Monday, May 29, 2006

Humpty Dumpty's speech on Mahathir revealed!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty said Mahathir did f**kall.
All Humpty can do as Badawi’s man
Couldn't put the Indians together again.

In Humpty Dumpty Bit Hands That Fed Him, I mentioned that Tamil daily Makkal Osai revealed Humpty Dumpty had, at the Johor MIC convention turned on his old master, obviously in a shameless effort to brown-nose his new master.

Humpty criticised Dr Mahathir,whom he used to super-bodek (brown nosed), for doing buggerall for the Indian Malaysian community under the previous Eighth Malaysia Plan (8MP). He grumbled that the old man gave a thousand promises but in the end it was still eeleh (zilch!).

He then demonstrated what Penangites would term chea kay ooua kay, literally meaning ‘eat chicken, get close to chicken’ which may be translated as, in the simplest explanation, brown nosing who’s currently in charge. Humpty said he was confident that PM Abdullah Badawi would keep his word and deliver the promises made to the community under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).

When his criticism of Dr Mahathir was revealed, Humpty put on a ballistic display, threatening to sue Makkal Osai for fabricating nonsense (which we are still waiting to see happen), blamed his current party deputy Subramaniam for cooking up the alleged insult to Mahathir, phoned the ole man who was then in Turkey to assure his ole patron that he didn’t say such stuff, told everyone that Mahathir had given much to the Indian Malaysian community during his 22-year tenure and only a ‘fool’ would state otherwise, went on another rampage to discredit Subramanian, etc.

His opposition, after giving him as much rope as possible, has now sprung the evidence on him. They produced CDs of his speech (in Tamil) at the Johor MIC convention – ain’t technology wonderful – and circulate it around, including one copy made available at Malaysiakini for listening.

It’s in Tamil, and with my Tamil limited to some useful words starting with ‘p’ and the essential ‘varnarkarm, tarngachi, nee yengar pooreh’, I just take Malaysiakini’s words that it’s as Makkal Osai had reported.

I like to see Humpty Dumpty put himself together again after this fall.

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  1. Hmmm ... the antics of some politicians are far more entertaining to watch than a cageful of hyperactive monkeys. No?