Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tony Blair Axed Ministers to Save Himself!

Sometime ago I saw a TV doco about the Cambodian genocide. It showed how the killings escalated. Firstly, Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge got rid of the non-communist enemy - inclduing civilians, women, children etc - the slaughter of whom was staggeringly horrendous.

Then Pol Pot and his cronies tried to imitate what Mao did in his earlier days, building dams and road by mobilising or more correctly dragooning the people into those heavy duty stuff.

But the idiot failed to realise that unlike the hundreds of millions of Chinese people Mao could call upon, he didn’t have that sort of reserves. Where a village needed, say, at least 10 persons to work and harvest the rice, he left them with 3. But he still demanded each village to come up with a fixed but impossible quota of produce.

So when the villagers couldn’t, instead of examining where his policies had gone haywire he blamed conspiracies against his regime. He believed that there were internal saboteurs, and that’s when his killings extended to his own Khmer Rouge followers. The unmitigated senseless slaughter went on and on, because Pol Pot was a man who couldn't and wouldn't say the magic 3 words, "I was wrong!"

He kept blaming others for his mistakes, but unfortunately for the Khmers, he was a murderous man with dire consequences for them.

Fast forward and to Britain. The Labour Party is in strife with its erstwhile popularity evaporating into thin air.

Britons see Tony Blair’s Labour Party as sleazy and incompetent. While it's true that some of his ministers have behaved unbelievably, Blair's personal rating has slipped to its lowest level since he took over as the party leader in 1994, with 64% saying he has been doing badly.

Many families of soldiers sent to Iraq to fight an American war for Israeli interests are disgusted with Tony Blair. Rex Keys, the father of a British soldier killed in Iraq said "I stand here a betrayed man by my government who lied to me about the need to send my son to war".

This is one lousy leader who ought to set an example by resigning, but alas no, like Pol Pot he undoubtedly blames everyone else because instead of resigning he sacked 3 ministers - Jack Straw, the foreign minister, Charles Clarke, the home secretary, and John Prescott, Blair's deputy prime minister.

Can you think of a Malaysian politician – past, present or future – who would always blame everyone else but himself for everything and anything?

If you’re thinking of TDM, sorry lah, I have to excuse him because he admitted f**king up with Perwaja.

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  1. It's just like any other cabinet reshuffle. Labour had also performed badly in the recent council election. But isnt't John Prescott still the deputy?

  2. Considering his own unpopularity, Blair shoud have volunteered to leave first, instead of sacking others. But no, he hasn't yet seen himself as responsible for Labour's downturn in popularity. Prescott is politically 'dead' and on Blair's chooping block - he's the sleazy part.