Sunday, May 21, 2006

No Big Deal - Just Untermenschen

untermenschen = sub-humans, what the Nazis used to call the Jews, and what today's Israelis, through their brutalities towards the Palestinians, consider the oppressed Arabs as.

Yesterday in Gaza city, a Palestinian grandmother, mother and her 4-year-old son (yes, just a toddler) were killed by an Israeli missile attack. Now, how do we classify the cause of such deaths?

An act of terrorism? Don’t you dare, or you’ll be accused of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism - the Israelis’ sure-fire 100% proof tangkai (protective amulet) against any criticism.

When Israeli citizens were killed, the Americans and most of its press would go into outraged frenzy, and condemn the Palestinian groups who claimed they were taking revenge for precisely such Israeli State terrorism.

Were the Palestinians justified in suicide bombings? I most certainly believe not, as they killed indiscrimninately! But my beef is the American-Western hypocritical one-sided condemnations. To those double-standard practising Americans, Israelis can kill any Palestinian civilians such as the 4-year old toddler yesterday, and a large number of other Palestinian children in recent times.

For example, in one utterly shameful and murderous crime, the Israelis even promoted the responsible army captain to the rank of major. The vicious killer had with great hatred pumped a full magazine load of bullets into Iman al-Hams, an already dead Palestinian 13-year old girl. Iman was terrified when she was initially shot at and cowered behind a stone, hoping she could be spared, but her luck was out. The Israelis killed her.

Then in a show of utter unbelievable brutality, the killer-captain strolled up to her corpse and cold-bloodedly vented his vile into the hardly-teenage female victim. As he emptied both his hatred and rifle-magazine into Iman, he yelled to his troop his chilling attitude: "Anything that's mobile, that moves in the zone, even if it's a three-year-old, needs to be killed."

His own troops were so revolted by the senseless exhibition of racist desecration that they reported his unmitigated brutality. But despite damning evidence by his own soldiers, who were there at the tragic scene, the so-called military inquiry and subsequent court completely exonerated the vicious murderer. Then to add insult to the Palestinian injury, the court compensated him with $15000 for inconveniences suffered in attending the court martial.

Those Israelis believed it was damn inconvenient for one of their soldiers to be attending court for no bloody good reason other than to go through the rigmarole of pleasing its American benefactors’ silly sense of ritualistic legal due process – hey, afterall it was just an Arab girl. And not a tiny weeny statement of regret at the vicious crime, let alone condemnation from the US Administration. Undoubtedly to those American Christian Right, the killer was an intrepid mighty Hebrew warrior, a David who smote an evil Canaanite, probably a female desecndant of Goliath. Hallelujah!

Enough of my outrage at the double-standard injustice, and back to yesterday’s air strike. The Israeli military confirmed the air attack. They claimed their objective was to kill Mohammed al-Dahdouh, a member of the Islamic Jihad, and one of its senior engineers involved in weapons manufacture. The attack tore apart Dahdouh's car but also caught others travelling nearby, the granny, mum and the young baby. Tough sh*t to those Palestinians – just camel-jock collateral damage.

So predictably, Islamic Jihad now vows revenge for the killing. If tomorrow a suicide bomber walks into an Israeli pizzeria and kills some innocent Israeli civilians, I will condemn that act of terrorism just as I condemn unequivocally yesterday’s murder of the 2 women and toddler.

But I won’t hold my breath for American-Western show of consistent standard of morality, because they have become willing captives of the Israeli tangkai and a 60-year old guilt that has long passed its use-by date.

(1) Who is the terrorist?
(2) Who is the terrorist? (2)
(3) Who are the Untermenschen?

(4) Israel 12-letter magic mantra!


  1. What a damn hypocrite you are.

    Conveniently quoting parts of the report about the collateral damage and purposely omitting the fact that the target was a senior member of Islamic Jihad.

    Over the past 2-3 years, IJ has been responsible for dozens of suicide attacks that claimed the lives of Israeli citizens. Was Israel's attack justified? Absolutely. Given that the hostile Hamas government was never going to bring these despicable to justice, why shouldn't Israel take action? And the collateral damage? Well too bad, can't be helped.

    During the Konfrontasi, Malaysian troops willingly crossed into Indon territory to hunt down guerillas.

  2. quoting you:
    ... purposely omitting the fact that the target was a senior member of Islamic Jihad ...

    Re-stating my posting:
    They claimed their objective was to kill Mohammed al-Dahdouh, a member of the Islamic Jihad, and one of its senior engineers involved in weapons manufacture. The attack tore apart Dahdouh's car

    Read carefully, and engage your brain, if you have one, before before you shift your loose mouth into gear.

    If Malaysian troops went after the guerillas, unlike the Israeli soldiers or air force they didn't kill a granny, mother and a 4-year old kid, or pumped a magazine load of bullets into a dead 13-year old girl.

    The killing of women are reserved for Israeli and US military.