Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13th - Best Forgotten!

Early this year I blogged on The Real Cause of the May 13 Riots. I boast not, but my account (that of a layperson) is probably as correct as one can get.

Today is the 37th anniversary of that tragedy when we lost our innocence. Yet I have almost forgotten about it, which may in itself be a good thing because it’s time to move on and not dwell anymore on an event that demonstrated Malaysia wasn’t quite ready for true democracy or free speech.

In racial riots the innocents would be the ones to suffer the consequences while the plotters and movers behind the scene would eventually reap the benefits of others’ spilled blood.

Today we still aren’t ready for true democracy or free speech, except a bit of curi-ing ('stealing' opportunities for free speech) through the Net under anonymity of blogging, though the situation for another May 13th is less likely as the UMNO-dominated government is completely in control. But if the status quo is perceived by them to be changing, god knows how they would take it.

But as long as we common people exercise goodwill and follow our moral values, whether through our religious beliefs or true perception of the evils of hatred, we will lessen the potential for devious politicians to manipulate us.

Good night & sleep tight, and may your tomorrow be bright and cheery!

AB Sulaiman Pissing into the Wind?


  1. A destablised Malaysia will be exactly the opportunity the Yanks are looking for to send their carriers into the straits of Malacca and be in control of the busiest shipping lane in the world. For the forseeable future the USA will remain the sole military and technological superpower. If the Malays do not want to be in position where they have to kiss Yankee butt like their 'brothers' in Afghanistan and Iraq, be nice to the non-Malays/Muslims. I can imagine the Pentagon clowns getting excited each time the Malays use the May 13 shit to threaten the non-Malays. By the way, the Malays should think long and hard as to why the US attack Iraq. Let me provide them a clue. The attack has nothing to do with oil.

  2. I am not sure how being 'nice to non-Malays/Muslims' will help the Malays avoid kissing the Yankee butts? Explain please.

    As for "The attack has nothing to do with oil" - agreed, it has been for Israel ;-)