Sunday, May 07, 2006

Who are the Untermenschen?

Terrorism continues in Palestinian Gaza, with one Palestinian civilian killed and three others injured.

The source of terrorism? Israeli tanks shelling the northern Gaza Strip.

And the victim? A 60-year old farmer fatally hit by shell shrapnel just outside his own home. Tough luck and bloody well get use to it, cause that’s the lot of the oppressed. Once upon a time, the Nazis used to mete out this callous irresponsible murderous punishment to a certain ethnic group in Europe. Ah, how fast some people have forgotten their lot.

As for the injured, golly be, they were farmers too. Their tractors were hit causing injuries to them. And it’s not even safe for an official security officer manning a roadblock in the area, too – he too was wounded by the indiscriminate Israeli shelling.

All the above is nothing new as just last month, an 8-year-old girl was killed and eight of her relatives injured when tank shells hit their house.

Mind you, those brave Hebrew warriors did apologise. They said sorry to their victims but added tough sh*t, you’re afterall nothing more than untermenschen.

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