Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"White man speaks with forked tongue!"

Here’s the finest from the USA, paragon of democracy. The USA is blocking Arab and European proposals to pay salaries directly to Palestinian Authority workers to ease the Hamas-led government's funding crisis.

The US aim is to create chaos in the administration of Palestine so that the democratically elected Hamas-led Palestinian Authority would collapse in accordance with the wishes of Israel, master of the Americans. If Palestinin people suffer along that US course, tough sh*t, the flogging must continue until the Israeli overlords have been satisfied.

Diplomats said US pressure on banks would scuttle plans by the Cairo-based Arab League to sidestep US restrictions by making direct deposits into the accounts of Authority workers. The Bush administration has threatened to take punitive action against banks that provide funds or services to the Palestinian Authority or even directly into the accounts of workers.

Under US law, any foreign bank that refuses to cooperate with the US (under instructions from Israel) in cutting off funding to Hamas would have its US assets frozen and its access to US financial markets denied. US banks that maintain correspondent relationships with banned foreign banks would also be penalised.

The US would 'force', through its political clout, the Quartet of Middle East mediators [itself, UN, Europe & Russia] to block a proposal by France to set up a trust that would pay salaries and be overseen by the World Bank. Basically, the USA would do what Israel orders it to do. And Israel wants Hamas to either recognise it or be ousted by American gangster-ism.

What was that the Americans had been so fond of preaching to Arabs? Something about an 'island of democracy' in the Middle-East? Well, obviously it didn't mention that it has to be only an Israeli island, with other such ‘islands’ to be financially ruined.

As the native Americans advised us ages ago: “White man (Americans)speaks with forked tongue!”

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  1. The salaries is now called "wang ehsan."