Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cyclops in Monkey House

There has been monkey business in the Big Monkey House. The Cyclops was allowed to behave like an unruly sexist monkey.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang blasted ‘one-eye’ and untouchable Mohd Said Yusof after the latter’s confession he had asked the Malacca Customs and Excise Department to ‘close one eye’ and release a consignment of
seized illegal sawn timber.

Said had beat around the bush in Parliament in one of the most disgraceful behaviour for a MP, an act termed as ‘misleading parliament'. In any western democracy a politician who mislead parliament would have to resign; in Japan they commit sepukku (ritual suicide)

First he said he made the request on the behalf of one of his constituents. Then later he admitted he had made it on behalf of his own company. Finally, he told everyone “So what if it’s my company.”

And what did our PM do, with this defiant bloke misleading parliament and then openly defying parliament? Don't forget, the PM also kept quiet when the IGP was insubordinate to his wishes for an IPCMC.

Please answer this yourself and ask whether you want to vote for the BN in the next general election?

Lim has made repeated attempts to refer the Jasin MP to the Privileges Committee for probe, but has failed. Of course Lim would fail when the PM couldn't, didn't, wouldn't even reprimand Cyclops.

But that wasn't it yet. This morning, Cyclops attacked Lim, claiming that the opposition in Malacca has lost its influence because the people preferred to bring their complaints to him, Mr Cyclops.

Then shifting landscape, he moved on to comment on the National Culture and Heritage Academy, saying the proposed academy should nurture and use more local performers. He added:

“If we want actors for good characters, I can offer myself or Kinabatangan MP, Bung Moktar Radin; if we want bad characters, Lim or DAP M Kula Segaran can act.”

This man is unreal – he thinks he’s a good character. Mind you, in a way I don’t blame him because the PM has allowed him to get away with it.

Lim retorted:
“Why does he say the other person is a crook? He himself is a crook!”

Said replied:
“Don’t believe the newspapers too much.”

And super-sharp Teresa Kok of the DAP came up with the best reply of the day:
“That is UMNO’s paper.”

Unrepentant, Cyclops continued his comments on the Academy and averred many local performers and dancers were ‘soft’ and said the proposed academy should address the issue.

DAP’s Chong Eng
objected: “No matter if the performers are hard or soft, fat or slim, pretty or ugly, they deserve basic respect.”

In an apparent sexual innuendo, Cyclops asked Chong in his reply:
“I understand what you mean, but you like hard or soft?”

The comment sparked off another round of pandemonium with shouting from both BN and opposition MPs. Lim invoked the standing order and said the remark is sexist and offensive but no action was taken. What do you expect? That’s why I call Parliament one BIG MONKEY HOUSE with an unmitigated clown like Said – pity the opposition has to be there.

Lim said Said had no moral authority to be in Parliament as he had brought shame to the House. C’mon, Lim, how can a one-eye simian bring shame?

Lim concluded: “We all have two eyes. Some use both eyes, others use one eye like the Cyclops and some use no eye. Perhaps the ministry can introduce a course to teach MPs about integrity.”

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  1. Cyclops=nice term!

    I also have a term for the Pee Emm: The (suited) Medicine Man. You know, those in Pahsar Mahlam selling those snake oil one...

    "Haiya, semuanya O.K. punya. Like you said, I tutup your mata sebelah, you tutup my mata sebelah. Sama-sama cari makan. Kau tim."