Monday, August 06, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (22)

Malaysiakini - Second oldest genes and the oldest Malay political game (extracts):

Some of you may have read (and had a hysterical fit of laughter) about the theory put forward by historian Zaharah Sulaiman (top photo) at a recent forum organised by the Muslim Youth Movement (Abim), where she claimed that the Malay gene was the second oldest in the world. This flight of fancy was grounded by a rebuttal by Monash University professor Maude E Phipps.

Professor Maude E. Phipps is a leading human geneticist based at the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Monash University Malaysia.

Her current research focuses on the genomics of Homo sapiens to answer questions related to our evolution, migration, morphological development and health.

Apart from translational medicine, she’s a keen advocate of bioethics education and research programs in Asia, especially in rapidly developing countries that have placed biotechnology high on their development agendas.

We find this article to be highly misleading and erroneous. The contents are absurd, fictitious, and any content claimed to our research is complete misrepresentation. We are appalled that she has misquoted our academic work in human population genetics, archaeology and history that we and our colleagues in Human Genome Organization (HUGO) and other reputable institutions have done for many years to date.

As academicians who have been funded largely through grants from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, the UK government and our respective institutions, we are duty bound to address the dubious statements that do not stand to factual or scientific scrutiny, and only serve to misinform and confuse the public.

1. We must unequivocally state that there are no such things as Malay genes, Chinese genes, Indian genes, etc. All of humanity are Homo sapiens with Homo sapiens genes

Read the full article by Professor Maude E Phipps to realise the extent of bullshit peddled by Malaysia's genetic "expert", wakakaka.

No wonder Mahathir has been apprehensive about Malays studying, wakakaka again.

But the Malaysiakini article by Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan showed his disappointment with Pakatan government, even Lim Kit Siang.

smug about his son being now a minister (of Tabung Harapan & Red Files) but no longer the courageous principled DAP leader he once was 

Commander Thayaparan said:

The Malay world did not end on May 9. Former Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin thinks that the existential crisis in his party is the rhetoric of race and religion, but he is wrong. If it were, then it would be a crisis for Bersatu Pribumi too, but it isn’t. The existential crisis for Umno is that it no longer controls the narrative when it comes to Malay rights, and that it has lost the Islamic narrative to PAS.

Because Harapan is so afraid of controlling the narrative when it comes to Islam, all the power lies with PAS at this moment. This is why Malay/Muslims who call for an end to child marriages or seek to halt the regressive elements of the religion are demonised as ‘liberals’, and even the Harapan political and religious elite are cautious about issuing statements in case they go against whatever groupthink they think will win them elections

The BEST political statement 2018 thus far is Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan's:

The reality is that Harapan is bending over backwards to demonstrate that they do not want to spook the Malays.

can you see your a$$ yet, Pakatan? 


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  1. QUOTE:
    the Malay set of mtDNA is 63,000 years old when compared to the Chinese mtDNA that is 43,000 years old.

    20,000 years evolutionary headstart and Malays still need a handicap?

  2. When historians judged history by their blinkered eyes of Ketuanan Melayu or for political purposes or religious purposes to suit their targeted audience, the feel good factor and euphoria usually do not last because sooner or later some other historians around the world will debunked their blinkered, false, made-up, twisted, hypothesis etc when scientific facts and archealogical finds are analysed and discovered over time.

    The real history is always determined by such findings as time moves along. You can never just keep historical facts secret for long and playing around with it will make those historians who fall for this game being humiliated and denigrated as liars and scums of human historical civilisations.

    As regards to who controlled the political narrative on religious matters which Thaya believes to be now with PAS due to the inaction of PH leaders and the disintegration of UMNO, it is too far fetched to assume thus without considering the following factors.

    1. The Constitution clearly states Religion is under the ambit and authority of the King and Rulers and not political parties. When religion comes under the ambit of any political party to hold power and dictate, the Royalties will slowly lose their stature and even the continuous respect and loyalty of the Moslem populace which is detrimental to their existance and continuous legacy currently in place.

    2. This is because when clergymen/preachers overtakes Royalty in religious matters for power to reign a kingdom as seen via history of Christendom, Middle East, Africa etc, Emperors, Kings and Rulers inevitably loses their stature among their people and loses power, wealth and their historical lineage.

    Countries inevitably ended up as Holy Empires, Republics etc.

    Will it happen thus in Malaysia? It already happened to our neighbor Indonesia. Look at Thailand. The Thai King will just continue to reign forever since their main religion Buddhism was and is always under the control and power of their King. That may be the best model for our Royalties to emulate.

  3. Wakakakakaka…


    The BEST political statement 2018 thus far from Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan!

    For a military man who couldn't see any relevant strategic political moves due to circumstantial constraints!

    Wondering what he would do, when he is commanding a force? Sending them to be slaughter aka:

    "Recall that Suluk attack on Tanduo (Lahad Datu) in Sabah in February 2013. This was a black episode in the defense of the country. The rag tag syabu addicted Suluk's held our territory for about 41 days.

    The entire Malaysian defense forces and our Police could not round up or get rid of the Suluks for 41 days. That was gross incompetence by the Super Moron.

    There was a very sad episode when at least FOUR of our policemen were captured by the Sulus, tortured and murdered including one who was beheaded.

    What many people do not know was that the policemen were first surrounded by the Sulus for more than a day. The version I heard was THREE days. I heard this directly from the Home Minister at that time. The trapped policemen requested help (via sms) but no help came to rescue them. Finally the Suluks caught them and killed them.

    Again that was incompetence of the worst kind. Stupidity.

    They could not even save our own Policemen from being captured INSIDE OUR OWN TERRITORY despite the Policemen asking for help and giving their exact location.

    They were playing politics with the Suluks and also afraid to take the appropriate action.

    Only AFTER the policemen were killed (3rd March 2013) the Moron okayed an air strike against the Suluks on 5th March 2013. The airstrike killed over 100 Suluks. Their bodies were lying all over the oil palm plantation in Tanduo.

    Even then Moron and gang did not allow any pictures or footage of the airstrikes (and its results) to be made public for fear that the ragtag Suluks would retaliate.

    This was the complete stupidity and cowardice of Super Moron in handling a silly incursion by 235 rag tag Suluks. Imagine if there was a real war. Moron would just hide behind the Hippo's bum."

    Old fool with Alzheimer's disease?

    1. Like general haig. Or the charging of light brigade. I know that cheebye motherfucker kaytee sees it differently to expose kaytee. Strip him naked and bring some dogs to bite his kukuciao before we memampuskan him

    2. aiseh how many times do I have to tell you I did NOT fCk your mother, thus I am NOT your father so you did not come from my kukuchiao