Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Islamic Scholar: "Stop F**king Around with Marriages!"

Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas – now, here’s an Islamic scholar who knows his stuff and penetrates through all the bullshit about what has been bandied around the misyar form of marriage.

The misyar marriage was first proposed by Universiti Malaya’s Islamic Studies Academy lecturer Prof Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid as a way to overcome incidences of vice among Muslim women and could also help to reduce the incidents of divorces and unmarried women. Misyar marriages require the husbands to provide for the sexual needs of the wives but exempt the men from the responsibility of seeing to the ladies’ material needs.

It was supported by PAS spiritual leader but opposed by the DPM’s wife who said she wasn’t prepared to share her husband with anyone.

Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas, who is the director-general of the Malaysian Institute of Islamic Understanding, said he was disturbed by the debates, which largely touched on the issues of sex and lust.

What did I tell you about this bloke, eh? As I said, he penetrated through the sex bullshit and lust fantasy, which if I may confess, I personally indulge in. But surely marriage, especially religious-related type, is not something to be proposed as a solution to sex and lust.

This man is great. He said succinctly: “We have to ask if the problem relates to Muslim women finding it hard to get married or the women choosing to be single? Then only can we start looking for solutions.”

“We have many unresolved issues affecting Muslims that we need to take care of, such as increasing divorce rates, truancy in schools and universities and girls excelling over boys in their studies.”

Doctor, I salute you for your prioritisation. It's high time people stop f**king (excuse the pun) around with unimportant issues.

Dr Syed Ali said Islam advocated justice and responsibility in marriage, therefore men intending to marry must give an undertaking that they were honest, responsible and able to give just treatment to their wife and her family, and not just go into holy union just for an opportunity at free bonking.

He said marriages should be encouraged rather than forced. That would help in the continuity of humankind and extension of knowledge from one generation to another. He was peeved: “I don’t understand why Muslims now are bringing up matters that are trivial and which only serve to bring confusion and worries to society.”

He brushed aside the misyar issue as just a fuss over a religious matter, saying that further debates on it would serve to only fuel more confusion about the purpose of marriage, adding authoritatively that the issue was not prevalent in the times of Prophet Muhammad.



  1. i think thats the whole point. im sorry to say this but i think men who wishes to have 4 wives aren't really into this for Love. take it rationally, how can you actually fall in love with 4 different women? more like fall for lust for 4 women! im not just against misyar. im against polygamy! im on the women's side.

  2. Leave the Muslims to sort out their own shit. Remember cheng sim ( if you are a non-Muslim ), non-muslims have no say whatsoever when it comes to matters of Islam.

  3. Religions are sold here to buy votes and popularity. That's all to it, nothing more. So if you're voting because of your religion then that's how cheap your vote is.

  4. Anonymous,

    If that's so, then maybe you shouldn't be browsing around here in the first place. Please, if you can't post a comment that makes sense then don't write at all, please?

    Yes, polygamy is permissible in Islam for valid reasons. However, it is not so commonly practiced today. The event when Allah revealed the verses of the permissibility of polygamy, was after the wars when there were many women whose husbands died at war. Now you tell me, would it not be helpful to the community if at such instances a man was allowed to marry up to four wives? But, keep in mind that the man MUST give equal treatment to all his wives, as per the verse in the Quran:

    “If you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two, three or four. But if you fear that you will not be able to do justly (with them), then only one, ….to prevent you from doing justice.” (Quran, 4:3).