Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mahathir unsheathe his velvet gloves to show iron fist (1)

MM Online - Azmin denies CEP extension means Cabinet is weak:

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 16 — The prime minister’s decision to retain the Council of Eminent Persons is not indication that his ministers were ineffectual, said Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

The economic affairs minister said it was simply Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s prerogative to keep the quasi-official advisory council beyond the previously stated 100 days.

Azmin argued instead that the present Cabinet was “very strong” and the PM’s choice was simply a matter of necessity.

“He (Dr Mahathir) has made it clear he needs more time as there were many issues (already there) when we came into Putrajaya,” he said in reference to the administrative capital.

“As there are many issues, the prime minister needs more time to study those reports (presented by the CEP),” he said.

Dr Mahathir said today the CEP will continue its efforts to advise him and the government

covered by velvet gloves for 100 days 

Omigosh, may the Heavens save all of us from the Dictator for his numerous unending capati-ing, and the continuing power of his old Mahathir-ism crony Daim Zainuddin.

... and we'll get the CEP for another 10,000 days?

Mark my words, Mahathir never keeps his promises on things he has already targeted to have or demolish, whether on the CEP, giving up his PM position to Anwar after 2 years, recognising the UEC, abolishing the BTN (he will reconstruct that sinister agency with a new name). Watch out especially for his No 3 national car.


  1. Raja Tembak Ktemoc Daily 6-shot Post # 4

    CEP has no power. It has served to provide multi-faceted insights and advice to the PM. Something individu Ministers and Ministries are not really geared up to provide.

    1. I wonder how much dedak Mahathir is paying you

    2. Besides, r those key personnel within the existing CEO likely to stay on?

      Wakakakaka… frog in a simmering pot!

    3. They certainly have enough power to call the highest judges in the land and CEOs of GLCs to kow-tow to them. No powers? Who you're trying to kid?

  2. "Dr Mahathir said today the CEP will continue its efforts to advise him and the government."

    TDM did not say how long the CEP will keep advising him, woh. Maybe another 100 days?

    Anyway the CEP seems to be doing a mighty fine job advising TDM and everyone should be glad it doesn't even cost the Govt a single sen.

    The past regime also had a lot of mini ceps for years on contract to advise the ex-PM to implement crony ideas and projects and all were paid exorbitantly from taxpayers monies and still in the end there was anything much to show.

    It is clear who are the patriotic ones.

    1. All of them in CEP are billionaires or nearly one. If they are patriotic, why aren't they donating to the so-called Tabung Harapan? Still patriotic? Perhaps to their bank accounts.

    2. Prof Jomo, a billionaire!

      Hasan American, a billionaire!

      Zeti, a billionaire!

      WOW… yr definition of billion MUST be coming out from Zimbabwe.

      BTW, how did u know they didn't contribute to Tabung Harapan?

      Perhaps, unlike some people, teloq sebiji, riuh sekampung lah.

      Lagi, ada melayu palsu yg terlampau menipu-nipu jadi org kafir untuk buat komen, tak bagi 1sen juga, bising2 sini sana macam ayam hilang Kepala!

      Real rd moron!

    3. Hassan Merican. Yes a billionaire. At least his Merican family is.
      Zeti. Yes a hidden one.
      Prof Jomo. I did say nearly one, you fool. Read properly instead of bullshitting again.

      And if they had donated even 5mil each, you would know because of the jump in figures since they are so keen to publicise the Tabung current numbers. So yes, none of them donated!

      Read more instead of bullshitting here you moron!

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      "All of them in CEP are billionaires or nearly one. "

      How near is a near billionaire? Perhaps a Zimbabwe denominated one!

      RD moron on show!

    5. How near you ask? How about Rm999 mil? I knew you were poor in Maths, I just never knew how truly bad you were at it. A moron calling others moron.


    6. Oui…… yr RM999mil make out of Zimbabwe dollar ke!

      Plucking figure from yr wounded backend WOULDN'T help lah. It's CLEARLY fake news, generated using yr limited imagination.

      Substantiate with facts lah in yr farts. At least mom & kt would twist real numeric data than imaginary figures to cheat. What have u - BUT yr pure farts!

      Who's the moron?

    7. Rm is Zimbabwe dollars? FYI Zimbabwe currency is ZWD. Do read up next time before opening that hole and releasing more bullshit from it.

      And since you're a certified moron, I don't intend to drop my level to yours and argue with you. You can wallow in your own mudhole.