance against Israel. I have known both Palestinians and Israelis and there are good and bad on both sides.

    The Palestinians electing Hamas was a bold move and it was a great opportunity for Hamas to start afresh. But alas pride, and that's what most of it boils down to, got in the way and now....

    I used to support the Palestine cause 100%, and have broken bread with them on several occasions back in the day. I'm even a big fan of George Galloway to boot. I guess what I'm trying to say is there is no black and white to this issue. I still support their cause, just not so blindly anymore. And I don’t care what your cause is, but celebrating the fact that your kid just blew himself up is just too sick. Where is the Palestinian Ghandi or MLK? “Peaceful non violent protest” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary unfortunately and it should. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but the Palestinians have never held a peace rally! I almost fell off my chair the first time I heard this “fact”.(This fact is repeated in Mike Moore’s Stupid White Men.)

    Let me end by asking you (and your readers) this question: If by some strange twist of fate you and your family ended up in that part of the world tomorrow, would you rather live in a land run by Palestinians or Israelis?

    Keep up the good work mate.

  2. At least the Israelis admitted they made a mistake and apologized. Not much, but better than nothing. Before you equate that with terrorism, lets see Hamas and Al Aqsa apologize for blowing up busses first.

    PS: I notice you didn't mention or criticise the suicide bombings last week. Hypocrite.

  3. 1st Anonymous.
    Rest assure KTemoc's eyes are not closed entirely to Hamas sins or Israeli good. But the issue now is justice - justice for a people oppressed not only Israel, but by the USA.

    As for peace marches or the likes of Gandhi and MLK, these would be from oppressed people who still have a country, but not from oppressed people who live in a Bantustan-like colony (totally surrounded and chopped up into separate ghetto-like sectors), or a hugh prison like Gaza.

    Nor would one demand to know why the Jews of Europe under Nazi overlordship during WWII didn't hold peace rallies.

    You pose a hypothetical scenario - would you be brave or open-minded enough to hear my hypothetical answer? But in the end I would opt for justice and not for racist supremacy.

  4. 2nd Anonymous,
    So to you, it's OK to kill in an unmitigated fashion and then say 'sorry' to wash off all sins? Like a Catholic confessional, saying 'Hail Mary' 7 times?

    Yes, I equate terrorism with soldiers callously opening fire on and killing innocent civilians, without civilised rules of engagement, especially meted with a racist arrogance and disdain for the 'other' side - doesn't matter whether it's by Hamas or Israelis, except of course the uniformed soldiers currently are the Israelis.

    PS: I notice you didn't mention or criticise the suicide bombings last week. Hypocrite

    Read my earlier posting Osama bin Laden not welcomed by Hamas!

    I will await your apology, but please do not offer it after you callously shoot at me, like those Israeli soldiers did to the Palestinain woman and her young daughters.

  5. What, you call that a "condemnation"? A single line saying you condemn Hamas suicide attacks followed by a 3 paragraph spiel about "officially sanctioned slaughter" (utter rubbish) and criticizing the Israelis and Americans for not supporting a bunch of murderers and thugs who just happened to be voted in by a naive populace (fancy that, and you just condemned their actions in the same article).

    Can a terrorist group ever form a legitimate government? The answer is no. If I was the Israelis, I would be loath to deal with a bunch of cold-blooded killers who've been murdering for decades.

  6. Admit defeat graciously - the sad fact is you opened your mouth without checking. Now you try to wriggle out of a full apology by shamelessly quibbling about the number of sentences in my posting.

    The Palestinians don't need support from the Americans. All they ask is that the Americans stop their bully-boy behaviour in interfering and sabotaging their democratically elected authority, all for the terrorist Israeli authorities. All they call upon the American media is not to be so bias in its reporting, and show the Israeli military brutalities for what they have been - state sanctioned terrorism.

    Can a terrorist group ever form a legitimate government?

    Ever heard of Menachem Begin? He was a murderous terrorist in a terrorist organisation called the Irgun. Ever heard of the Deir Yassin masscare?

    Looks like your education has just begun, though I wonder what for!